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Late Night Television Becomes Hot Topics Of Social Network

Social media has become an outlet for grown adult men and women to rant and rave, and try to bring down each other. They are using social networks as a means of getting points across without having to face their adversary. In actuality, these adults are acting in such a way that their parents would be ashamed. Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel is being plummeted with insults, and unwelcome comments from a fellow television personality, Sean Hannity. The social networks are all abuzz with Hannity protesting about jokes that the comedian made during his late night show. Negative comments are being bounced back and forth by the two stars. Your text to link… Kimmel sticks to the claim that it is all in the name of comedy.

Such behavior would be expected more of a teenager on the rampage against something that did not go their way. This is more like a social tantrum where everyone on the network can be a witness to grown misbehavior. Releasing dissatisfaction about certain things on social medias seems to be common place for most people, but where does it end? Will these two keep going with trying to tear down the other. Maybe they think that they will be heard better, and receive more sympathy through social media. This outlet does invite commentary from anyone wishing to give their input. The subject of the jokes is something that is not exclusive to Jimmy Kimmel. Every comedian in the nation is doing it.

Whisky Drinking Taylor Swift Surprises Fans in Nashville

In recent years, Taylor Swift has seemed to be much more Pop Diva than Country Songstress. Which made it even more surprising for Nashville music fans who were treated to an intimate performance by the crossover star earlier this week. Swift dropped by Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe during a set by songwriter Craig Wiseman, gracing the audience with a three-song set including an acoustic version of her pop hit “Shake it Off.” The rest of the set consisted of “Love Song” a hit from her Country days and “Better Man” a hit she penned for the band Little Big Town.
The unexpected visit, which is thought to have been filmed for an upcoming documentary celebrating the Bluebird Cafe, left fans wondering if Swift may be planning a return to her country roots. While this remains to be seen, the appearance did give Taylor time to reminisce with Wiseman about her early days playing at the Bluebird and the two musicians hanging out backstage at the CMT awards drinking whisky. She then gave the crowd a demonstration, taking a shot of Fireball before saying her goodbye. Videos of the performance and a run-down of the set can be seen here.
For fans hoping this will lead to a Taylor Swift cafe tour, I wouldn’t hold your breath. However, they can take comfort in knowing that after all the highly produced stadium shows, Taylor can still fit right in behind an acoustic guitar in a small venue in Nashville.

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sean Hannity’s Rant

Sean Hannity, anchor of Hannity on Fox News, recently compared Jimmy Kimmel, ABC late night talk show host, with Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is currently facing criminal charges in the State of New York.

Hannity’s comments come as a form of counter-attack to Kimmel’s jokes about Melania Trump. “This is brutal,” Hannity began, on his prime-time Fox News opinion show. “Liberal Jimmy Kimmel making fun the First Lady of the United States and her involvement in the White House Easter egg roll. Jimmy, you’re a despicable disgrace.”

“About dis and dat,” Kimmel said as he teased Melania Trump after playing a video of her reading to children. This was the joke that resulted in Hannity calling Jimmy Kimmel a despicable disgrace. Kimmel also questioned how deeply the First Lady was actually involved the orchestration of the actual event.

Kimmel responded to Hannity’s vicious attack on his own television show. “I appreciate how compassionate you’ve become to the plights of immigrants over the last 24 hours.” Kimmel began. “You know what I think is disrespectful to the first lady?” he asked. “Cheating on her with a porn star after she had a baby.” Kimmel was referencing the recent news about Donald Trump’s involvement with porn star Stormy Daniels.

This isn’t the first time Hannity has beefed with late night comedians. Late night hosts such as Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Fallon have all targeted Hannity with their jokes during recent years.

It’s Always Sunny Cast Confirms Return of Dennis

The success of Glenn Howerton’s new NBC Sitcom, A.P. Bio, has left many fans wondering if this spells the end for the beloved and hate-able character Dennis Reynolds from the long running show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So far Howerton has been coy on the subject of his return to It’s Always Sunny, tweeting “Telling you whether or not Dennis is coming back would be giving away the plot of the next season.” However, co-star Kaitlin Olson, who play’s Dennis’s twin sister Dee on the show, recently spilled the beans in an interview with The Wrap.
In the interview Olson said outright “I do know that Glenn Howerton is coming back for some episodes.” This disclosure leads to more questions relating to how the writers of the show, known for their ability to push every boundary and never shy away from even the riskiest comedic subject matter, will be bringing Dennis back after surprising viewers by having Dennis leave the group in dramatic fashion at the end of season 12.
With both Howerton and Olson now finding success in other shows, it feels like the end could be coming for It’s Always Sunny. However cult-fans of the show can take comfort in the guarantee at least one more season featuring a full-cast as well as this quote by Howerton on the prospect of continuing beyond season 13, “We love the show and we love each other and we want to keep doing it.”

