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Are We Going To Mars?

We have been to the moon, thanks to NASA, but never to Mars. Going to Mars is something that humanity has envisioned ever since it set foot on the moon. However, decades ago we lacked the means and the power to facilitate safe passage to Mars, one of the many planets in our solar system. With the recent technological advancements, plans are underway to have some of us travel to Mars. Due to President Trump’s directive for NASA to take people to Mars by 2033, the space agency has been on its toes to come up with a detailed plan for the expedition. According to NASA, their plan will encompass five phases. Although the project is expected to experience severe challenges, the space agency is determined to bring President Trump’s directive to fruition. Currently, there are ongoing tests to determine how best NASA can take people to Mars. Besides, launching and testing of rockets is expected to be held in the coming year so as to deliver vital components to the Deep Space Gateway. NASA’s move has come as a challenge to other companies that deal with space exploration. Whereas NASA projects to safely take us to the moon by 2033, other corporations guarantee an early Mars arrival, presumably by the year 2022. Thus, such a scenario will force NASA to work around the clock, because any challenge will deter it from its initial course. If it so happens that we arrive on Mars by 2033, we will have done what previous generations failed to do.


Andrew Rolfe Contributing To The Poor Of South Africa

Jacob Lief had founded the Ubuntu Fund in 1999 by addressing the educational crisis that continues to plague the country of South Africa. They have been distributing educational supplies for families that cannot afford them. They also deal with hunger, HIV treatment, and other issues affecting them at home.


As the climate of charitable organizations is changing, leaders Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief are reforming the Ubuntu Fund to make funding more direct towards the people that actually need help. Collecting money for large charities like the Ubuntu Fund is not the problem; it is spending the money freely.


Donors will often give money with complicated sets of conditions that often hinder the direction of the organizations. Since some donors have private interests in mind, they will often want funds spent towards certain products that would benefit their company.


Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. The problem when people vote with their money is that they demand certain entitlements. Many people donating to the Ubuntu Fund are demanding that they are given some sort of authority of where the money is being spent.


Finding donors that will give money without any terms is difficult these days, but the Ubuntu Fund will push on into uncharted territory. They will now preferably target high-value donors instead of high volume donations. The overhead and effort for excessive fundraising had only diverted attention away from the families needing help. In comparison, the typical charity spends over 25 percent of funds on overhead.


The fund wants to get back into aiding families in Port Elizabeth’s townships. The organization will evaluate the educational needs of the children and give them specialized care. The operations are very intensive, but currently, attention is being diverted away due to squabbling over financial matters.


Andrew Rolfe is a businessman that has contributed greatly to the foundation. Since 2007, he has to lead the board of directors using his extensive knowledge of business and finance. Alongside his position at the charity, he also is the CEO of multiple international corporations. He had studied business at Oxford University and Harvard Business School.


Will Late Night Television Show Hosts Be Speechless?

Many people like to believe their favorite late night television show host is incredibly talented and funny. This belief is often justified. However, people shouldn’t forget that late night television show hosts stand upon the shoulders of giants. Behind the scenes, writers work tirelessly to craft jokes for late night television show hosts to use. In fact, without all of these writers, many late night television show hosts would be about as entertaining and funny as your typical class clown. Late night television show hosts know this, and they are getting nervous.


Why are the hosts getting nervous? It is because of an upcoming contract deadline. The Writer’s Guild of America protects all of the professional writers in Hollywood. This includes the writers for late night television shows. If the contract isn’t renewed, the writers will go on strike. This hasn’t happened for almost a decade! If a strike occurs, the late night television show hosts will have nothing to stay. Rather than attempting the stage without the help of professional writers, late night television shows will air repeats. This should give many late night television show fans pause regarding exactly how talented many of their favorite hosts are.


Thankfully, many experts think it won’t come to this. May would be a bad time for a strike from professional writers. A lot of big television events are scheduled for May, and writers will be needed to help make them happen. Let’s hope our favorite late night hosts won’t be speechless!


Two Late Night Television Show You Should Check Out

Most late night television show fans probably think they have seen it all. However, did you know there are more late night television shows out there than the ones advertised by the big networks? It’s true! If you looking for something more than the standard late night television show fare, one newspaper recently highlighted two shows for people to check out.


