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Brian Bonar: A trailblazer in the corporate world

Brian Bonar is a man of diversified competence and success in the corporate world. He is one of the most prominent executives and entrepreneur in USA, and he has served in some influential positions in some of the biggest organizations over his career.

He is mostly known as the Chairmen and CEO of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services. Also, his portfolio includes some key positions in some different organizations.

Brian has a solid technical background. He completed his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College in 1969 and Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University in 1985.

He also holds a Ph.D. and specializes in multiple fortes that include but not limits to Sales and Management Strategy, Merger & Acquisition, Sales and Relationship Management and much more.

After completing his studies, Brian joined IBM, the PC giant as it’s Procurement Manager where served from 1969 till 1985. This is the first corporate experience for him where he equipped himself with business expertise while outsourcing motherboards for various IBM pcs.

In 1985, Brian joined QMS as Director of Engineering which was a new addition to his portfolio where he managed a team of 100 software and hardware development engineers and played a critical role in success till 1989.

Brian was appointed as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Rastek Corporation that specialized on World Wide Sales of Printing Technology. After serving in Rastek Corporation for more than four years, Brain joined Adaptec in 1993 as its Sales Manager where served until September 1994.

While serving here, Brian was responsible for developing and maintaining a relationship with the major Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers.

After acquiring a wide range experiences in the corporate world, Brain went on to utilize his learnings, and he founded Bezier Systems, the first company to launch the SCSI based printer in 1994 and served as the CEO of this firm till 1995. However, we came back to the corporate world once again when he was appointed as the Vice President, Sales, and Marketing of its Imaging Technologies where he served from 1995 till 1999.

One of the biggest turning points of his professional life took place in 1999 when he joined Dalrada Financial Services which is one of the leading firms in the country. He is now serving as the CEO and Chairman of this firm. His next professional endeavor was with Allegiant Professional Business Services where he joined as President in 2008 served here till 2010.

Meanwhile, he founded AMS Outsourcing in 2006, and he served here as the Managing Member till 2013. He is also engaged with Trucept since 2011 till today as the Chairman and CEO and strategic guidance and manages Temporary Staffing and Insurance Products as well as services.

He is based in San Diego with his family and loves outdoor activities like boating and golfing.


White Shark Media Helps Improve Marketing

For any small business or website to succeed, driving traffic from the major search engines and properly marketing their website is very important. When looking to improve your visibility and marketability, it would be a good idea to work with an experienced market firm, such as White Shark Media. White Shark Media can provide you and your business with a number of different services that can help to ensure you continue to attract a lot of new customers.


The first way that White Shark Media can help you is by helping you to build a new marketing platform. Marketing a company or website is a much more complex process today than it ever was before. Since marketing can be expensive, White Shark Media will focus on helping you to spend your money as efficiently and as effectively as possible.


The company will focus on advertising your company a number of different ways using ad words management, advertising on other local websites, and finding other creative ways to get your brand name out. This will help to drive more people to your website and also bring your company brand to a higher level.


White Shark Media will also help you to manage your website to ensure that it is found more easily through the major search engines. The marketing company has an entire team that is dedicated to helping you rank higher in the major search engines. This will process will including reviewing your current website and search engine ranking, finding ways that the content can be enhanced to allow you to show up higher in the search engines while also ensuring that the content is still of the highest quality.


Once the website has been enhanced, the company will also help you by managing the website going forward. Google and the other major search engines are constantly changing their format and requirements that determine how the search engine rankings will shake out. White Shark Media will be able to stay on top of the changes that are coming to the search engines and will make the necessary changes to the website to ensure you continue to rank high.


Thor Halvorssen Explores Myriad Ways of Improving Human Rights Awareness

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has a name many people around the world have heard of because of the impressive human rights work he has completed over the last two decades. Halvorssen has been at the forefront of many of the most important campaigns that have been responsible for exploring human rights abuses in closed societies over the same time frame, including his work to expose abuses in China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Thor has not limited himself to working in the traditional platforms that have always been open to human rights activists who generally appear in the news when they publish a new report on some form of issue taking place around the world; instead, Thor hopes to keep the plight of those affected by human rights abuses in the news throughout each year by monitoring the news and popular culture information for ideas on how to continue the high profile of this issue. One of the options Halvorssen has taken has been to expose celebrities and well known individuals as they perform for tyrants or attend events paid for by dictators who believe a celebrity will add credibility to their control of a nation.

