Alexandre Gama Becomes A Global Success After Cannes Recognition

The Cannes Film Festival has always been one of the most impressive festivals for any film or advertising professional to even show their work at, so the awarding of an amazing 23 Golden Lion Awards has marked out Brazilian advertising professional Alexandre Gama as one of the most impressive creatives on the global stage. Being recognized at Cannes is a pinnacle many creative professionals never reach, but for the Rio de Janeiro born Gama his career has reached a range of heights that have been difficult for others to match from any area of the world.

In exploring the career of Alexandre Gama it is even more impressive to remember the founder of the Neogama ad agency began his career in 1982 at Standard Ogilvy as a humble writer before embarking on a career trajectory that has hit the highest heights over the course of four different decades. By 1996, Alexandre Gama had reached the position of Partner and CEO of the impressive Young & Rubicam agency, but for the graduate of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University his quest to see his own vision of an advertising agency fulfilled led him to found his own Neogama agency.

Neogama was established in 1999 and found instant success with a Cannes Golden Lion that drew the attention of the globally recognized BBH agency who formed a strategic partnership that resulted in Gama himself becoming the Global Chief Creative Officer for the agency.

Towards the close of 2016, Alexandre Gama felt the need to extend his career in a more independent way and returned Neogama to its independent setting; the decision to once again work independently was accompanied by a series of new philanthropic and business interests, including his development of a group bringing classical guitar tuition to young people across Brazil.

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