Andrew Rolfe Finds New Ways To Give

Throughout the history of our societies, there have always been those individuals who are willing to step up to the daunting task of helping out their fellow man during times of unforeseen crisis. Though our name for these selfless individuals varies, some may prefer to call them good Samaritans, philanthropists, activists, or simply just good human beings, their actions are always the same. They act outside of their own interest to help those who need assistance most during trying times.


These individuals make up the backbone of many the efforts organized across the world that try to combat the effects of the crisis and bring better qualities of life too often forgotten regions and people. The work done by these individuals and the non-profits that organize their efforts are instrumental in providing relief to people that are unable to find help whether due to environmental disasters, failings within the machinations of their government’s own assistance programs, conflicts that spill over borders, ensures that no matter the problem, someone is willing to step in.


The Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe Envision a Better Future for Charitable Organizations and Non-profits


As these tireless individuals set out to make the world a better place, a task inherently difficult beyond imagine, they face obstacles of every possible imagination but far too often the greatest hurdle in helping is put in place by well-meaning donors.


Restrictions set in place with funds given by donors were initially intending to ensure that the donation would not be misused, though this has led to several times when the best step forward was often blocked by donor requests.


For this reason, Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board at the Ubuntu Fund have decided to change the way non-profits operate by doing away with donor restrictions placed on donations. A practice that will help the company utilize donations in a more effective way in terms of increasing exposure and reach.


If you would like to learn more about Andrew Rolfe and the good work being accomplished by the Ubuntu Fund, please visit


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