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Rick & Morty Responsible for McDonald’s’ Revival of Szechuan Sauce

A chef connected to McDonald’s’ corporate structure has commented about investigating the resurrection of its Szechuan sauce after a heavy load of unofficial promotion from an “Adult Swim” April Fools’ joke. Because April Fools’ fell on a Saturday, Adult Swim, the late night animation program block of Cartoon Network, debuted a brand new episode of “Rick and Morty” after a two year absence.

The ending premise of the April Fools’ Day episode involved the titular Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist and expy of “Back to the Future’s” Doc Brown, pleading for the revival of the Szechuan McNugget sauce. The sauce was derived from plum sauce and intended as a limited time item to promote Disney’s “Mulan” in 1998. After the episode concluded, it seemed to ignite a fire within fans of “Rick and Morty” and the show’s writing team. This fire seems to have reached a high enough level of heat to grab McDonald’s’ attention, especially after a petition was launched with the goal of bringing the sauce back. The petition had reaches 13.5k signatures by the morning of April 3rd.

A McDonald’s corporate chef tweeted a message to Business Insider that indicated he would see what could be done. Should McDonald’s decide to bring back the Szechuan McNugget sauce in the near future, it could have an easy opening when Disney releases the live-action version of Mulan in November of 2018.

While plums are purple in color, plum sauce is a pale brown condiment of Chinese origin that mingles sweet and sour flavors and is commonly served alongside Asian fried food like dumplings, egg rolls and even duck; plum sauce is also known as duck sauce. The basic ingredients of a plum sauce include a sweet fruit like plums or peaches, chili peppers, ginger, salt, sugar and vinegar in various ratios. Korean cuisine has its own plum-derived condiment, known as “maesil-cheong,” that consists of a syrupy concoction derived from adding equal parts sugar and ripened plums to a jar and leaving the mixture to settle for 100 days; an unbalanced ratio leads to fermentation and creates plum wine.

Rio de Janeiro: A Tourist Hotspot And A Startup Mecca

In terms of living conditions, Rio de Janeiro is number one in the world, according to many Brazilians and other people familiar with the city. Sure, Rio has more than its fair share of crime, but who can resist the granite cliffs, the lush jungle canopy, and the picture-perfect beaches that make Rio one of the best cities in the world for bikini watching. Brainstorming about the next new startup seems to be the business flavor of the day in cafés overlooking the ocean. And team building while hiking through the mountains looks like the new way to exercise.



Event holders are taking advantage of Rio’s stunning landscape and diverse culture to promote new startups. Regardless of what some Brazilians think, Rio is transforming itself into a more attractive environment for Millennials and cosmopolitan professionals. More private investment is pouring into the city, according to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading exporters. Maluf thinks the new government programs that are improving security, transportation, and 4G connectivity are helping his business and the startup industry in Brazil.



Maluf likes to say his grandfather was a pioneer in the startup industry. Maluf’s grandfather owned a sawmill in the state São Paulo, and he decided to start a company called Eucatex. Eucatex produced eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles in the 1950s. The tiles were a hit in the domestic market, and by 1960, Eucatex was shipping ceiling tiles to Argentina and Germany. Today, Eucatex has a presence in cities around the world. Branded and unbranded Eucatex products are sold in home improvement stores like Home Depot in The United States. Eucatex building materials are also used for residential and commercial building projects in Europe, South and North America.



Flavio Maluf is involved with the clean air imitative, and he also has an interest in the startup industry in Brazil. Maluf keeps a close watch on the startup markets in São Paulo and Rio. The Brazilian government is encouraging more business development, and that is helping the country pull out of the crippling depression. Maluf sees light at the end of this economic nightmare, and the number of new startups seems to indicate Maluf is right.



Lime Crime Colors Let You Make a Statement Without Uttering a Single Word!

Every decade has its fashion trends, in the middle ages women kept their hair covered, during the 18th-century women curled, powdered, and piled their hair high. Today’s trend is an obsession with brightly colored, or even rainbow colored hair, but at least this trend is exciting and fun!


I love the idea of being different, the advantage of making a statement without uttering a single word, that moment when you know those who saw you will remember you. Though society tries to balk at things that are different, they can’t help but pay attention to them as well. I mean honestly, if having purple hair didn’t make an impression on people, then why did they notice it in the first place, right?