Desus & Mero showcases a pair of Bronx comedians. You can check out this late night television show on Viceland. This duo is able to riff off of the popular headlines of the day. To match the duo’s street cred, the desk on the show isn’t squeaky clean. Instead, it is covered in graffiti. The show was recently described as “loose, cheerful, and profane.” Jessie Williams and Chris Hayes have both made recent appearances on the show.


If you want to watch a late night television show where the stakes are low and celebrities lay back a bit, you should change the channel to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. This late night television show is aired on Bravo, and you can catch it Sundays through Thursdays. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lawrence have made appearances on the show. Thanks to an open bar policy on the set, the guests are often a bit tipsy and willing to talk loosely about their lives. The show can be a refreshing change from the sometimes overly scripted interviews of traditional late night television.


What are you waiting for? Check out these shows!

The closest we have to state TV

The comic, including Seth Meyer, and Samantha Lee, were discussing President Donald Trump’s close with the network and his daughter in White House. They also took close at the relationship between Trump and Bill O’Reilly to talk about the role of his daughter Ivanka in the White House. Stephen Colbert, on the last show, talked about how the president stuck his finger into O’Reilly’s situation in the media. As a matter of fact, the media is aware that Trump dislikes Bill. For this reason, he will answer these questions with stakes. According to the recent statistics, the network settled to the tune of not less than $13 million.


When Trump was asked about Bill, he claimed that he was not guilty of the alleged charges. On the other hand, Colbert was so ironical when he enquired about the $13 million found with Bill. He also added that that amount could be just a tip of the iceberg about more money channeled into the media to portray a good image of the worst political rule. Trump also declared April as the month of Sexual Awareness. According to this statement, the bill has been charged with more than two incidences of sexual assault.


To be fair, Trump was not elected by the American people the electorate only elected him. For this reason, he will not own all the allegations subjected to him. Samantha also questions the role of Ivanka in the White House. She also claims that she might be there to act as her father’s eyes and ears.

Greg Secker: Living a Life of No Regrets

Greg Secker is a philanthropist and an international speaker. It is, however, his keen interest in entrepreneurship that has given him the success he has today. Greg attained the millionaire status while in his twenties, and he has kept on growing and achieving success.


Greg is talented in many different business sectors, but it is his in-depth knowledge in foreign exchange that has termed him an expert. He has attracted attention both from the local and international media stations for his contribution in the stock market. Greg’s work in stocks began in the mid-1990s. He worked as a trading specialist at the Thomas Cook Financial Company. In this position, he was involved with the development of trading systems. In 1998, Greg was honored by the British Telecom Award for his innovation in developing the Virtual Trading Center.


Secker became a Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25 years. In 2003, he retired from the Company to become a full-time trader. It was at that time that he decided to mentor people on stock trading and providing them with knowledge and skills. As a result, Greg founded the Knowledge to Action Group. As of 2008, the Company was hosting foreign exchange and trading seminars in different countries including Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The Company was a finalist at the National Business Awards held in 2009.


After founding the Greg Secker Foundation in 2010, he has been involved in different philanthropic activities. The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of the people in the world. Greg has partnered with other Youth related organization to improve education and provide the young people with life skills. Due to his charity work, Greg was appointed a member of the City Philanthropy Board of Ambassadors. Greg has been termed as one of the most influential people in the world.


Secker has been called upon to offer his opinion on the state of the Market. He has spoken in numerous channels including Bloomberg. Greg has shared a stage with renowned speakers like Anthony Robbins, Tony Blair, and Robert Kiyosaki.


Late Night TV Host Holds Her Own White House Correspondents’ Dinner

One of the funniest and smartest faces of late night television had a lot to say about the conspicuous absence of President Donald Trump at the first White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Samantha Bee, star of the late night hit show Full Frontal, decided to hold “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” a very funny skit that featured celebrities and plenty of sarcastic humor pointed directly at Trump.


Samantha Bee’s decision to hold a comedic version of the event was prompted not just because of the President’s absence but also from the fact that the actual White House Correspondents’ Dinner took on a demure tone this year.


During the Obama administration, the President was not only roasted but also invited to laugh and even participate with a few jokes. Since former President Obama was very popular, the Correspondents’ Dinner became a glitzy affair that attracted many A-list celebrities from the showbiz industry.


This year, comedian Hasan Minhaj was in charge of roasting Trump, but the roasting was minimal since the focus is to have the President there and in person to catch and absorb the jokes. Instead, the organizing committee invited legendary journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to present awards.