Despite using new ways of bringing information to the public, Thor Halvorssen still ensures he keeps up the pressure on governments around the world by maintaining a presence linked to the major news organizations found in the developed world. The Venezuelan activist who is now based in New York believes the work completed by major human rights groups is important, but that too much is focused on areas of the world where democracy is in play for the majority. Thor has become a prominent panelist and interview guest on shows across the major news organizations of the planet, including CNN and Fox News in the U.S., and BBC News and al-Jazeera across the rest of the world. Thor Halvorssen has also become a major part of the largest public speaking events in the world where he provides information on human rights issues for the TedTalks events and at major institutions, such as the United Nations.

Investment Banking is Very Popular

While there are many types of banks in the banking industry, one of the most popular is investment banking. There are many reasons why investment banking is popular. One of the main reasons is that investment banking provides various banking services that are not offered at most banks. As a result, many banking clients go to investment banks for the services that they need. Usually the type of client that needs the services of an investment bank is different than the typical customer that goes into a local bank branch.

The type of client that uses the banking services provided by investment banks normally has a large amount of cash and a high net worth. In addition, many of the clients concerning investment banks are corporations. In many ways, investments banks are structured to be able to provide the services desired by corporations. Investments banks have three areas of banking services. Each area has a particular type of investment banking service that it offers.

Individual investment banks can decide which of the three areas of the banking services the investment banks want to offer its clients. Usually the larger investment banks will offer more than one area of investment banking services. The smaller investment banks will typically offer just one area. The reason why larger investment banks tend to offer multiple investment banking areas and smaller investment banks primarily offer only one area is because larger investment banks have a larger amount of available financial and human resources.

Another aspect of the investment banking structure that makes investment banks appealing to clients is the investment banker position. In all investment banks, there are investment bankers who assist clients with a wide array of banking services offered through investment banks. The investment banker is able to assist clients with services that require a large sum of money, complex financial tasks, or various other investment banking services.

A well known investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. He has a reputation for being able to complete complex business deals for clients. In addition, Martin Lustgarten has a proven track record of being able to find clients large sums of money to close major business deals.

Martin Lustgarten has been an investment banker for many years. Recently, he took the experience he has gained over the years in the investment banking industry to start his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin.

Brian Bonar: reaching to professional excellence

Brian Bonar, most popular as the Chairmen and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services is a man of dynamic and diversified expertise and achievements. Being one of the young generation finance professionals, he is upholding the allure and insight of his generation that is on the way to conquer the world of finance.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar is regarded as one of the most successful and popular finance executives with years of extensive expertise in multiple fields. He has played key leadership roles in some renowned organizations and made significant contributions to their development.

Brian Bonar completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College in 1969 and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University in 1985. His academic background in engineering has given him the needful insights into the business world and structure.

Brian Bonar has extensive experience in different positions and capacities in different sectors. He started his professional career in 1969 when he joined IBM as Procurement Manager. He served in IBM till 1985, and this was a great learning experience for him.

Then he joined QMS as Director of Engineering and served there since 1985 to 1989 where he utilized his technical background. In 1989, Bonar joined Rastek Corporation as Vice President Sales and Marketing in 1989 and served there till 1993.

In this position, he was responsible for the worldwide sales of Printing Technology. Later on, he joined Adaptec as Sales Manager in 1993 and worked there for one year. This where he developed relationships with the Major Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers.

Since 1994, Brian changed his professional direction and founded the Bezier Systems and led this company as Chief Executive Officer of this company that launched the first SCSI-based printer. He joined ITEC Imaging Technologies as Vice President Sales and Marketing in 1995 and served there till 1999.

Currently, he is serving as the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services since 1999. Meanwhile, he founded AMS Outsourcing in 2006 and served there as Managing Member for almost seven years. In 2011, he became the Chairman and CEO of Trucept in 2011. Also, he was appointed as President of Allegiant Professional Business Services where served for almost three years.

While working in all of these positions, he had the opportunity to learn the business from its perspectives, and he gained intensive expertise in Venture Capital, Management Consulting, Business Strategy, Contract Negotiation, Lead Generation and Private Equity. However, he is mostly regarded as a specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions.