Now that we know today’s hair color trend provides each of us with opportunities to garner attention, and make ourselves known, let’s talk about this rainbow trend in more detail. There are several brands out there that offer bright rainbow colored hair dyes, but the one I like best is Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime. My favorite aspect is it is easy to use, just open the jar and apply to your hair, no mixing developers or applying heat.


The fun part is all the color choices Lime Crime gives you, 13 colors to choose from including Leeloo, Jello, Pony, Anime, Sext, Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Gargoyle, Blue Smoke, Strawberry Jam, Dirty Mermaid, Neon Peach, and Salad. However, these colors get better because you can mix the colors to create new ones. Create your own new colors like Bunny mixed with Neon Peach makes Petal Pink, and Salad mixed with Anime makes Bright Turquoise.


If you want to be different, and stand out in a crowd like a Unicorn, then Lime Crime hair color is what you need. No other hair dye that I know of gives you the freedom of mixing colors and the ability to do it easily without making a huge mess. Plus, you can feel right with the universe because all their products are cruelty-free and vegan!

The Recent Changes of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was once in a slight slump in terms of ratings. Stephen Colbert started out his days as a newscaster on the Daily Show. Eventually, Colbert would find he was ready to take the helm and have his own show on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report. This show would go on to become one of the most popular ever on Comedy Central. The long reign of the Colbert Report left fans wondering how long this show would go on.


David Letterman retiring from his spot as host of the Late Show on CBS meant a major opening was available. Quite a long time went by before the new host of the Last Show was chosen. The new host for the Late Show was named and it was Stephen Colbert. It seemed like Colbert would fit right into a more mainstream position on late night television. However, the results proved to be rockier than some would expect.


It looked like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was in a ratings dive until one fateful night. Donald Trump winning the presidency somehow has had a positive effect on Colbert’s ratings. Many believe that the shift in the general attitude of the Late Show was what started the uptick in ratings. Before Trump became President, the Late Show had a generally humorous tone. However, after Trump became President the show got mad while still keeping their razor sharp humor.


This change in attitude came as the result of a special that had a twist Colbert never saw coming. Regardless of how you feel about the election, many were shocked to see Donald Trump win. No one was more shocked than Colbert who was hosting a special and expecting to see a Hillary Clinton victory. Many have noted that the writing of the Late Show with Colbert has developed a more biting tone to it that is attracting fans in droves.



Oval Office Comedy Coming to Comedy Central

The next addition to the late night comedy lineup will be “The President Show” staring Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik on Comedy Central.

It’s scheduled to debut April 27 at 11:30 p.m. after “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” as part of Comedy Central’s Thursday night lineup.

Peter Grosz will appear on the show as Vice President Mike Pence.

It’s the network’s first new addition to late night in nearly a year.

As you may guess from the title, the weekly series will focus its comedy lens squarely on the current commander-in-chief.

The format of the show will be similar to anyone who has watched a late night talk show. Comedy Central stated, “In the world of ‘The President Show,’ Trump is bypassing the crooked media by hosting a late-night show direct from the Oval Office. Just a fun show where he can put his unique Trumpian spin on such late-night staples as desk segments, field pieces and guest interviews.”

In a promo “Trump” characteristically promised, “I’ll have the best guests, the most beautiful women, it’ll be so funny, the most funny show.”

Atamanuik has been a professional comedian and writer since the 90s, but gained national attention when he began impersonating Trump during the recent presidential election season. He made numerous appearances as Trump in videos, on the “Howard Stern Show” and in a live stage show comedy debate tour where he squared off against fellow comedian James Adomain who played Bernie Sanders.

Atamanuik, who Rolling Stone named the nation’s best Trump impersonator, released a statement that read, “Laughing at the president is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department.”

Comedy Central will make another addition to its late-night lineup this summer when it adds a new series from Jim Jefferies of Australia.

Louis C.K. Likes Naps Better than Sex

Louis C.K., famed comedian and star of FX’s Louie, went for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to plug his new Netflix special Louis C.K. 2017. He took the stage in familiar fashion, greeting the crowd while house band The Roots played a modified version of Louie Louie.


