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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lacrosse Coach and Pilot Jon Urbana

Today’s story features a professional entrepreneur. However, this time we are not going to discuss that, we are going to discuss his hobbies and interests. Jon Urbana has many talents such as lacrosse, flying, photography, and so on. Let’s discuss more about Jon’s nterests.

Lacrosse Buff

Jon was a former professional lacrosse athlete. Now, he is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which are held in Colorado each year. This camp is there to help young athletes to improve their skills. Jon, who previously was a professional lacrosse player, had several notable achievements in the past. He was the captain of his team in Denver High School. He also got the title of Defensive Player of the Year for Villanova, and that was given by the Colonial Athletic Association. These achievements are just some of them.

Flying Career Leads to Awards

The FAA, also known as the Federal Aviation Administration, recognized Jon Urbana in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Jon Urbana’s name was in the database. This database can be seen on the agency’s website,,, where you can find the name of certified pilots who have completed or exceeded the educational, medical and licensing standards developed by FAA.

Charity Activist

Jon supports charities too. One of them is Earth Force Inc. This charity aims to mobilize the teenagers or youth to become participants and activists in their local environment to preserve the beauty of earth’s nature. Jon said that he is impressed with the commitment and care showed by the Earth Force Inc., and he supports this charity fully.

Photography Buff

Apparently, Jon is also interested in photography. This can be seen from his photography-related social media such as Imgur, Instagram and Medium. He also has his own personal blog where he posts things like this image of a smoothie.

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Other than an entrepreneur, Jon Urbana is a great coach who can fly planes and support charity, and he is also interested in photography. Other than these things, Jon is also interested in his music career, videos, social media, and so on.

Becoming a More Skilled Trader Than Ever Before

The Investment market requires seasoned traders to survive. It is a cutthroat business where only best thrive. To succeed here, you need to have the ability to sustain deep stress levels and work very smart. You also need to have the capacity to keep cards close to your chest and know when to fold. It this field where Sam Tabar has thrived and continued to shine in.He has over the last 15 years built a reputation as a skilled attorney and smart investor who closes the millionaire dollar deals.

Sam Tabar is a law graduate from Oxford University in the UK, one of his best educational credits on LinkedIn. He studied his masters in Columbia where he was the assistant editor of Columbia business Journal. Sam was also a member of the schools Rowling team and was also a skilled ballroom dancer. He nowadays prefers traveling the world to relax.

Sam Tabar started his career after his graduate studied in 2001 as per  He worked his way from an intern of a New York-based law firm to the senior associate. He then joined SPARX in 2007 as the managing director where he was charged with leading the business strategy model of things. He was also tasked with finding new customers at a time when there was a worldwide financial meltdown. Sam stellar performance saw him join Merrill Lynch in 2011 as the head of the Asian market. Sam here was to find investors and opportunities for the company. His experience here taught Sam how to spot good business models and how to invest in smart ideas.

Mr Tabar is today the COO of Full Cycle Fund. It is a capital investment firm that looks for good opportunities to invest client’s monies. It is a hard a business that he has succeeded. Sam leverages his experienced over the years to help the firm make money in a depressed market and bull market. He has become an experienced commodities and bond trader and is always on the lookout for the next bright idea.

One such idea that recently befell him is a startup called THINK. It is a women’s clothing start-up that sells clothes to American women and uses parts of the proceeds to donate seven sanitary pads to women in Uganda. The targeted women benefit from a fashionable, reusable and comfortable sanitary pads. It assists them to be productive during their monthly cycle.

Sam says investment in the commodities trade is only viable if you do enough research on the business. It is a company that needs you to identify an individual product and try to predict its future patterns based on its history. If you do enough research and develop a model that works, you can make real money.  Sam is also really interested in music, as well as photography.  Maintaining Soundcloud as well as an Instagram account to pursue both interests publicly.

