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Trevor Noah Makes Valid Point

The state of the United States presidential race has drawn a lot of attention from media outlets around the world because of the worsening feud between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. The continuing harsh speech coming out of both camps has made voters and onlookers question the democratic process in the country. Most of the problems though have come out of the Trump camp. His words and past actions have repeatedly promoted a society that fails to meet democratic ideals.


Trevor Noah of the “Daily Show” compared Trump to the African dictators that he became familiar with while growing up in South Africa. On the evening of Thursday, October 13, 2016, Noah told the visitors to the PaleyFest Daily Show with Trevor Noah panel that Trump has a lot of “charisma,” but that the attraction mimics a car crash. He stated that people do not want to see it but can’t look away. He noted that all of the African dictators share this same trait. He then explained how he initially had this opinion but wrote it off as a “third world country” viewpoint. Trump’s rise to power has proven that he was initially right: Third world dictators take advantage of the “fear and desperation” of the masses.


Noah is not the first person from inside or outside of the country who has thought this about Trump. Trump’s debate statements about setting up a special prosecutor and jailing Clinton seem straight out of a dictator’s playbook.

Bryan Cranston Talks New Autobiography On Fallon: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The name of the book is called A Life In Parts, and it’s actor Bryan Cranston’s autobiography. The book is receiving rave reviews and being called by many, a beautiful and honest celebrity memoir that will have you laughing and crying throughout.


The talented star sat down with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” recently, to promote his fascinating life story. The 60-year-old actor was actually born in Hollywood, a town that would create the man we’ve all known to come and admire.


The book is full of amazing parts and an engrossing read. Cranston charmed Jimmy Fallon with a great memory about his brother and himself working at a Daytona Polynesian restaurant back in the 1970s. The head chef was called Peter Wong, and the Cranstons hated him. He was mean and miserable. Each night, the restaurant would have a waiters’ meeting before the dining crowd came in, and employees would reveal how they would kill Peter Wong if given the opportunity.


Jimmy Fallon was howling with laughter, as Cranston decided he would slice the head chef in tender pieces. The season came to an end, and the Cranston brothers left town on their motorcycles for a new adventure. Suddenly, the Daytona Police stopped by the restaurant to ask if any former employees had talked about hurting or killing Peter Wong. The waiters named the Cranston brothers, and police put out an APB for them.


Of course, the bros were innocent, but quite a hilarious tale.


Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Tour a Haunted Manor

Jimmy Fallon recently went through a haunted house on his show with one of his favorite friends, Kevin Hart. The two went through one of the scariest haunted houses in New York, which is called Blood Manor.


At the beginning of the clim on Jimmy’s show, Jimmy voiced his concern about going through Blood Manor because he was fairly scared. He said that he was seriously scared. Before, both Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon had gone on a roller coaster together and filmed themselves while on the ride. It was a great clip that got lots of laughs and likes, so the pair thought they would try their hand at making funny videos again and went for the scary haunted house tour. Jimmy said that they decided on this video because it’s getting close to Halloween.


Both of the men wore cameras on harnesses on their chests, but there was also a film crew on site to film both of them. At first, both of them were fairly tentative, but soon, they were screaming and freaking out when villains and monsters started to jump out at them.


In one of the rooms, there was no light and an infrared camera filmed them while creepy monsters popped out at them. In another room that had an ultra red glow, they met with a monster on a table and joked with him. Jimmy and Kevin went through various other rooms of the haunted manor before finally ending the tour with lots of laughs.

Ellie Kemper Once Bombed on Late Night

If you have a habit of binge watching the latest shows on Netflix, you probably have seen episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This charming comedy showcases the comedic talents of Ellie Kemper. Kemper plays Kimmy in the show. After her perky character is rescued from an underground bunker run by a religious fanatic, she decides to move to New York City. She moves in with a gay man, becomes a nanny for a wealthy family, and brings joy wherever she goes.


The success of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made Kemper into a household word. However, some people might remember her first appearance on late night television. At that time, she starred in a minor role on the hit sitcom The Office. Unfortunately, Kemper does not have fond memories of her appearance on the show. Kemper recently wrote about it in an essay. She wrote, “I forced myself to find a tape of the episode, and watching it was like watching my own funeral.” Except, Kemper noted, a funeral would have been full of people saying kind words. The tape did not inspire such things. She continued to explain how the appearance with Jay Leno amounted to little more than “a series of dry stories told in a poorly chosen dress that revealed more pale thigh than any American should have to see.” Kemper recalled how she promised herself she would do better the next time she appeared on late night television.


