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Zac Efron Talks Madonna Ringside And Baywatch Movie Sequel On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When Zac Efron is a late night guest, then you know the women in the audience are going wild.


That’s exactly what happened when Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently had the handsome actor take a seat next to Jimmy Kimmel. Cat-calls were going off for just about everything the “Baywatch” movie sequel star spoke about during the interview.


Jimmy Kimmel quipped that he thought the vocal female audience members were into him when he walked out for his monologue, but he realized the ladies were actually in the house for the appearance of Zac Efron.


Jimmy Kimmel told the star that he had seen him on television next to Madonna at the UFC fight at Madison Square Garden. He wanted to know if the two had hooked up and how he happened to be seated ringside with the iconic singer for the Conor McGregor fight.


Zac Efron explained that he’s a huge fan of McGregor’s and followed the assigned labeled seats until he found his name. He passed by several major stars’ names and finally found his seat in the front row, right next to Madonna and no other seat open after that.


Zac Efron couldn’t believe he was sitting elbow to elbow with Madonna, but it was a cool coincidence and he enjoyed her company.


Madonna knows a lot about MMA and was totally into the fight, Zac Efron says.


Jimmy Kimmel pressed him for romantic details. He says Madonna only tapped him on the arm.



Saying Goodbye To Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman has passed away, leaving a void in rock music that will likely never be filled. As the long-time lead singer of the Allman Brothers, Gregg Allman proved extremely influential in modern American music. After surviving the premature death of his brother Duane in the 1970s, Gregg Allman overcame a variety of personal issues. Millions of fans around the world will ensure that Gregg Allman’s memory will live on for many years to come. According to a statement that was added to the vocalist’s website, Allman passed away peacefully in his Georgia home.


I deeply regret the fact that we have lost another music legend. Even in his older years, Allman continued touring and writing music. When Allman added Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks to the Allman Brothers, he enabled the band to enter a more productive phase. Over the course of the past couple of decades, this augmented band released a number of brilliant records that are worthy of praise. The passing of this great legend has elicited some coverage in the entertainment press. I hope that this rock legend achieves adequate recognition for his many successful ventures.


Gregg Allman is a celebrity who has weathered a lot of controversies. During the 1970s, Allman married Cher, which proved a fairly controversial and fraught move. Many fans were impressed with the way that Allman rose above the controversies and troubles that dogged him from time to time. Today, Allman offers a sterling example of a celebrity who knew how to bounce back from difficulties and maintain his composure.


Conan O’Brien Has Special Guest Wonder Woman Dance On His Show

It’s been over 40 years since actress Lynda Carter took the stage to play Wonder Woman. Now, the new generation will get a glimpse of yet another woman playing the infamous superstar. The new movie is being released on June 2nd. Audiences across the country are waiting to see how Gal Gadot can compare with the previous superhero. To promote her new movie, Gadot went on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, May 25th. Fans thought it was just going to be a plug for the movie, but they got a real treat.


The segment showed the star recreating a training moment with the late-night host. The setup was similar to the ones that she has been using to train for the new movie. One thing is for sure, Gadot does a super job on dancing. If her moves on the talk show are any indication of the movie, we are all in for a real treat. Gadot did a traditional Jewish dance to the infamous song “Hava Nagila.”


Wonder woman is making a comeback. If you have been in any department stores, you will find that there are shirts, nightgowns, hats, and even jewelry with this vintage hero’s picture. The highly-anticipated movie is expected to bring audiences, of all ages, in droves to the theater. Gadot, so far, has done an excellent job filling Carter’s shoes. Since most of the younger generation has not seen Carter in action, they will likely embrace Gadot and her acting abilities.


E-governe Will Help Brazil Become An Economic And Education Powerhouse

Brazil has it all when it comes to beaches, Carnival, caipirinhas, and soccer. But when it comes to political stability, education, economic growth and social services, the country gets a poor grade. Even though Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, it is also one of the poorest and least educated cities on the planet. Sao Paulo city officials are witnessing a social nightmare, and they are doing something about it. Sao Paulo leaders are calling on E-governe to revamp their education system, and there is finally a glimmer of hope in the poorest areas of the city.



E-governe may sound like a strange name for a company, but in today’s technological world the name fits. E-governe is a three company venture. Sisterplan, Consult, and Minauro got together and developed an educational system called the Educacao School Management System. The Educacao School Management System uses a combination of technological advancements that help children learn in a methodical way. In order to show their uniqueness, the three-company E-governe system uses a Rubik Cube as a statement that shows their diversity and innovative talents.