A Friend To Grow Old With

I remember when I got my dog 11 years ago when my health was much better. Even though I am getting older I still keep my promise to look after my best friend. I had just lost my wife, and my kids lived across the country. I didn’t really have any friends that I wanted to see on a regular basis. One day I went up to the shelter to see what they had, and I found a puppy that had been brought in that very day. I instantly connected to this animal, and couldn’t resist taking her home.
The companionship that this animal brought me was something that I missed very much. I remember going everywhere with my favorite girl. She kept me active and healthy, and I made sure to do the same for her. I always fed her quality food starting at a young age by giving her Healthy Puppy as a young dog and switching to the original blend when she was a full adult. As she gets older I am finding that she enjoys wet food more, so I have switched to mainly giving her a diet of wet food like the Chopped Meals from Beneful.
We still go out and play, and I make sure to reward her with a Healthy Smile. I know that these Beneful treats make her happy while keeping her teeth healthy. We also go on daily walks which help keep me healthy. I made a promise to make sure that she would always be looked after since the day I got my good girl, but I feel that throughout the years she has done more looking after me. She has helped me emotionally, physically, and in many other ways to keep me healthy. It’s good to know that I have a great friend to grow old with.

Highland Capital Management Achieves Honorable Award

Highland Capital Management, investment company in Dallas, just recently announced that the Highland Healthcare Fund has received a honorable award. That is the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award to be exact.

That award is given out to those companies with deep roots of experience and knowledge in the industry. The award is based on a number of quantitative and qualitative factors determining success. The judges given out the award take a look at the one, three, and five year data pieces. Also included is the managements reputation with the investing team.

The Highland Healthcare fund is run by Micheal Gregory, director and head of Healthcare credit. Healthcare has been the largest investment made by Highland in terms of investments made over the years. There is over three billion dollars in assets pointing towards the management sector. Overall the team has a combined experience of 130 years.

Micheal Gregory talks about how the ultimate goal of the company is to develop strong reputable relationships with investors. The success is determined by strong management and hard work by everyone on the team. The Healthcare Fund is put in place to provide capital over the long run to the trusted investing partners. Equity is provided all across the credit market.

Highland Capital Management is a registered investment adviser who holds over $20 billion in assets in the management sector. It was founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero. Right now this company is one of the largest and most reputable alternative credit solution firms. They have expertise in credit strategies for those that are new to the credit world, credit hedge funds, special situation equity, and more. Highland’s talented and diverse management group makes them valuable with any plan. The headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He is currently living in Dallas, Texas. He has over thirty years of credit and equity market experience under his belt. His company has helped with the development of collaborated Loan Obligation and winning product lines. Dondero is also chairmen of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank.

Dondero helped grow the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from a startup to a billion dollar company. He started his career working as an analyst for Morgan Guaranty. He graduated from the University of Virginia with honors. He has obtained two managers in accounting and finance. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant.

More information about the press release can be found here.

London Vacation Rentals Form World Escape London Were Just Right!

My husband is a bit of a picky person. He wants everything to be just so. I’m a bit more easy going. I am perfectly comfortable if something is a bit messy or it is not in the right place. So when I started to think about our trip to London I knew I would have to be careful about the kind of place I picked out for us to stay. I knew I would have to be able to offer him a choice about where to stay in the city. He trusts me but he wants to have a look at it before we leave.

That’s why I turned to the great people at World Escape London for our possible London vacation rentals. I knew I would need to find at least five or six choices I could present to him before we left. A friend had recommended them to me and she was right. The company had an entire list of possible places for us to look over even before we set a single foot in London. There were also rows and rows of detailed pictures so we could get a good look before we left. I was ever so pleased when I figured out how to work the site. The site is also easy to work with. I’m not a particularly skilled computer user but even I was able to quickly figure out how to get through it and find what I really wanted for our planned stay in London.

The apartment I picked out was just right for us. I am delighted I was able to use the site. I found that it was light and very bright just as I had hoped when I started to search. There were windows everywhere in the apartment. This made me feel good. It also made my husband feel good as he likes to have a lot of light so that he can see everything he wants to see in the morning when he gets up. We were really pleased with our decision to work closely with this company.

Discover the Recent Achievements of Jim Dondero

Highland Capital Management Corporation is a registered adviser on investment that has more than $20 billion worth of assets under its management. The total value of the property includes those that are owned by its affiliates. The company was founded by Jim Dondero and Okada Mark. Highland Capital Management is the biggest and the most practical alternative for credit managers globally. The firm recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. Highland is known to specialize in the credit strategies that comprise of the credit hedge funds, separate accounts, long only accounts, collateralized loan obligations, and distressed situation private equity. Over the years, the company has diversified its operations to include public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, endowments, foundations, corporations, fund of funds, financial institutions, governments, and the high net worth individuals. Highland company has its head office in Dallas, Texas, and it has its offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore, and Seoul.

