Adam Goldenberg Figures Out What Women What

For centuries men have been trying to figure out what women want, and many of them have failed. Adam Goldenberg – along with business partner Don Ressler – has figured out what women really want. He has shown that he is an expert in discovering the one thing that makes all women happy: shopping. What is even better is that he has discovered a great way for women to get the clothes that they need even when they do not have the time to shop for these garments. He has done this with the innovative subscription services on Youtube.

Women are busy. They wear many hats. The average woman that has a desire to shop is usually doing this because she wants a little time to herself. This is her comfort zone on Crunchbase. Unfortunately, many women just don’t get the chance to do this as often as they would like to. Women that are wives, mothers, caregivers to parents and employees will find that it is hard to break away for their weekly or monthly me time moments. When they do find time to take off the many hats that they are wearing they may not feel like going out to shop. They may want to enjoy some time at a spa or at home relaxing. Adam Goldenberg has made it possible for women to still get the garments that they might go out to shop for without ever leaving the comfort of home. He has done this with the subscription services.

Adam Goldenberg saw a void that was missing in the clothing industry. It was true that females had many websites to shop for clothes, but the membership community was something that was missing online. People were not able to get the subscription services that would be built around their own personalized style. That is what he has done with Fabletics and JustFab. He has essentially given customers their own style assistance based on their preferences. When they sign up for the monthly subscription services they will have the chance to get garments shipped each month that that are based on their own personal preferences on This was an ingenious idea from someone that has been catering to the needs for women for years. He knew that women would flock to this type of subscription service because he had already done the research. Goldenberg knew that this would make life easier for many women.


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