A Congressman That Is A Lie

It is interesting to note that people will happily put their morals to the side if it fits into their overall purpose. A Republican lawmaker named Scott DesJarlais has made headlines because he is a supporter of antiabortion rights. This representative of Tennessee and he has a lot to say when it comes to abortions, but it turns out that when abortions work in his favor he does seem to agree with them. He has been a very strong opposer of abortion, but new facts indicate that he supported abortion when it came to him and the women in his life.

One of his ex-wife’s reported that she had two abortions which he supported, and apart from his own wife he also had many extramarital affairs. He had an affair with a 24-year-old woman and on a recorded phone call he was heard speaking with her. He was frustrated because she had not gotten an abortion and that is what they had previously agreed-upon.

People like Mikal Watts really should not be surprised when they find out that politicians are misrepresenting their very own morals. That has been true in the case of many politicians in the past, it is true in our day, and it will continue to be the true in the future.

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