True to her word, Kemper was able to do just that. She was eventually invited to appear on David Letterman’s late night television show. She was even invited back more than once. On her final appearance, Kemper decided to give Letterman a retirement present. She custom ordered a toaster that would burn the image of David Letterman’s face into each piece of toast. On the show, she demonstrated how it worked. Letterman and the audience loved it! Now, Kemper can walk onto the set of a late night television show with style and pride. She even has her latest hit show to talk about!

Goettl is the Good Guys Again

The Goettl company struggled for a short period of time with the vision that they had for their business. Now, though, they are back on top and are ready to help people out in the areas of Arizona that they do business. They want to make sure that they can provide their clients with everything that they need to get their air conditioning working again and to make sure that they are doing the right thing for their business. They want to be able to show people that they have come a long way from where they once were.

In Tempe, air conditioning is something that all homes need. It is not something that is optional like in other parts of the country and is a big part of being able to survive the suffocating heat in the state. They want to make sure that they are able to provide their clients with the best of the best when it comes to heating and air conditioning. This means that they will sometimes need to be able to get the services that they need done quickly and more efficiently than other companies while still managing to provide the same quality.

The business aspect of Goettl has changed a lot in the past, too. The people who work for the company are now happier than they ever were and they are confident in the skills that they have with their business. They know that the right leadership is going to lead them down a long path of success and that they are going to be able to benefit from the great leadership opportunities that they have. This is something that has enabled them to get what they need and help their clients as much as possible.

One of the biggest things that Goettl is doing is trying to improve their client relationships. They are working double time to make sure that all of their clients are satisfied and this has left them able to create more meaningful relationships with all of their clients. They have been able to provide their clients with the help that they need to make sure that their business is on the right track and that it is as successful as possible. This means that they are helping every client that they can get the air conditioner that is necessary for survival in the heat of Tempe.


Jimmy Fallon Loses Round Of “Would You Rather” To Kevin Hart And Really Eats A Cricket

We suppose if he were on an episode of “Survivor,” he might just have to do that, considering the food choices might not be plentiful.


However, Jimmy Fallon took one for the team, and he wasn’t marooned on some island far, far away. “The Tonight Show” host was at the famous NBC Studio 6-B in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It was there, that the charming late night TV host cringed and threw a live cricket into his mouth and ate it.


Fallon’s hilarious guest was the very funny Kevin Hart, and they decided to play a game of “Would You Rather.” A game show host suggests to the players random scenarios. Then, Fallon and Hart would guess which ones the audience would rather chose. They have been polled ahead of time.


For example, Would you rather have a clone of yourself or a dog that could talk?


Kevin Hart answered the question correctly, saying that the audience would rather have a dog that could talk.


Jimmy Fallon lost the game, so he had to go the the loser’s table. He could choose his punishment, and both were nasty things. Fallon could select to hold a large handful of worms for 10 seconds or eat a cricket. He chose the latter.


The audience went wild, but Hart wouldn’t join him for the insect snack. Jimmy Fallon really chewed it, winced and then swallowed the cricket, showing his tongue afterward to the howling audience.

Trump Tape Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

There can be no question that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been a gold mine for all of the late night talk show hosts. Trump’s wild statements have constantly provided these comedians with an endless source of material. Rarely a day goes by when the late night talk shows do not make a reference to Trump or play a clip of him making a speech. This has proven to be very good for ratings. All of the late night shows also post all of their clips online. The videos containing jokes making fun of Trump always get very large numbers of views.


The biggest bombshell of the Trump campaign came when a video of Trump taken in 2005 showed him making controversial statements about women. Needless to say, this was a dream come true for the late night hosts and all of their writers. They wasted no time writing jokes that ripped Trump for the comments that he made. Most of the shows spent the entire week using the Trump tape as a source for countless bits and monologue jokes.


The beating that Trump has taken at the hands of the late night hosts has led Trump to proclaim that these jokes are all part of a scheme by the media to fix the election. It does not appear that jokes about the 2005 Trump tape are going to be stopping any time soon. The late night shows know a good thing when they see it. The Trump video is a gift that keeps on giving to late night hosts.