E-governe executives knew they had to start with a big Brazilian city in order to get the attention of other cities as well as show government officials what their Educacao School Management System could do. Sao Paulo officials put the system to work in 138 city schools. The plan is to expand the program to the Sao Paulo Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center.



But education is not the only field that E-governe wants to revolutionize in Brazil. The company wants to manage state and municipal health departments. The E-govern health platform helps states function more efficiently because it saves states money. E-governe system schedules consultations and it improves the quality of the service. The system also controls the distribution of medicines from pharmacies as well as the application of vaccines and specialized test consultations. And the system also helps hospitals with bed control, outpatient services, and financial resource management.




Just like the E-governe education system, the health system ensures security and integrity of information. And the system provides management reports in real time. Those reports are always available online, so there is no redundancy. Access privileges and safety levels are the responsibility of the managers of the system, and that ensures agility and openness in terms of meeting the demands of the clients.




Brazil is facing a lot of challenges. The country always has challenges to overcome. Government systems are outdated. Laws on the books are hurting the recovery from the nasty recession. The recession is the villain causing high inflation, unemployment, and currency fluctuations. Sao Paulo officials believe E-governe is the answer to these issues and more. They say a country is only as good as the systems they use, and E-governe systems are the best in the country. It’s only a matter of time before other Brazilian cities realize that E-governe systems are the systems Brazilians need in their future.



Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor Separate After 17 Years

After 17 years of matrimony, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have announced their impending divorce. After working together on an abortive television pilot that never made it to the airwaves, Stiller and Taylor were married in Hawaii in 2000. Celebrities often have difficulties making their marriages last for the long-term. In this context, it is remarkable that Stiller and Taylor managed to last as long as they did. In a joint statement, these two implied that their split was amicable and that they would work together to do what was in the best interests of their children.


Entertainment journalists have covered this development with interest. While some might question whether or not journalists should take such an interest in the private lives of celebrities, this dynamic is simply a part of love we must deal with one way or another. While it is regrettable to see any marriage fall apart, it is fortunate that Taylor and Stiller can maintain amicable relations during this difficult time for them.


After all, it is generally quite difficult for children to cope when their parents become involved in a controversial, fraught custody dispute. In all likelihood, Stiller and Taylor are genuinely motivated by a desire to protect the interests of their children. I wish more celebrities were willing to act in an appropriate manner. By taking the high road, I feel that Stiller and Taylor are setting a fine example for up-and-coming celebrities who are still learning the ropes of having a public life.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Becomes Most Highly Rated

Late night television has been a classic staple of television in the United States for decades. While late night television used to have just one or two main shows, the industry has continued to expand and there are now several major programs that draw millions of viewers each night. While there are several popular shows, the winner of the ratings battle has recently been announced (


According to the recent ratings results, the most popular late night television show today is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which is on CBS. This is the first time that the show has been rated number one. Over the past few months, the show has averaged 3.19 million viewers per night. This compared to the second place show, and the reigning ratings champ, The Tonight Show, which stars Jimmy Fallon and drew 3.17 million viewers over the same period of time.


While this is the first time that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been rated number one, it seemed obvious that this time was coming. Stephen Colbert has had several sessions of his show go viral due to his open criticism of Donald Trump, several sessions of which ended up being directly responded to by the President.


While Colbert’s show was number one, he still is well behind Jimmy Fallon in the 18-49 category, which is often considered the most lucrative of all groups. However, this continues to show great growth for the show, which has seen a 15% increase in viewership in the last year alone.


Colbert Provides Trump Twitter Reduction Suggestions

Over the past few weeks, one of the biggest stores in late night television has been the feud going on between Donald Trump and Steven Colbert, who is the host of The Late Show. Over this time period, Trump has sent out a number of critical tweets about Colbert and his show, which came after Colbert made some critical comments about Trump, his presidency, and current political issues.


While Trump used to be very active on Twitter, he has slowed down over the past few weeks. After seeing the decline in the number of tweets, Colbert had a few suggestions as reasons why ( One of the main reasons that Colbert cited for the lack of Twitter usage is that Trump has finally left the country and could be trying to avoid data roaming charges. This poked fun at the fact that after several months, Trump has just now made his first international trip.


Colbert continued on to provide a number of other jokes and suggestions. During his show, Colbert further discussed that Trump’s use of Twitter has had an impact on many people’s lives, even Colbert’s life. Colbert stated that ever since he was brought up in a Trump Twitter rant, the ratings of Colbert’s show has gone up. This comment came at the same time that it was announced that The Late Show is now the number one show on late night television as it has just recently taken the top slot away from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


Gregg Allman, Genius Of Southern Rock, Passes Away At 69

It is impossible to talk about Southern Rock music without giving Gregg “LeNoir” Allman of the Allman Brothers Band fame a prominent mention. Allman played a central role in inventing the popular music genre known as Southern Rock that swept through the nation starting from the early 70s. Fans are mourning the passing of prolific musician, singer, and songwriter at his Savannah, Georgia home on May, 27th 2017. The renowned entertainer was 69 years of age at the time.