Fallon starts the interview by making fun of the title for Louis C.K.’s newest special. Having produced a number of comedy specials, he has never named a special after the year it aired. Later in the interview, he made sure to correct the Tonight Show host when he called the special “2017.” The comedian stated that the full title is “Louis C.K. 2017.”


Showing up in a suit was out of character for Louis C.K. Normally he is seen in a simple black shirt. He explains that he has the desire to dress up now. When he was a kid, people used to dress up all the time, he stated, including on airplanes because “…you dress up because you’re going to fly and blow smoke in a baby’s face.”


Next came the crème de la crème of the interview, an exchange that became a top hit on social media. Louis C. K. explained how much he liked naps, “It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.” He continued, “I’ll take a nap at 11:30 and go to bed at midnight.” Jimmy retorted with a question about sleep and the comedian responded with a question of his own, “Do you like ice cream better than eating?” The conversation finally came to its climax. “ I like them better than sex…a nap is always 100% successful, there’s never mixed results. You never take a nap and say that it was a bad idea.”


While this was the highlight of the interview, Louis C.K. finished with a story about his 11-year old daughter. He had taken her on a trip from New York to Boston. Once he hit the Atlantic, he bobbed around mercilessly for three minutes and turned around. They decided to go to Wal-Mart, buy a tent and simply go camping after he felt like he traumatized her.


Louis C.K. usually makes quite a splash with the Internet when it comes to late night television. Besides his controversial statements on shows, the Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, director, actor and producer worked with Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and Dana Carvey to produce a number of late night laughs over the years.


Discover Superior Full Coverage Hair Dyes With Lime Crime

Lime Crime has launched a fantasy-inspired hair dye that offers thirteen unique colors. Experience unique semi and permanent hair dyes that last up to 14 washes. Thousands of women and guys have transformed their dry neutral colors into vibrant shades that are hard to find with their competitors. LC is popular among their 2.4 million Instagram followers and thousands of people around the world. Each jar comes with a full 700 ml for a complete dye job or two touch-ups. You have the opportunity to take control of your color under the same well known brand that you’re use to.


You still have the benefits of completely hypoallergenic products that are 100% cruelty-free. Rest assured, their products are still LEAP Bunny approved. Lime Crime was the first of its kind to offer their customers a super-foil product that is easy to apply with a moist application that dries to perfection. They offer great colors that include Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Get brilliant colors that will hold well under the camera lights along with a waterproof formula with their cosmetics. You can also transform your mood with a permanent dye or tint.


You can get great accessories through their sister company, Dolls Kills by visiting their website. They also offer a wonderful way to compliment your attire with unique clothing items. LC is widely known for their vibrant colors under their creator and CEO, Doe Deere. She has always had a way with intricate colors and has learned how to market her skills with a certification from design school. Deere is also a successful marketing analyst and technical expert. Their hair dyes and cosmetics will leave you completely unapologetic about the colors that you choose. Their colors compliment every aspect of your life with colors that you won’t find anywhere else.


Visit the Lime Crime exclusive website for more details on their promotional offers and free shipping for first-time customers. Become a part of LC today and take your color scheme to another level and become a unicorn.

Stephen Colbert Merges Viral Video and President Trump

“There is sort of a debate on the internet about this thing. Some people find it kind of comforting, others want to know if you can take out a restraining order against a cartoon,” warned Stephen Colbert as he introduced his new sensation taking the web by storm.


The stop-motion animation piece has become one of the top viral videos in recent times. The haunting musical score merges with the imperfect, shiny visage of a naked bald character speaking mechanically. As part of the Late Night Work Club’s Strangers presentation, many people are saying that it is one of the most troubling things imaginable.


Never backing down, Stephen Colbert presented a piece during his monolog stating, “Some people have said its the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen. We here at ‘The Late Show’ took that as a challenge.”


Colbert presented his take substituting the folic-challenged creature with that of his recurring Donald Trump cartoon. The commander-in-chief is seen wearing a red thong with a play on his famous slogan “Make America Beautiful Again” and a tramp-stamp tattoo of “Putin.”


