Adam Sender Puts On Private Art Shows

The several dozen art masterworks Adam Sender exhibits at his pop-up temporary private shows are only a smattering of his full collection, which is known as the Sender Collection. These days Mr. Sender’s interests are not only in hedge funds, which he is most lauded for the management of, but also in fine art, of which he is a passionate collector. He has an affinity for the young and vibrant newcomer artists, and has hired Diana Al-Hadid and Frank Benson to jointly curate for the Sender Collection. Diana selected multiple artists’ works, such as Rashid Johnson, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman.

Adam had mentioned to his wife that he felt disappointed that so many of the pieces in his collection were stored away and never seen by anyone. She suggested that he make it a point of showing a limited number of carefully selected works at private pop-up shows on their own property. He took his wife’s advice and set up such shows for their friends, family, associates, and neighbors. The first pop-up show was a remarkable success, and caused many to comment on Mr. Sender’s great ability to find artists with new works that delight and entertain every much as the great master artists of history. He has often been asked about his process and what talent he uses to spot the truly great artists of our day. If there is a secret, he is keeping it.

These are all top living artists of our day. With Diana’s and Frank’s assistance, he has built a grand collection of the best artwork of contemporary artists, in his private collection. His shows are temporary and held in one of his fine homes, and are thus termed, ‘pop-up shows.’ This is just one more way Adam Sender is changing the way private collections of art are viewed, showing one more aspect of his unique ability to innovate in every area he applies himself.

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