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Stephen Colbert Ridicules John Kelly Over Civil War Comments

Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” has had the Trump Administration firmly in his crosshairs since Donald Trump took office. He recently too Chief of Staff John Kelly to task over Kelly’s interpretation of the causes of the Civil War.

Kelly recently stated that the Civil War was caused by a “lack of an ability to compromise.” The late-night host shot back and stated that the Civil War happened precisely because of compromise. It was the non-slaveholding North that compromised with the South. He also took one more jab asking, “What do you think caused World War II, a zoning issue?”

Colbert also blasted Kelly for saying that we cannot “take what is today accepted as right and wrong” and apply it to events that happened hundreds of years ago. “Nope, sorry,” Colbert said. “A lot of people thought slavery was wrong back then. For example, I’m gonna go out on a limb here, black people.”

The host went on to say that maybe Kelly knew better but was just being “willfully ignorant” because he has to constantly defend “the positions of an idiot,” referring, of course, to President Trump.

Kelly’s statement is just the latest in a long line incredulous comments coming out of the Trump White House. This all started when then Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that Trump’s inauguration crowd was “ the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”

Jimmy Kimmel Utilizes Help to Make a Splash

The late-night talk show wars are as hot as ever, and Jimmy Kimmel may be taking the reins as the best Jimmy. After airing a set of shows in Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel Live took things to the next level on Halloween.

For the monologue Tuesday night, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl came out dressed as David Letterman. Grohl stood in for Kimmel as guest host for the entire show, remaining in disguise. He told the opening jokes, interviewed the guests, and remained as musical guest, along with Alice Cooper and the rest of the Foo Fighters.

The show continued the Halloween spirit with a spooky close, but the headliner was Grohl’s Letterman outfit. Letterman had been making the late-night rounds in recent weeks, both physically and audibly. He personally visited Kimmel’s show and was the main talking point of Conan O’Brien’s visit to Stephen Colbert’s show days before. Letterman will soon be back in everyone’s life more consistently, as he has a Netflix talk show coming soon.

Kimmel is often a forgotten late night host, even though he has developed into one of the best. He has ventured into the political spectrum this year, while continuing to be silly. He is perhaps the best of both worlds between Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, which would explain Kimmel’s recent popularity boom. It doesn’t hurt that he continues to host all the major award ceremonies televised on ABC. Next up for Kimmel are the 2018 Oscars in just a few months.

Shaq Fills In For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Shaquille O’Neal has broken into the world of late night television by filling in for Jimmy Kimmel as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live. As many know, Jimmy Kimmel’s wife recently gave birth to a son with a serious heart defect. Jimmy himself will be off for the week because of a surgery that is being done on his son. Various guests will be filling in for him during this week.

Shaq, as he is known, interviewed Mila Kunis and Aisha Tyler. Another fill in for Jimmy Kimmel this week will be Jennifer Lawrence. Shaq is a basketball player, as well as a popular rapper. He is seven feet and one inch tall. He first started his career with Orlando Magic. He played with the Los Angeles Lakers, and later with the Miami Heat. He played with various other teams as well over the years. He is known for giving numerous interviews on television. He has expressed interest in serving in law enforcement and even went through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Reserves Academy. He also appeared in an ESPN commercial in police garb.

In addition, according to the Huffington Post, Shaq continued a Jimmy Kimmel Live tradition for Halloween, where he asks parents to prank their kids by pretending to steal their Halloween candy. Users take videos of their kids’ reactions, and they then upload it to Youtube. The best clips are then shown on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Shaq played some of them, and said that they were hilarious.

Jimmy Kimmel On The Direction Late Night Television Is Taking

Jimmy Kimmel recently gave an interview with Vulture Magazine, where he talked about his show and the direction it was going. Jimmy Kimmel, the popular host of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, said that perhaps the days of fun on late night television are over, he said that he did not think that the fact that politics has become a staple of late night television will affect it, just as it does not affect daytime television. In addition, there may always be hosts who say that politics is not their thing. However, Jimmy explained, he got into politics because that is what people are talking about. In addition, when his son was born with a heart condition, Jimmy felt that he needed to talk about issues such as healthcare, which affected his son and him personally.