There Are Great Benefits With Assisted Living Facilities


There are many benefits of picking an assisted living facility for your loved one. An assisted living facility can offer all the comforts of home, with the extra support that your loved one needs. Some examples are:


  • Medicine management. Worried about your loved ones not taking their medication? Then this option might be a great fit. This could be anything from filling your loved one’s pillbox to supervising them taking their medication each morning.


  • Great care and support from staff. Assisted living facilities usually have staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to meet your loved one’s needs. There’s no better feeling than that.


  • Trained professionals who are at the top of their field and able to give your loved one the help and care that they need


  • An on call nurse, so that if anything happens, your loved one will be able to get care quickly and easily without having to leave their home


There are many great assisted living facilities. One such option for an amazing assisted living facility is The Manse On Marsh. This facility will give the best benefits of treatment, and have the testimonials to show as much. Additionally, they’ve recently adopted a new CEO to make things even better for their patients.


The Manse on Marsh is a highly reviewed, and a great facility for your loved ones to be able to spend their time. If you are looking for a high-quality assisted living facility, then you should give this facility a call and arrange a tour.


Here are some questions you can ask:


* How soon can my loved one get in to your facility?


* What are the benefits of your facility?


* What services do you think my loved one will benefit from receiving at your facility?


After you’ve visited and asked a few questions, you’ll be able to see the benefits of placing your loved one in an assisted living facility. It is a fairly simple process, with the experts being able to do most of the paperwork.


Both you and your loved ones will be able to get the very best help when you trust your faith in an assisted living facility.  Contact them on the website for more information.

Late Night TV Fans Are Watching Shows Online

Late night TV has always been very competitive. The shows that occupy the time slots after local news broadcasts can be quite lucrative for networks. Things have not changed in terms of competitiveness since the days when Johnny Carson was in his prime. However, what has changed is the fact that technology is now playing a huge role in what late night shows people watch. In the old days, a person would need to record a show on their VCR if he or she was unable to watch it live. Otherwise, they would not be able to watch the show. However, video sites like YouTube have completely changed the game. It has become increasingly common for people to watch clips from their favorite late night shows online the following morning.


Advertisers have noticed this trend and are taking advantage of it in a big way. In fact, online ad sales are now surpassing those for TV where late night shows are concerned. The simple fact is that many people do not have daily schedules that allow them to stay up late enough to watch these shows when they are broadcast live. Therefore, it is much easier for them to watch what happened on Fallon, Corden, Kimmel or Conan when they are at work the next morning. The clips are available on YouTube for people to watch whenever it is convenient for them. Some of the more popular clips posted online by the late night shows have been viewed millions of times.

OSI Group Is the World Leader In Food Products Solutions

The OSI Group creates many types of food production and distribution solutions for their corporate clients. They have the capability to perform quite precise processes to match client specifications. They partner with their clients, to design, manufacture, and supply real solutions with advanced intelligence to meet any business challenge. As the OSI Group continues to acquire more exciting companies to grow the already impressive list of offerings, they plan to continue a tradition of high goal setting and overcoming obstacles to achieve those goals.

They have manufacturing centers networked together, around the world, to provide many product and Supply Chain capabilities to meet any need. They are flexible and versatile with their customer relationships. And OSI does that with a dual mission that brings in sustainability. They aim to reduce their environmental impact reduction, through sustainable material and practices. Their Food Solutions plants in Europe, located in Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, and the UK, are all EMAS certified in their Environmental Statements.

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It was the OSI Group that recently acquired controlling interest in Dutch foods producer, Baho Food. The company currently manufactures meat products and other retail food items in the Netherlands and in Germany. Baho is composed of five smaller companies: Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience. Some of these companies have a long marketing history of over 6 decades in the area of convenience foods, deli meats, and other snacks. They serve a large number of customers in 18 different countries.

OSI Group’s President and COO made a statement from the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, that detailed how much he and the rest of the top managers at OSI felt that OSI now has a broader presence after they added Baho Food in Europe. The company’s product portfolio of brands are OSI’s main strength. At the same time, they are working to broaden their capabilities. They are dedicated to providing the best service for their customers.

Baho Food’s Managing Director, John Balvers, who along with the whole existing Baho management team, will be staying on to work with some of OSI Group’s most senior leaders. Balvers said of being acquired, that he was excited about becoming part of the big OSI Group. He said OSI has longstanding to both customers and their suppliers. He sees Baho Food as being in a good position to build on their combined experience ranges and move on to enhance their capabilities. He thinks combining their strengths will support their customers better. He also understands how much their overall product portfolio is strategically strengthened.

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