But as a professional, he was always enticed by new challenges and he never refused any new venture. He is currently planning to open his restaurant. Although his specialty was in finance, he is confident that alike his other ventures, the restaurant will be an instant success for him as well.

Brian has a keen interest in Boating, Golfing and currently lives with his family in San Diego. In the year 2000, Brian received the Who’s Who in America Award for his immense success and contributions.

Goettl Promotes Dan Burke to Chairman of Board of Advisors

The Principal Owner of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, Ken Goodrich, has it in the announcement that they are planning to promote the former President of Dan Burke of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to work as the next Chairman of the Board of Advisors. According to Goodrich, he will now serve in the capacity of the new Chief Executive Officer and President of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. He will also assume all the responsibilities associated with the leadership and management of the company. Ken has worked as a managing partner in the company for more than six months. For this reason, he has been promoted as a leader in Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

While Dan works as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the company, he will also be called upon by Ken Goodrich to offer his assistance in the daily management of the company. This is because he has extensive knowledge and experience as a manager of the company. Dan has more than three decades of professional experience in this industry. Therefore, his strategic development structures will be necessary to run the daily business of the company. While he was a leader, the company grew significantly to attract the investment of Ken Goodrich. For this reason, Ken has allowed him to lead Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning through its support and participation in industry and community initiatives.

According to Ken Godrich, Dan’s leadership has led the company to bear many fruits regarding development and participation in other community entities. For the company to succeed, his development strategies and efforts to make a better company were significant. He has great commitment and dedication to make the brand a better choice or people in the community. He has also supported numerous initiatives in the company through his management skills. Ken is confident that Dan will guide him through the management processes and help the company continue to flourish with his leadership and presence in Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

For more than 25 years, Dan has worked in the company. Moreover, he has more than three decades of leadership experience in this industry. For this reason, he is placed at the highest point to guide and advise the company through various moves. He has served as a leader at both Phoenix Manufacturing Company and the William Furnace Company. While he serves as Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning will move forward.

Choosing An Online Reputation Management Company

Online reputation management is a hot topic nowadays and many businesses are taking steps to ensure a great image about their company and brand.

As a business owner or corporate executive, your online reputation is very important. A great online reputation draws much more business, promotes higher sales, and entices clients to collaborate with your company or organization. A poor online reputation, on the other hand, can certainly ruin sales and consequently diminish your profits. As a result of this, several firms choose to prioritize online reputation management.

The majority of people research companies, organizations and products before making a buying decision. They take the time to read everything they can find on the company or products they are considering, and then make a decision based on their findings.

If your company or brand has a ruined reputation you will have a tough time running a successful business. On the other hand, if your organization, product or service is perceived in a good way, then you will entice clients and customers who will want to keep patronizing your company. They will even spread the word about the great service or product your company provides.

Handling your online track record or reputation without professional support could be challenging. Lots of companies pick an online reputation management firm to do the work for them, which is a smart decision. This is a choice you need to consider if you wish to successful in your endeavor.

There are many companies that provide reputation management and it’s important to go with a team that comes highly recommended in the industry. If you want a great team of reputation management professionals on your side, it is important to select a credible firm that has an established history of accomplishing the task appropriately.

Reliable reputation management firms have the knowledge and experience to monitor, repair and maintain your online reputation. No matter how challenging your company’s or personal reputation issue, these professionals have the expertise to handle all projects aggressively and successfully and will suppress and overwhelm the defamatory remarks, revenge postings or malicious attacks.




The Best Wine Producing Companies in the UK

The United Kingdom is a premium wine producing region, with hundreds of vineyards in wales and England covering thousands of acres and producing sparkling wine brands. With the recent production statistics, 4.5 million bottles, reveals highest global production.

A Brief History of English Wine

Commercial vine growing dates back during the Roman times. Unfortunately, owing to successive invasions, this was put to an end. However, wine production was revived following the Norman Conquest. This was mainly in monasteries and nobles growing vine on their own land.

There are many wine producing companies in the UK, however, only a few have made it to the top twenty list. The following are a few of those companies whose products have found a place in the hearts of consumers.

UK Vintners

  • UK Vintners
  • Camel valley
  • Hush health
  • Ridgeview Wine Estate

The UK Vintners’ Company, with its first charter in 1363, celebrated its 650th anniversary in 2013. This is one of the twelve great livery companies in London, and its membership consists of over 500 liverymen and freemen. The UK Vintners’ Company continues to maintain its trade, charitable, social, and educational interests in the 21st century.