Jimmy added that sometimes he has additional credibility when he talks about things such as equal rights for women and for people who are gay or lesbian, as host of The Man Show. That is an old show which he used to host. Jimmy Kimmel’s wife actually is a writer for his team, so he is her boss. That makes their relationship a unique one.

Sometimes, they even come up with ideas at home. This can even be in middle of the night. Jimmy also talked about raising kids who are rich, which is a challenge, just as it was a challenge to raise kids in his twenties when he was not rich.

Here’s the Latest on Late Night Television Programming

In the United States, Late night television is basically a TV program aired between 11:00pm and 2:00 a.m. Therefore, late night television airs after the late local news and is usually a talk show or variety show. Some popular television networks that do late night television include NBC, CBS, ABC, and much more.

Do you watch late night television? Imagine having a busy day at work, catching up with family issues after work, and still having time to do some late night watching. You would think that Americans are by then too tired and need to drop on their beds, but no, late night television currently offers a blend of genres including political shows that would make you act otherwise and watch on.

Popular politics-based late night shows include “I love you America,” hosted by Sarah Silverman, “The Opposition,” hosted by Jordan Klepper’s, and “60 Minutes this fall,” hosted by media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Sara’s show is geared on the fact that Americans should be responsible for listening to each other and promoting unity irrespective of differing opinions. Oprah’s show is also geared to Silverman’s but with less of comedy. Klepper’s show is amusing and adds on to the effect of keenly following the news. Yet another late night show on top is Robin Thede’s weekly variety show awash with political chats and some comedy patches.

Who knows, maybe you could enjoy your night more with one of these!

Saturday Night Live Finding New Hosts in November

The November slate of hosts and musicals guests for Saturday Night Live has been released. Though some familiar names are on the docket, November will also see a number of new contributors grace the legendary NBC television stage.

The month’s first weekend show, November 4, will see a repeat hosting gig from Larry David, as well as Miley Cyrus return as musical guest. David made headlines last year on SNL even when he wasn’t signed on to host. He appeared in multiple episodes as Bernie Sanders. The impression almost created itself, a la Tina Fey as Sarah Palin a few years ago. David and Sanders look and sound an awful lot alike. From there, it wasn’t hard to fit him into sketches.

As host, David utilized a greater wheel of talents, though he was very much Larry David through and through. That is not a bad thing, and it is no wonder the show invited him back to host again.

The same goes for Cyrus, who is one of the better performers and musical personalities working today. She will surely find herself involved in a sketch or two during her appearance.

As the month progresses, we get a glimpse at some brand new faces. Tiffany Haddish and Chance the Rapper will both be hosting episodes for the first time. Chance has appeared before as musical guest but never as host. In just a few weeks, we will see if he is up to the task.

Jimmy Kimmel and Channing Tatum Prank Their Children

It turns out that even the children of celebrities have to deal with their parents’ shortcomings—or perceived shortcomings, in this hilarious recurring sketch from Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Every year around Halloween, it’s a Kimmel show tradition for parents to tell their children that they have eaten all of their hard-earned candy. The range of reactions from kids has been a fascinating study for the past several years. While some kids are downright furious, others may be indifferent or just a bit sad.

This year, Kimmel decided to do things a bit differently. Although he had a guest host—Channing Tatum—Tatum was more than willing to test out the scenario on his own daughter, who appeared absolutely horrified when he informed her that he had eaten all of her Halloween candy. At first, she seemed shocked. And then, as Tatum continued to insist that he had consumed all of the candy, his daughter seemed positively indignant. Eventually, he revealed the ruse but his daughter was not yet ready to forgive him. More than once, she informed him that his prank was not funny.

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter, on the other hand, took a bit of a more zen approach to the matter. After Kimmel detailed how he had eaten all of her candy, as well as which types of candy he had “eaten” and which his wife had “eaten”, his daughter wasn’t afraid to let him know that this made her sad. However, she did not seem too angry.

