Alec Baldwin Returns To “Saturday Night Live” To Spoof Pres. Trump

Actor Alec Baldwin was back in rare form last night as he reprised his role of President Donald Trump for “Saturday Night Live.” Baldwin wore a pair of pajamas at one point in the skit, and the scene had the actor parodying Trump in bed, according to an item in the Chicago Tribune.

Baldwin’s Trump was shown sitting up in bed, eating an Egg McMuffin (he likes McDonald’s) and sipping a Diet Coke and tweeting and talking at the same time. The spoof poked fun at Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show, and then, Trump called into the show to talk with the trio co-hosts. The real hosts of the “Fox & Friends” panel skewered by SNL include Steve Doocy, Ainsely Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade.

The sketch got a lot of laughs for SNL, and it can be seen here on YouTube.

The parody also included a scene with Hope Hicks, President Trump’s White House Communications Director. Her role was played by SNL’s Cecily Strong. The “Fox & Friends” trio questioned Hicks on how quickly she had gone from a model in Ivanka Trump’s clothing company to a key job in the White House.

During the skit, Alec Baldwin’s Trump bragged to the cable news hosts how major his State of the Union Address had become. He told them his speech was watched by 10 billion, and Paul Ryan told him it was better than Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream of Jeanie speech.”

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