Camel Valley

This vineyard was set up in 1989 by ex-RAF pilot Bod Lindo together with his wife Annie. Its sparkling wines have consistently won awards in the recent past. Its Cornwall Brut 2010 managed a gold gong at the International Wine Challenge. Above all, its Pinor Nor Brut 2010, won gold at the Decanter Awards.

Hush Health

The vineyard is committed to the production of wine of “world-beating quality”. Its, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Balfour Brut rose, which is made of the classic Champagne grape varieties, have won a host of awards.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

Ridgeview, a family owned vineyard founded in 1994 in Sussex, is dedicated to producing sparkling wines. Some of its products, for starters, Marksman 2009, which is a Chardonnay produced for M&S, managed a gold medal at the international wine challenge. This company has continued to produce award-winning wines for Waitrose and the wine community.

The United Kingdom continues to be on the top of the list among the wine producing regions. UK Vintners, hush health, camel valley, and Ridgeview wine estate are a few award-winning companies in this region. However, this does not put to the end the list of companies that have made it in the industry; the list is long.

Buy wine from a UK Vintner online here.

Reasons Why WEN by Chaz Is The Best Cleansing Conditioner

While cleansing conditioners are the most preferable when it comes to washing your hair, the following reasons make WEN stand out.

The Value of Its Ingredients

WEN hair comprises natural ingredients free from chemicals that tend to be harsh on your hair. Below is a quick breakdown of these components.

  • Panthenol – This element reduces split ends by sealing the hair moisture. As a result, the hair gets strengthened and restores resilience.
  • Glycerin – This ingredient is naturally occurring. It is an excellent moisturizer.
  • Botanical extracts – They soften the hair and add shine.
  • Menthol – Soothes the hair scalp. Scalps with dandruff heal best with this ingredient.
  • Nourishing complex – This is a blend of essential oils and extracts and amino acids for nourishing the hair.
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein – Makes hair healthy and more manageable.

Hair Color Retention

Because Wen cleansers lack artificial dyes, the natural hair color is maintained. Also, women whose hair is dyed benefit from WEN products. The dye color doesn’t fade away quickly. Finally, hair is restored from the brittleness caused by these hair dyes.

Hair Becomes More Manageable

Hair that is dry, tangled or frizz-prone also benefits immensely from WEN cleansing conditioner. The ingredients nourish and replenish the lost hair properties. This significantly reduces breakage hence achieving a fuller and thicker hair volume.

No More Worries When Heat Treating Hair

The Deep conditioning benefits provide hair with protection against heat.

About WEN By Chaz

This is a Sephora marketed Cleansing Conditioner. It serves the following purposes:

  • Shampoo
  • Deep conditioner
  • Detangler
  • Leave-in-conditioner

Unlike normal shampoos, WEN by Chaz Dean doesn’t contain leather sulfates that are typically harsh on hair. Instead, it constitutes emulsification agents which cleanse hair without building up residues. As a result, your hair maintains its natural oils after cleansing. It is also a superb moisturizer that leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

Watch WEN by Chaz Dean hair care tutorials on YouTube for more information.



The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary

Professor Carlos Brebbia is the founder of Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT). Since inception, the company has provided the international scientific community with a platform to exchange information and ideas in the industry. The different types of activities carried out in the educational institution have helped them create productive links with other leading institutions and organizations.

WIT activities

The Wessex Institute of Technology carries out various activities from its locations in New Forest National Park, England. They have made collaborations with other academic institutions in offering graduate programs up to the doctorate level. WIT also engages in research on damage mechanics, environmental modeling, and fluid mechanics, industrial research and information communication technology. Other Segments that the institute engages in includes holding conferences and publishing.

The WIT E-library

Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary gives online access to international conference papers and international journals published at the institution’s press. WIT’s library provides access to over 28, 000 peer-reviewed papers, where 27,000 of them are accessible to anyone. WIT e-library charges $38 to download a document in Adobe PDF format. It is easy to access about any latest research paper from the e-library ranging from engineering sciences, built environment, biomedicine and health, ecology and environment, information and communications technology, as well as science and engineering.