Jon Stewart is Back, for Night of Too Many Stars

Late-night television and news fans miss Jon Stewart. In these politically charged times, his presence and comedy on The Daily Show, or a different medium, would be welcomed. Instead, it will still be some time before he returns to the daily grind of the small screen. However, fans of Stewart’s will be pleased to see his semi-fresh face in promos for HBO’s upcoming Night of Too Many Stars.

The benefit, which will air live November 18 at 8 PM Eastern on HBO, is a comedic show designed to raise awareness and money to fight autism. The full show title is Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs.

2017 makes more than a decade of this star-studded event created by comedy writer Robert Smigel, though the first that will air on HBO. Stewart has been host for 12 years running. Besides raising awareness, Smigel also hopes to raise money for “autism schools, programs and services.”

Stewart is the headliner and host, though he will be flanked by a seemingly endless number of friends, including fellow late-night heavyweights Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Some of the other big names that will be in attendance and entertaining the viewers are Louis C.K., Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller. This cause is able to get some of the biggest names in comedy, television, and film all in one place, all for a great cause.

Conan O’Brien Plays “Assassins Creed Origins” With Aaron Rodgers

Conan O’Brien is back with another episode of his “Clueless Gamer” series. In this latest episode, O’Brien gets to try out the highly anticipated game “Assassin’s Creed Origins” on the Xbox One.

Conan first introduces his star co-host for this week’s segment: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Before the two start playing “Assassins Creed Origins,” O’Brien asks Rodgers about his recent injury. Rodgers says he was playing against the Vikings when he got tackled hard and slammed the left side of his body. It took 13 screws to repair Rodgers’s collarbone.

After this brief introduction, O’Brien asks his friend and tech expert Aaron Bleyaert to tell him what “Assassins Creed” is all about. Bleyaert says this is the 10th anniversary of the “Assassins Creed” franchise and this new game takes place all the way back in Ancient Egypt.

O’Brien and Rodgers start to fight a melee battle near the Sphinx in Egypt. All of the sudden, Conan’s character goes into “God Mode,” which basically means he can’t be harmed by any other player. Conan says his character looks like he’s imitating a chicken.

In the next scene, Conan’s character is riding in a chariot through cobblestone streets. At one point, Conan rams his horses into a brick wall and the screen suddenly freezes.

A few moments later, O’Brien and Rodgers watch a scene in which a poor farmer asks for help. Believe it or not, the farmer says that one of his friends was killed by a hippo. O’Brien and Rodgers just can’t contain themselves once the farmer mentions this.

But Conan isn’t laughing for much longer once a bunch of hippos start attacking him on the screen. Conan has to fight off three massive hippos, which, for obvious reasons, reminds him of the children’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

This incredibly popular video has already received well over one million views on YouTube.

Fabletics: Changing the Clothing Industry

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at exercise clothing. You have probably seen all the companies that you have in your area that sell these kinds of clothing, but you may not know why you should be looking at Fabletics.


Subscription Service

The first thing you should probably know about Fabletics that makes them different is the way they sell their clothing online. They use a subscription service that allows them to get it to more people. They set you up with a style and then send you an outfit every month. This means you don’t have to leave the home. It comes straight to you. This is a huge thing for learning about Fabletics.



Fabletics did so well online that they started a couple of stores in areas that were more populated. The great thing about these stores is that you can try your clothing on before you buy it. This means you get to see it on you and you can see if the colors are something that you are going to really like.


Another great thing about the store is that you can get items that are not in your style if you like them. You don’t have to go online and change the style you are already getting and you can just pick up the one you want at the store. This can make things so much easier for you in the long run. You can see what something that isn’t in your typical style looks like on your body and make a choice before you change everything in your online profile.


There are so many things you can do with your Fabletics that you can get the one that you want and not worry about going to a store. This makes it a lot better than just going into the store and standing there deciding what you are going to get. The choice has already been make for you. All you do is wait for it or change your style. This means you are saving time and you are getting more done than you ever thought you would before.