Situated in the same position as the viral video, he proceeds to repeat the original’s dialogue almost verbatim. That is until an animated version of the health care bill pops out from the ground. He talks about how hard it is to be president and blames the Freedom Caucus for holding up his reform. The video finishes with a shot of First Lady Melania Trump looking at her smartphone and stating she will not go to the White House this weekend.


Colbert, never one to shy away from controversy and always timely has hit a home run himself with this video. The parody itself has gone viral and is one of the top-searched spoofs being searched and passed around social media.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, like most late night talk shows, has leveraged the Trump brand for continuing humor and satire since his presidential run and eventual election. This latest romp in sarcastic wit, like its inspiration, has been met with both visceral hatred and plenty of laughs for viewers.


Late Night Television is Getting a Show About President Trump

Comedy Central, an American cable network that is seeing impressive ratings thanks to their comedic treatment of the Trump administration, has been teasing a new production that will parody Donald Trump as the host of a late-night television show.

According to a report by entertainment news magazine Variety, the new Comedy Central program will be titled The President Show. The teaser promotions have been posted as Twitter updates on two accounts; the premise seems to be that Trump is tired of being lambasted on late night television, and thus he has decided to produce his own show for the purpose of feeding his ego and setting the record straight on issues related to his failing administration.

Thus far, the two Twitter accounts associated with The President Show have cleverly mocked Trump’s own style of communicating with the public via his official account. It is not clear whether The President Show will invite real guests willing to play along for the sake of great comedy, but that is something that Twitter followers seem to expect.

Comedy Central has previously succeeded with poking fun at failing administrations on late night television. In 2001, the sitcom That’s My Bush, produced by the creators of South Park, portrayed former President George W. Bush in zany situations based on comedic television tropes. Although that show received critical praise and enjoyed good ratings, it was cancelled after one season due to production costs and the September 11 attacks. The producers of the show believed that any jokes after the attacks would have been in terrible taste.

Political mockery has worked wonders for Comedy Central over the last few years. The Colbert Report, featuring a fake conservative talk show host, was a great follow up to The Daily Show. Similarly, The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore was also well-received by late-night television audiences who can laugh at the numerous inadequacies of the political status quo.

Fans of political sarcasm are excited with the prospect of The President Show since many feel that Trump would make a great late-night talk show host given his entertainment background and demeanor.


Port Elizabeth, South Africa has a human crisis. In Its townships, 4.1 million children are orphaned. Their parents had HIV/AIDS. Unemployment is high, and poverty runs rampant. The presence of sexual exploitation destroys one’s dignity. The children need everything and receive nothing.

However, there was a small breath of hope in the written word. Knowledge nourishes the spirit and provides hope and inspiration. The Ubuntu Education Fund was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula in 1999. They quickly realized that by distributing education materials to orphaned and unprotected children were but a mere beginning. The whole social structure of the Port Elizabeth community of 400,000 had to change.

Ubuntu dramatically laid down a plan to restructure the community in providing a means to stabilize households, and offer health and educational services. Results were achieved after unrelenting work over a ten year period.

Making permanent changes in the Port Elizabeth community required significant funding which seemed near impossible. Andrew Rolfe took an interest in the Ubuntu Education Fund. Mr. Rolfe is a highly respected person and financially successful in his business ventures. He founded Prêt A Manger, a fast food enterprise which established ties with McDonald’s. Further, he founded Gap, a clothing company. Rolfe’s food company is more upscale than McDonald’s. Prêt A Manger is on the same business level as Starbucks and Subway sandwiches.

Mr. Rolfe injected his business acumen in the Ubuntu Education Fund and is the fund’s Chairman. Even with the probability of good and continuous funding, the work of the Ubuntu Education Fund is still not complete. The education system is marred by teacher shortages, overflowing classrooms, and school closings. Further, the lack of uniforms contributes to the children’s dropout rate.

The Ubuntu Education Fund has a home, the Ubuntu Centre. The center is a 25,000 square-foot headquarters. Thus, Ubuntu can provide an array of services including a pediatric HIV clinic, pharmacy, classrooms, computer labs, theater, and rooftop garden.

Each step Ubuntu takes gives the people of Port Elizabeth hope. They have earned the right to live their life with a sense of dignity.