Late Night Hosts Have Fun With Biden Vs. Trump

Late night television hosts have always enjoyed poking fun at political figures in the United States, and President Trump is no exception to that rule. In fact, they may poke him more than any other president in the country’s history. Recently, late night television had a bit of fun as they watched incredulously as a small feud broke out between ex Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump. For many of them, this was likely a dream scenario, the kind of comedy you simply cannot make up, it’s already so hilarious.


At a recent rally, Biden made the comment that if he were in high school with Trump, he believes that he likely would have “beat the hell out of him” for the way he treats females. Trump was quick to take to his favorite social media platform to reply, claiming that he could take Biden down and he would be crying the whole time. Late night television hosts wasted no time jumping on the incident, weird as it may be, this is the fodder comedians love.


Seth Meyers, host of “Late Night”, simply referred to the entire scenario as “embarrassing”. He then joked as he called their fight the “Thrilla in Vanilla”. Jimmy Kimmel started by poking fun at President Trump for his constant use of Twitter and inability to let anything slide. He then pondered the probability of Biden winning the fight by mocking the president’s wardrobe during his time in school. Jimmy Fallon tied the recent Stormy Daniels story in a few jokes before laughing at how the country was afraid of an emotional woman leading them so instead the United States has Biden vs. Trump.


One thing that all the late night hosts clearly shared was the view that the entire feud was childish and immature. It’s quite likely that the majority of the country could agree with them and for most of us, we likely feel like Meyers did when he began his performance by calling the entire thing embarrassing. For full clips of the comedians and all their jokes, click here.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s Diet is Proven to Work

Dr. Johanan Rand is a weight loss doctor in West Orange, who prides himself in assisting patients who have weight issues. Dr. Rand works out of the Healthy Medical Center and assists patients with all sorts of issues related to aging, primarily age related weight gain.

Dr. Rand received a portion of his expert training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. Using the knowledge acquired in New York, he has created his own techniques to help patients deal with diseases, restore their health and improve general vitality. With the help from Dr. Rand, patients are able to find relief from age related problems.

Dr. Rand was inspired by previous studies to create his own HCG diet program. One of the major problems that doctors see with weight loss patients is the deterioration of muscles. This is caused by the patient not getting enough nutrients in their diet. Fat acts an emergency storage for the human body. When the body isn’t given all it needs to survive, it used muscle mass before fat. It is very important for weight loss patients to take in the vitamins and nutrients the body desires while balancing their diet. Dr. Rand’s program features a new way to provide nutrients to patients who are trying to lose weight: hormones. The hormone used in Dr. Rand’s methods provides plenty of nourishment to the patients. This enables them to stick to a low-calorie diet without their muscles and organs taking damage.

Dr. Rand admits that his unique diet is not a miracle, but the results have proved that it can work. Patients will still have to cut cravings, but the HCG diet is proven to allow patients to loose fat without constantly feeling hungry. Thanks to Dr. Johanan Rand, patients are able to lose weight in a safe manner, and keep the weight off for years to come.

FlávioMaluf’s Leadership Both In and Out of Eucatex

The Brazilian and future leader of the powerful company known as Eucatex, FlávioMaluf, was born in Brazil during the middle of their summer on December 2, 1961. Since he was a small child, success was part of his nature. The success he enjoyed the most and excelled at the most was academics. His studies were important to him because he knew in order to become a powerful man in a corrupt country without being corrupt, he had to prove he was the smartest and most business savvy, so he did by graduating in mechanical engineering in the city of São Paulo, Brazil attending the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation, also known as the FAAP. He later moved to New York City to study Business Administration at NYU. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

FlávioMaluf the Family Man

Flavio Maluf was just as dedicated as a family man as he was a business man. He was a devoted husband to wife, Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. They were married in 1986, and they subsequently had three children. All three children are becoming academic powerhouses like the father as he proves success breeds and nurtures success.

The History of Eucatex

Eucatex was founded in 1951. It became noted by the media and the economic scene in Brazil as a company that metaphorically married acoustic and environmental virtue and comfort because Eucatex did something brand new and never seen before. Even though it was never seen before, it seems as if its uniqueness cannot be verbalized. The company used the eucalyptus leaf as a raw element to produce panels and plates. The company exploded from that point on with new products coming from new production plants springing up all over Brazil.

 The Rise of Flavio Maluf’s Illustrious Career

It happened rather quickly. His first important position started in 1987, and by 2010, Flavio Maluf was leader of a Eucatex Group that was far more powerful, wealthier and more influential than it was when it was founded in the 1950s, and it is far more powerful, wealthier and more influential than it was when Flavio Maluf started in 1987.