Samantha Bee’s counter show was a comedic success with very strong roasting of President Trump, who would have likely not been very comfortable with. The journalism industry in general was also heavily roasted by Samantha Bee and her fellow comedians, but proceeds from the event went to the Committee to Protect Journalists.


Late Night Television Show Hosts Blast Ivanka Trump

Famous people often hope to be mentioned on a late night television show to increase exposure. That is exactly what members of the Trump family used to wish for. However, now that the Trump family is leading the most powerful country in the world, Trump family members are not always mentioned positively. This is exactly what happened to Ivanka Trump recently. After being jeered at a conference in Germany, the late night television world has been merciless.


It started when Ivanka Trump spoke at a German conference on women’s issues. She told the crowd that her father was a “tremendous champion of supporting families.” Naturally, the crowd didn’t seem to believe Ivanka’s claim, and they let her know through a series of boos and jeers. Later, late night television show hosts quipped all about it. Stephen Colbert joked that it was the first time a Trump family member participated in a women’s conference that didn’t involve swimsuits. Conan O’Brien told his audience that Ivanka Trump was surprised she got booed after being told she should open up her remarks with a joke. Another joke reminded audience members that the Trump family has a long history of inspiring women. However, that inspiration involved inspiring women to march, to sue, and to flee from a dressing room.


This wasn’t the first time the Trump family has been openly mocked on late night television. With over three and a half years until Trump’s presidency can be challenged, it certainly won’t be the last either!



Gorillaz Set to Perform on The Graham Norton Show

“The Graham Norton Show” has long been a staple of British late night entertainment and one known for being zany and amazing; the impending May 5th show is no different. Four Hollywood stars and one well-known group of musicians are planned to make an appearance on the program.seems

  • Diane Keaton will make an appearance in order to promote her upcoming film, “Hampstead.” Said film combines romance with a desire to preserve nature.
  • Michael Fassbender will also appear in order to discuss his involvement with “Alien: Covenant,” the sequel to the sci-fi film “Prometheus.” Alien: Covenant involves the exploits of several couples as they arrive upon and explore a lush Earth-like planet that seems absent of other life forms.
  • “Interstellar’s” Jessica Chastain will work the press circuit about her role in “Miss Sloane,” a film about a high-profile lobbyist within Washington, D.C.
  • Lastly, Kevin Bacon will explain his newest endeavor, the Amazon Prime-exclusive program known as “I Love Dick.”


In addition to the various stars of the large and small screen, the program will also feature a musical guest promoting their newest single. The May 5th show will bring the sound of Gorillaz to the audience as they perform “We Got the Power.” Culturally alert readers may raise an eyebrow at the mention of a live Gorillaz performance; while the band is known for its animated music videos and characters, the Graham Norton Show performance will feature the flesh-and-blood people behind the animated characters.


Flavio Maluf Keeps Innovating Through Eucatex

Flavio Maluf had no idea of what he would become after working in his company. As a matter of fact, he was endeavoring to attain better business management in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. He attended his college education at the University of Penteado Fundacao. During his time at the company, he worked hard to achieve better business management to develop working capabilities. For the company, they are always engaged towards achieving working instrumental assessment protocols. He also gained the knowledge to have the necessary credentials to attain better business management. For him, his business was to study and become the greatest business individual in the country.


When he finished schooling at the University, he graduated with the highest honors in Mechanical Engineering discipline. For this reason, he attained the minimum grade required to enter the New York Business School. As a matter of fact, we are entitled to attain working capabilities in a manner that is not engaged in the industry. For decades, Flavio Maluf attained better business capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. While in college, he worked hard to grasp all the necessary knowledge to get his way through the Brazilian business market. He also graduated with the highest honors in this capability. During that time, he was working to become a better business capability manager. For this reason, he entered a trade union with the best business models in the country.


When Flavio Maluf came back home, he got an opportunity to commence his working capabilities at the trade section of the country. For this reason, business stretched his mark of empowerment to determine business relations and models. Flavio Maluf also worked in the trade department to open new ways to export their products to other parts of the world including Canada, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, and Monaco. Flavio Maluf has the capability to spot an opportunity and work on that opportunity. For this reason, he worked hard to achieve better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Flavio Maluf has led Eucatex to profitability and greatness.