Achievements Made at Computer Sciences Corporation Under Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation is a world leading company that provides services in information technology. It mainly deals in system integration. The corporation also provides professional services dealing with diverse issues of computer technology. The company was established in 1959. The technology company has its headquarters located in Falls Church, Virginia for its worldwide operations. Since 2009, Computer Sciences Corporation remains as the biggest player in the provision of information technology services within the United States.

In its early years, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)used to provide Programming tools to other companies. These tools consisted of assembling software and Compiler. It also provided software writing services to companies that manufactured computers like IBM and Honeywell. By 1963, it had become the biggest software company in the United States having secured contracts with NASA. It is imperative to note that the technology firm was the first software entity to be listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Presently, the company has ventured into other sectors with the view to expanding and diversifying their products and service portfolios. Besides information technology, the corporation provides other services like business solutions in different areas of operations. These solutions are extended to the sectors of communications, media, and health sector. Computer Sciences Corporation also provides services in the chemical industry, transportation, insurance and banking. The company provides these services while still maintaining its foothold in application development, information technology systems management, and networking development.
As of 2015, Computer Sciences Corporation had over 90,000 employees in the 70 countries that it has its branches. It also boasts a client base of more than 2,500 consumers. Most of its revenues are derived from its operations in the North American Public Sector where it provides information technology services to the US Federal government.
The company has made great strides in offering its cloud services. This success can be attributed to Eric Pulier, who has been the company’s Vice President and General Manager in charge of Cloud functions. The service enables companies in dissemination of information and managing their finance. Eric Pulier played a key role in development of the Cloud service for the company. He is renowned in the field of technology for delivering tailor made products for each client according to Computer Sciences Corporation’s objectives.

Eric Pulier is a respected technology entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is a New Jersey’s native but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Pulier is credited for starting over fifteen companies and helping several others through raising millions of money. These companies include Desk tone and Rich Media Presentation. He is a member the Clinton Global Initiative and serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Pulier supports a number of charities. Eric Pulier was recognized by VAR Business as one of 30 e-visionaries.

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