How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Changing The Face Of Aesthetic Medical Procedures

Anywhere that people need a ride, they are able to quickly access one on their mobile phone through apps like Uber and Lyft, and Dr. Mark McKenna believes that his medical aesthetic patients deserve this same type of convenience. The reknowned Dr. McKenna has created a new business model with the first office opening in the spring of 2018, called OVME. While the treatments and procedures available utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology, patients will either feel more like they are at a spa than a doctor’s office, or patients might even be able to order some services on a phone app to be performed in the comfort of their homes.

A bit disheartened by the way the billing process has changed over the years, Dr. Mark McKenna seeks to make having procedures be a rewarding personal experience for patients. His Atlanta OVME office features four private luxury treatment rooms, as well as private consultation rooms. The patients are never bogged down with paperwork and stuck in a waiting room like they are in traditional medical offices. These details are taken care of ahead of time by email, ensuring privacy and that the patients are able to focus their energies on their appointment when they arrive.

Dr. Mark McKenna is aware that everyone’s schedules and needs are different, so OVME will offer virtual appointments and consultations as options for patients too. Some services, like Botox for example, will be able to be performed by house call doctors if that is what the patient desires. The network of house call doctors will simply log into their OVME app and add the hours and locations that they are available to work, much like a rideshare driver does. Dr. McKenna intends on finding these doctors at plastic surgery society meetings, medical trade shows, and even through connections on Facebook.

In a medical field where insurers often seem to benefit more than the patients and even the doctors, OVME represents a revolutionary way to put the control of patient care where it should be. By using the latest technology, Dr. Mark McKenna is ironically able to recreate that direct bond that existed between patients and doctors long ago. His patients will surely feel great and be able to put their best face forward.

Market America Talks About the Importance of Market Flexibility

There are many businesses that are strict to one niche. One characteristic of a niche company is that they often promote only one product. Once the product stops selling, the business closes. While some business owners may retire from the business after their product stops selling, there are those who build another business based on another product. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the individual who is responsible for this approach is okay with the results. For those that are looking for something that is more lasting, they may want to find some way to be more flexible.

One company that is an example of flexibility is Market America. One thing that makes them so flexible is that while they have their own products, they are also selling products from other companies. As a matter of fact, they are urging people to get involved in this method of business. Market America offers tips on what can be done in order to be flexible. There are also reasons that it is important to be flexible. When a company is stiff, they often lose out on many opportunities for profit. People who are more flexible are able to take on more opportunities.

One of the most important factors in flexibility is the type of business that is being run. People who run smaller businesses may have a better chance at being flexible depending on the type of business. Sole proprietor types of businesses can promote anything as long as he has some kind of content that is interesting to the readers. For instance, he can be a storyteller or a social person. As long as he is gaining the attention of users, he is going to be able to profit with Market America and succeed in opportunities offered by this unfranchise. One thing that Market America is very passionate about is offering their opportunities to the smaller business that is struggling.

Multi-state ppp projects underway, Felipe Montoro Jens

The Brazilian lawmakers passed the federal law 11,079 in 2004. The 11,079 law was passed to outline details Felipe Montoro Jens. Brazil has been teaming up more and more with private partners to complete relatively expensive infrastructure projects. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), was created by the government to help create more public private partnerships from relationships created between the government and private business owners.

Felipe Montoro Jens detailed reports on Rio de Janeiro’s $2.3 million hiring of the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC).The International Finance Corporation will be used to finance and manage the implementation of the public private partnership project to expand the child education network. The city’s new Mayor Marcelo Crivella made commitment to his supporters to create 20,000 new child care facilities, and 40,000 early childhood development facilities. The International Finance Corporation will play a key role supporting the financial needs in completing this project. Rio de Janeiro’s expansion network is projected to be completed by 2020. Read more at Exame about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens also detailed the Light Rail Vehicle Project (VLT). The Light Rail Vehicle Project, is a public private partnership in the state of Piaui. The Light Rail Vehicle public private partnership project is an upgrade to 19 miles and 21 stops along the rail line. It is projected to help over 1 million people in the state of Bahia. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens also spoke of the public private partnership in Piaui, upgrading the infrastructure bringing internet access to the state. According the Felipe Montoro Jens there will upgrades to fiber optic cables, and more access points throughout Piaui helping more than 2 million people in Piaui access the World Wide Web. In Pernambuco, there is a big effort to rally investors for a 15 state expansion of public private partnerships. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BDNES) is working with the Pernambucana Sanitation Company (COMPESA) in the effort of expansion. Felipe also detailed the plans in Maranhao using public private partnerships for a four prison construction project, scheduled for June 2019. More information here: