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How Steve Ritchie is Changing the Culture at Papa John’s

Recently, Papa John’s has gone through many changes. CEO of the ruler in all things pizza, Steve Ritchie thought it was wise for him to come forward and make a public statement, along with his personal apology to his customers for the words and actions of the founder John Schnatter. This letter has already been highly regarded for it’s deeply moving statement to customers, as well as a clear outline for what the CEO is doing to take action to improve the company culture, as well as its business.

Steve Ritchie was deeply personal in his statement to the customers, and in outlining the action steps he is taking, customers can take heart in knowing exactly what is taking place inside the company as Papa John’s continues to conduct business as usual. One of the most important aspects of this outline is that Steve Ritchie clearly states that will be transparent the entire way through the process. He ends the sentence by letting customers know that he wants them to hold him and the company accountable for their actions.

Another important aspect of what he opted to do for the customers, was to hire an outside resource to aid in auditing the culture of the company. This means that the CEO is fully aware of the impact of statements that were made by Schnatter, as well as ensuring that his employees will remain consistent with the ideal culture, embracing diversity and all who choose to work with the company.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns now has managers and other senior members of the company on the road to visit franchises so that they can visit, listen, and learn more about what is happening within those communities with employees and customers. Learning the dynamics of each and every community that embraces Papa John’s will let them see what works, what doesn’t, and what could be done to bring about positive change for the company as well as those who are customers.

Ritchie’s desire to regain the trust of customers and the community is admirable, and it shows just how much the company cares about people. Follow @stevemritchie on Twitter.

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