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Wengie’s Arm Pit Hack

Hairy armpits are a subject that few girls discuss. However, Wengie has a lot of great tips to share with her viewers about arm pits. She shares that a lot of her viewers made interesting comments about her super clean and sexy underarm area. They expressed a desire to find out her secret. Well, Wengie is all about sharing her beauty secrets and even this arm pit hack. In this YouTube video, Wengie shares all her hairy secrets. Wengie remains one of the top beauty bloggers online and a very popular YouTuber because of her candid beauty advice.

Hairy Situations
Wengie is an Australian based beauty blogger and owner of the most popular Asian beauty channel in Australia. Wengie also shares that she has always had a problem with excess hair her entire life. Even in high school, excess hair was a problem. She reveals that she has always had hairy armpits, legs, and arms. True, many Asians do not have that hair problem. Most Asians have very smooth, almost hairless skin. However, Wengie shares that the exact opposite was true for her. Wengie also reveals that she shaved her armpits, but this was not the best way to treat the problem. Certainly, many of her fans experienced this very same condition. In this video, Wengie shares a permanent way to get rid of excess hair quickly and very effectively.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian-Chinese beauty that has made quite a name for herself on YouTube. She is the creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie Channel on YouTube. Currently, Wengie’s channel has more than two million subscribers. Billions view her channels over the course of a year. Wengie was born and raised in Australia. However, many of her beauty tips are Asian inspired. She enjoys sharing Asian inspired products with those that might not be aware of the products. However, all her beauty tips, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, DIY, hacks, and skincare tutorials are for everyone. Wengie also updates her videos on a regular basis. Check out her latest hacks on her YouTube channel.


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Susan McGalla Breaks the Glass Ceiling

I have always admired those women that have been able to rise about the challenges that have been placed upon them by the corporate world. This is one of the reasons that I am so thrilled with what Susan McGalla is doing. She is the type of woman that has made it easier for more women to excel in the world of business.

I am a marketing major, and her Susan McGalla’s accomplishments in the world of marketing are simply astounding. McGalla worked with branding for American Eagle for 14 years and built the brand. She has been able to show her skills in the corporate world and excel in a lot of different environments.

What I like the most about McGalla is that she gives advice that empowers the woman that is trying to get into the corporate world. She knows that it is a male-dominated culture on Crunchbase, and she tells woman how to survive in a culture that is dominated by men. I totally agree with her and her stand on getting a higher education. She tells women that they need to look at getting a degree because this is going to open the door to so many possibilities.

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I know that she could not have done all that she has done if she had not gone to college. She has become someone that is sought after in the business world because she has been able to stand and deliver. Susan McGalla worked with Wet Seal and this helped this company with brands that were failing. There are a lot of corporate professional role models for men that desire to excel in the business world, but the female corporation professionals are limited. That is why Susan McGalla is so inspiring. She is also a mother so she beats another stereotype that is often linked to females in the corporate world.

As a college student I aspire to one day have a family and work in the business world. I am encouraged by the path that McGalla has lit for others. McGalla has tapped the glass ceiling until it cracked and she has become quite a successful businesswoman. As someone that currently works for the Pittsburgh Steelers Susan McGalla has continued to show her marketing expertise. She has a resume that shows that she has the skills to survive in a male-dominated culture and even excel beyond her male counterparts in leadership roles.

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Finding A Healthcare Provider and The Medicare Advantage

Healthcare is very important for people. It is especially important to find a healthcare provider that can effectively meet the needs of patients. Fortunately, InnovaCare Health is that healthcare service provider. They are very effective because they show that they care about their patients. This is something that has been inspired by Rick Shinto, M.D, MBA, President and CEO of InnovaCare. Another leader of the company that has a lot of influence over how they treat their patients is Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. They both makes sure that InnovaCare is providing the best and most thorough services to their patients that they can. View her profile on

InnovaCare provides people with Medicare Advantage plans. This is something that pateints can benefit from because of the specific types of coverage which include HMOs, PPOs and PFFS. They provide their plans through different affiliates. Among the affiliates are MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. There are some other affiliates that are helping to provide healthcare to the elderly with their medicare plans. One helpful thing about affiliates is that they help the healthcare service provider reach people in different countries. For instance, MMM has introduced Puerto Ricans to Medicare Advantage plans.

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For one thing, Medicare Advantage makes it a lot easier to receive higher quality healthcare for people that are seniors. However, the people still have Medicare, so they have to make their monthly Part B premium payments. There is also a limit that medicare must include on the out of pocket payments as it depends on the type of medicare plans that are being held by the insured. The limits are pretty high. There is no cost-sharing included in the plans which are higher in limit than with Original Medicare. One good thing about Medicare Advantage is that they also cover dental care and routine vision.

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There are different plans. As can be expected, each plan has its own set of rules. The rules depend on the company. For one thing, different companies can have different rules for the same type of insurance. Therefore, it is important for the patient to read the rules until he gets a thorough understanding before signing up for the insurance plan.

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Philanthropy by Dick DeVos was a Calling

When Dick and Betsy DeVos were school-age kids, they visited the Potter’s House Christian School, an institution that for more than 30 years served a part of Grand Rapids with hundreds of low-income families. While at the school, the couple met parents who did everything in their powers to make sure that their kids studied in an environment that was safe, and an atmosphere filled with electric curiosity, love and care for one another.


That really touched them. As such, Dick and Betsy developed a commitment to help other parents, from low-income families in particular. In 1990, Dick DeVos portrayed his commitment by vying for a post in the State Board of Education in Michigan. He was elected, creating a foundation that gave scholarships to low-income families, allowing parents to choose where their kids would attend school.


Later in 1991, Betsy DeVos took an initiative to serve two national charity groups; the American Reform Council and the Children First America. These two foundations significantly expanded education choice through tax credits and vouchers. Betsy and Dick tried to change the constitution to allow tax credits scholarship in 2000, but their efforts turned out to be in vain. Betsy even contended for the chairperson role at Michigan Republican Party for a couple of years but his effort to defeat the constitutional amendment did not work.


By 2002, after Dick and Betsy’s operations to promote education reforms proved significantly successful, they decided that it was time to do them nationally. They, therefore, created what they called the All Children Matter, a political organization that educated the public about the need for greater educational choice. This was their biggest success.


About Dick and Betsy DeVos


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University. He is the son of the co-founder of one the largest multi-segmented corporations in the world. He began working for his father’s company in 1974, serving various positions in different segments. In 1984, he was employed as the Vice President of Amway International, leading diversification in over 20 countries.


Dick DeVos is also the owner and the President of the Orlando Magic Basketball Club based in Michigan.


Betsy DeVos, on the other hand, is a reformer. Having studied at Calvin College, she was involved in politics at the college and has retained the quest ever since. Betsy pursued education reforms in a variety of non-profit roles. Most notably, he co-established the Dick and Betsy Foundation to serve as a vehicle for her family’s giving.