Just recently, the firm was awarded the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. The award was in the category of “40 Act fund-equity”. According to Jim, the award was a testament of the profound experience and the expertise in the healthcare investment of the entire team that works for the Highland company.

The HFM US Hedge Fund award is given to the hedge funds, the fund of funds, and the ’40 Act funds that have been able to perform better than their peers. The performance is mainly based on the quantitative and the qualitative factors. The judges who decide the winner are known to take into consideration the performance data of the recent five years and also the history of the manager and the general repute of the investors.

The company’s Long and Short Healthcare Fund is supervised and administered by Michael Gregory. Gregory is the managing director and also the head of the Credit and Equity at the company. The healthcare sector is the firm’s largest and the most profitable investment sector, and it is known to be worth more than $3 billion in assets that are under the management. The entire firm has a hardworking and a dedicated team of about 11 healthcare sector specialists who possess a combined experience of 130 years. According to Jim and Gregory, the firm is focused on providing a strong performance to the investors, and the award that they had received was a testament to the company’s success in their investment process, risk investment infrastructure, and the general hard work of the entire team.

Get In Touch With the Developments Offered by Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG

Managing a business takes great care and attention to many changes that occur with time. Many individuals will cite many challenges despite the fact that they hold educational qualifications that show they should be able to manage a business in any environment. However, this is not what matters most. The experience you have will determine the overall performance of any venture. Skills such as doing research and giving the right interpretation of information will also contribute greatly towards ensuring your business stays intact. Despite soaring competition, BMG has been able to stand out among leading banks in Brazil. They have displayed massive ability to handle market volatility and many changes that have affected transactions. Guimarães of Banco BMG has been a resource to the company and has been able to handle different processes, which are necessary to help them handle rising competition.

According to an article posted here, BMG has entered into a commercial partnership with renowned Brazilian tennis player, Marcelo Melo, who is expected to participate in the 2016 Olympics competitions. Ricardo Guimarães expresses hope that the player will be able to excel in the competition, something that is expected to bring more publicity for the company. They made an agreement that will allow Mercelo to don uniform made with a badge for the company. This is part of the great marketing techniques that will help the company to claim a better position in the market.

Ricardo Guimarães is also optimistic that they will have a lasting relationship with Marcelo Melo. Marcelo is a reliable player, who has also participated in many other competitions previously, scooping a great position. This is one of the things that have motivated BMG to consider a partnership with the player, something that could lead to better deals in future. The partnership, which was signed in early November, 2015, is expected to offer support, both financial and material, to the player so he can easily prepare for the forthcoming competitions.

Previously, BMG has sponsored various football teams, which Ricardo Guimarães explains have been able to scoop a better position. This is part of the agreement the company has signed to offer support to the community in every way so as to help others make their lives better. Many young individuals have benefited from this initiative, which has been able to offer opportunities for many to develop their talents and to hone their skills further.


The Importance Of Proper Usage Of Social Media

Social media is a constantly growing industry that either ruins people’s lives or improves it. For plenty of people in the workforce, it can really take their time away from work, and so they end up constantly trying to get more alone time of themselves doing all kinds of things on Facebook. People at work who are on this social media site will find that it can be very tough to deal with the constant stress involved online. Your reputation and your job can be on the line regarding Facebook.

– Wasting Hours At Work On Facebook

You can be wasting so many hours online just on Facebook. In fact, a local statistic was shown that more and more people are going on no ciao media during work hours, and this could be detrimental to both the employees and the employers. There are obviously so many people who are out there that are getting trouble just because they cannot seem to stop using social media online.

– Causing Trouble With Family and Co-workers

The truth about Facebook is that plenty of people in their line of business will actually use just the same account for everything on Facebook. They spend so much of their time using the same account and connecting their employers or employees with regular people online. It’s stressful to witness all the problems with coinciding and bringing both people together in one place.

Status Labs is an organization known for being a source for offing reputation management services. This company can help any individual or professional business in the industry with maintaining their online presence. If you find that there are things floating around online about your company or just about you in general that can be bad for your online presence, they can help remove that or at least hide it from the public.

Status Labs has worked with some of the biggest high-profile individuals in many industries, and they continue to help people stay on top of their game all the time by making sure that they always protect their online presence. The Internet is a powerful place.