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A Comprehensive Look at Solo capital Markets and its CEO, Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital also referred to as Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK is a global financial services company with its headquarter in London, United Kingdom. The company is regulated in the United Kingdom and was regulated in 2011. The company’s operations encompasses consulting, proprietary trading and professional sports investments. The company had a net worth of £15.45 million, its assets amounted to £67.45 million and experienced a cash flow of £30.26 million as at March last year.
Solo Capital is a subsidiary of, a larger conglomerate founded by Sanjay Shah who is also the chairman and CEO of Aesa S.a.r.l., which controls Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah is a billionaire businessman owing more than 7 other companies across major cities in the world including London, Luxembourg, British Virgin Island, and The Cayman Island, New York among others. Before Solo Capital was incorporated 8 years ago, Shah earned a total of £19 million in a year. After acquiring Old Park lane capital, an aviation and institutional stockbroker focusing on natural resources, his net worth has increased to US$280 million as at the beginning of this year. Shah has offices in Dubai and London and considers himself as having retired from the financial world.
History of Solo Capital
According to a recent article in PR NewswireShah, the founder of Solo Capital, did not study finance or investment. He studied medicine but realized later that that was not what he wanted. He therefore became an accountant, working for a number of investment banks including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. He was laid down during the financial crisis and without any hope for a potential job, Shah decided to establish a brokerage company. This is how Solo Capital mystery began to unfold.
Shah also created Autism Rocks, a company that aimed to raise awareness about autism as well as raise funds for research by throwing concerts. Shah dis this because his son had experienced the same problem after having been diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder at the age of 4 years. Autism Rocks granted charities sponsoring children in India for more than 10 years.
Solo capital had employed more than 49 people as at the beginning of this year. The company has explored tough market conditions, expanding steadily to gain a strong foothold in the financial sector. Solo Capital has several major divisions of the financial services arena including safeguarding and administration of assets, principal trading, investment management, securities lending, agency brokerage, and safeguarding of client money. The company has an experienced team of workers working in a professional and collegiate environment to offer top class financial services facilities and advice to its clients and investors.


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The Career of Sam Tabar

PR Newswire reports that Sam Tabar has been named COO of FullCycle Energy Fund where he will be in charge of the company’s entire fund management strategy. Tabar has a definite passion for managing company budgets and has done so for several companies throughout his years-long career. He was previously the head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch where helped introduce fund managers to various kinds of institutional investors. He has also been co-head of marketing for Sparx Group where he managed all of its global marketing efforts.

There were several years of his adult life before he entered any financial management. He first earned his B.A. from Oxford University and Masters of Law at Columbia Law School. While at Columbia, he was the editor of its Columbia Business Law Journal. He then became an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom and at Schulte, Roth & Zabel. In these positions he counseled clients concerning hedge funds. He remains a member of the New York state bar. Tabar entered the financial management arena after he came on board with Sparx Group in 2004.

Not long afterward he joined the management team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy in Asia. In 2013, he became attorney once again at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He remained with them until August 2014. As mentioned, he is now with FullCycle Energy Fund, which is also indicated by Sam’s FullCycle was founded in 2013 as a means to finance projects that convert waste to useable fuel for impoverished communities worldwide. They also seek to create and invest in electric generation plants to make them pollution-free sources of energy. Tabar was interested in using his talents for a worthy international cause so he soon joined their ranks.  Read more about Mr. Tabar on his CrunchBase profile.

QNet Thrives In The Direct Selling World

Although QNet has only been in operation for 16 years, the company has become a major player in the direct selling game. The company was founded by a number of friends who wanted to release wellness products in the market. At the time, no one likely thought the company would grow so massively huge.

QNet has taken the industry of direct selling to levels even the most optimistic business professionals did not think possible. QNet has done more than launch a successful business within its home territory. The Hong Kong-based business has been nothing short of a massive global success. QNet has affiliates in roughly 100 countries. There are about two-dozen fully operating offices in countries across the globe.

The company’s success comes in large part thanks to its ability to produce excellent products and services across a wide spectrum of different interests. Those who want to take part in a career-oriented distance education program can do so. Someone who wants to sell physical products such as jewelry or health supplements have those options. A wide variety of things to sell does allow for expanding earning potential, which is what will attract many towards a particular opportunity. Who doesn’t want to make good money in direct selling?

Producing and releasing products on the market does not automatically mean customers are going to be thrilled with them. Certain standards of quality do have to be met. QNet’s management understands this. As such, a very serious and comprehensive quality control process has been instituted. High levels of quality control increase the likelihood buyers and sellers will be pleased with the released products.

Quality control is not the only thing that sets this company apart from others. One thing that distinguishes QNet from so many other direct selling companies is its commitment to charitable causes. And QNet definitely supports a number of philanthropic endeavors throughout the globe. The company has helped deliver clean drinking water kits to remote areas and provided care packages to people who were afflicted by a terrible flood disaster. Joint ventures with the Lions Club International organization have helped QNet engage in these various charitable endeavors.

QNet has absolutely distinguished itself in the direct selling industry. Do not look for the company to slow down. Instead, continue to look for more new and innovative strategies launched by the company in the coming years.

Two Day Workweek Now In Effect For Government Employees

The oil rich country of Venezuela is facing a brutal economic shock. The country’s government headed by president Nicholas Maduro has created a two day workweek for its government employees. That is right. Imagine working for only two days a week. “What do the employees do in their now five day weekend you must imagine?” asks Danilo Diaz Granados.
The two day workweek has been expanded from a previous four day workweek, where employees where given an additional off day that included Friday. School days have also been shortened, with the government now canceling school on Fridays. According to, the four day workweek began in April, and the two day workweek for state employees began in late April, as the economy and energy crisis in Venezuela rapidly deteriorates.

The socialist government in control said the two day workweek will remain in effect until May 27. Opposition groups to the leading socialist party have said that the government is largely to blame for the failure of Venezuela’s economy and dire energy situation. It is because of a corrupt government that has failed to invest in alternative energy sources they claim.

Energy is being rationed in Venezuela. The country’s largest dam is nearly empty and cannot produce the energy that supplies almost two thirds of the country with power. I have to say that the opposition is correct. You cannot rely solely on a single source of energy. What if a drought happens, as is this case right now? The drought and lack of energy is crippling the country right now.


How Do Companies Like Better Reputation Save People Grief?

Everyone who is trying to choose a reputation management company needs to make sure that they have selected the right company by using some simple steps. Companies that are like Better Reputation are going to be great for people who have had problems in the past, and Better Reputation actually takes care of the whole problem. There are a lot of things to consider, and it is best to ask a company to step in and handle it themselves.

Companies like Better Reputation are going to figure out how they can best handle the problem, and they are going to start creating content that is going to help their clients look better. There are a lot of online searches to be done to find information about clients, and Better Reputation cleans up those searches for everyone’s benefit.

The other thing that needs to happen is constant monitoring. There are companies out there who are going to watch the situation because they want to see if it is going to get any worse at any time. They want to make sure that all their clients are going to have a positive image that can be maintained, and hey want to see that the work that they have been doing is working. This helps them make sure that they are going to get the best results, and it also helps them make sure that they have chosen a course of action that helps.

The course of action is going to change for every client, but there is always going to be a client that needs even more help. They are going to get that help right away, and they are going to feel like they are getting personal service. They are creating a new look with help from people like Better Reputation, and they need to be apprised of what is happening.

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