The Allman Brothers Band secured its place in history by creating a unique mash of country blues with an extended improvisation style more commonly found in the South Francisco music scene. This new style was eventually dubbed as “Southern Rock” and has formed the mold that numerous successive country bands would follow. Gregg Allman formed this influential band alongside his older brother, celebrated guitarist Duane Allman, in 1969.


The brothers started out playing for many bands in Nashville. However, it was not long before they took their own band, the Allman Joys, on the road. It was not until 1969 that they formed the chart-topping Allman Brothers Band. The 1971 release of their inaugural album, “Live at the Fillmore East,” propelled the frontman and band to meteoric success. Allman also found great success as a solo artist, with his albums offering a wide selection of soul, blues, and R’n’B.


Gregg Allman had a distinctly rich, gritty voice that made him one of the greatest vocalists in the blues-rock genre. Combined with the soulful sounds of his Hammond B-3 keyboard, Allman’s performances were deeply and emotionally powerful. Because of his unique talent, Allman received numerous accolades and awards for his work. These include multiple Grammys, and an induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Dr. Imran Haque Practices at the Noteworthy Horizon Internal Medicine


Dr. Imran went to the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program where he trained as a doctor. As a physician, he has an ability to provide an array of different services and has highly specialized knowledge. He has two offices in Ramseur and Asheboro. In both positions, Dr. Imran provides medical services to the residence from the surrounding areas all the time. Currently, Dr. Imran Haque holds a license that authorizes him to practice medicine in North Carolina. He is also registered in a certification program for Internal Medicine.


As an internist, Dr. Imran has been seeing patients for over 15 years. He is well informed in the industry, and therefore he can see patients with various conditions including 360 resurfacing, diabetes management, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring and other physical examination as well as weight management. Right in his office, Dr. Imran can perform almost every medical necessary and even do the lab tests and ultrasound services to ensure he finds the right diagnosis for his patients.


Dr. Haque has depressed patients flow with some coming for primary treatments while other trusts him to be their daily physicians due to his experience and availability within their location. As an experienced and dedicated physician, Dr. Imran can perform common ailments as well as provide referrals where necessary to specialists. Having the services of Dr. Imran around his area, many patients have been able to regain their stability in their day-to-day lifestyle as well as know their conditions and what measures to take to lead a healthy way of life.


For the patients that Dr. Haque has been seeing as their primary healthy care physicians, there has been a visible improvement regarding medical care. For the 15 plus years, he has been serving as a doctor; he has gained popularity and daily experience. Dr. Haque guarantees all his patients that he can do the best to keep his community free from any medical complications and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Through his help, Ramseur and Asheboro patients and the patients from surrounding areas can cut down on cost on medication.

Seattle Genetics Owner and CEO Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer is a predicament these days and the need to come up with drugs to solve the problem is essential. Dr. Clay Siegall has made efforts to come up with the solution. In 1998, he created a company that has manufactured drugs that cure cancer. The Seattle Genetics is the company that he formed and serves as the president, chief executive officer, and chairman. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has been able to come up with cancer therapies. ADCETRIS was boosted with the support of the US Food and Drug Administration that has helped in the creation of new cancer drugs.

He is an interactive individual too, and in his blogging website, he writes about the current affairs in the USA and the rest of the world. Clay also writes about general topics like for example ‘Cracking The Code That Lets The Brain ID Any Face Fast.’ and studies that have been carried out about the space. Recently he wrote about Trump getting out of the Paris Climate Change deal, how an energy economist see that the exit from the Paris deal has a little effect on the US. There are several other topics that he contributes to that are interactive and helpful.

Dr. Siegall has a BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph. D in genetics from the George Washington University. Clay Siegall has been instrumental in developing the first FDA-approved antibody (Ab) drug and 20 other drugs. Seattle Genetics partners with Bayer, Pfizer, and Genentech.

According to him, it is possible to eliminate chemotherapies and replace them with workable drugs that will cure cancer. These alternatives will be accurate and will target the dead, malignant and zombie cells curing cancer without affecting the healthy cells. He has been interested in medicine since he was young. His aim was to give hope to the patients who were hopeless.

Profits that Seattle Genetics get come from partnerships with other budding companies that are not licensed. They also help the small businesses with technologies and unique processes. ADCETRIS exclusivity is also a revenue and profit earner for the enterprise.