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Beneful: My Favorites

For years now I have been feeding my two Pitt Bulls the Beneful brand of dog food. I have continued to feed this brand for so long because my boys love it, and I find that it provides them with a great tasting, nutritionally complete product that gives them adequate nutrition. I try to keep Sativa and JoJo’s diet versatile, and with the line of Beneful dry and wet dog food options, I can easily do this. I will admit that I am partial to some of the Beneful products than I am others. Here are my three faves (and I really think that, if my dogs could talk, they would agree with me.):

1. Beneful Incredibles
Beneful Incredibles is available in both chicken and beef flavors. I try to rote the flavors to keep my dog interested. This is one of my favorites because it tastes great to both dogs –they eat it up so quickly. And, it provides 100% of the daily needed nutrients. This dog food is great for small dogs and large ones alike, with great chunky mixtures for your dog’s pleasure.

2. Beneful Chopped Blends
First, Chopped Blends is available on in three varieties, including the Chicken, Tomatoes and Carrots blend; the Beef, rice, tomatoes and carrots blend; and the Salmon blend. I think that JoJo prefers the Beef while Sativa loves the Salmon more than anything. I love that this dog food is moist and tender and has a great smell and taste that my dogs love.

3. Healthy Smiles Dental Twists
Okay, so this is not actually dog food, but instead one of the awesome Beneful on twitter treats available. I love to read my pets, and they love the reward for their good behavior. the dental treats not only offer your et a great reward, they also keep the teeth clean and the breath smelling fresh. They’re also very affordable.

Final Thoughts
Beneful is a rand that I have trusted to provide the extra members of my family with tasty, complete nutrient for so long now. The products listed above are my three faves. I know that you will develop your own favorites as you get to know the various products in the Beneful line. This brand has what you want and need to keep your pet healthy! I love it.


Banco BMG is private bank owned by the Pentagna Guimares.Its CEO is Ricardo Guimares, who has been at the helm since 2004.The family has run the bank for 85 years since 1930.It offers various financial solutions to people and is the market leader in Consigned credit. It is headquartered in Bero Horizonte Brazil and is affiliated with BMG group of companies. The BMG group of companies is a Dutch bank started in 1889 which allows Banco BMG to raise capital in its Bonds floated in the international market.

Ricardo Guimares is the current CEO of the bank. He has been with the bank since 1980 and currently serves as the president. He started his career when it was then called Grupo BMG S.S de C.V. In 1989 he was named the Chief Financial Officer of the bank. He was appointed the Vice President in 1996 and president in 2004.He is a business administration graduate from the Una Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais.
Mr Guimares has been with the bank during one of its most crucial periods. He has led it through one of the most remarkable periods in its growth. In 2004 when he took over, the bank had a 20% market share. Today, the market share has grown to 80% in an $ 114billion market. It is important to note that less than 50 % has been penetrated. The Company today has a market capitalization of $ 2.5 billion up from $ 300 million. It also has one of the largest distribution networks in Brazil. It has over 3000 points of sale terminals and 50000 agents located all over the country. It allows it to deploy and scale technology very fast in the entire country.
Guimares is an award winning leader. He has been awarded as the best CEO once in 2012, and the bank is currently the best financial conglomerate in Brazil. He has led it through a significant period. It today has over 5 million customers and growing rapidly. It recently acquired Banco GE and Banco Schain. It also the biggest sponsor of sports teams in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 teams across all soccer division in the Brazilian League. It has also opened a sports TV cable TV that has provided exposure to over 60,000 youths in the soccer wealthy country. Brazilians love sports and soccer is a religion. It has allowed the bank to get one of the biggest reaches in the area. It is today a well-known Brand.
Mr Guimares advice those seeking to enter the market to position themselves well enough. They should hire the best and work the hardest. It is this simple philosophy that has seen it reach this far.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Legend in Brazilian Law

The legal system in Brazil is very similar to the one in the United States. There is a bar that governs the attorneys and the legal teams must be top notch to handle the international and regional transactions that are required. Because Brazil is an area that many look to for international trade, the knowledge of foreign business policy is vital in this legal arena.

Based on the Roman-Germanic tradition, the legal system in Brazil has been in force for 100’s of years, but their constitution was officially put into play on October 5th, 1988. The Brazilian legal teams are held to the strictest of standards and must conform to the laws in their governing system. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the lawyers who have made quite a name for himself in the legal system here. He is known for being a powerhouse of knowledge and knowing how to manipulate the legal system for the benefit of his clients.

The law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, was founded by Tosto. His firm deals directly with debt recovery, litigation of civil matters, merger and acquisition reviews and bankruptcy. He is one of the furthermost noticeable leaders and policymakers in Brazil. He began in a little law office and soon joined the team of the most experienced in the realm of corporate litigation law. He has established a firm that with hard work and determination became the largest in Brazil.

He has earned quite a name for himself by his defense of the many public Brazilian personalities, as well as handling nationally known cases. He provides legal services for great and significant Brazilian establishments and conglomerates, political figures of dissimilar philosophical views, and the administration of Brazil.

One thing that put him on the national radar was his implementation of several legal mechanisms. These tools became standard all over the Brazilian legal communal. He helped most of his partners by taking them under his wing and showing them the ropes. Most of the people that started the firm with him remained through the years. He meticulously supervises the firm’s most significant and continuing cases, compromises ground-breaking strategies and, when there are exceptional complications, delivers essential specific direction.

He sits among the many greats in this country, but most know his name. He’s a born leader and never tries lets any case get to him. Even the most difficult cases that are a challenge never get him down. He has been a man that has taken the most difficult situations and turned them into victories for his clients. That’s why even the Brazilian government trusts him for all their legal needs. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is more than just a Brazilian legal authority, he is a legend.

Yeonmi Park’s Book is Gripping to Read

While many books would take a few days or even weeks to read, there are a few books that would take a hold of the reader like Yeonmi Park‘s book, “In order to Survive”. Yeonmi Park’s book is often read within hours because it talks about so many acts that people have never heard of. Yeonmi Park has lived through unimaginable circumstances growing up in North Korea. The book talks about the different aspects of the Kim regime. It also talks a little bit about the famine that has occurred which set the stage for the life that Yeonmi Park had to live starving to death and having to sleep on the streets without her parents. The many pages that Yeonmi Park has written are very hard to put down. Whenever one has sworn that he has read the worst of it, he is then hit in the gut with another heart wrenching incident that the book on Amazon describes Yeonmi going through. Her experiences and her treatment at the hands of the traffickers after her escape from North Korea were beyond savage. As her book describes, Yeonmi Park has shown on BBC that the human spirit is very strong. One thing that Yeonmi Park had that probably helped her was a good family life at some points. Even though they lived under the oppressive regime, her family has always treated her good. She is still close with her mother who has protected her from the traffickers. Yeonmi Park has also appreciated how the people of North Korea were more connected than other developed countries. For instance, the lack of consistent electricity has resulted in Yeonmi and other North Koreans relying on each other for interaction. One of the things she has noticed about the more free countries is that they are glued to their devices. However, Yeonmi is still fighting for the freedom of people from any kind of oppression. As part of her fight she is studying law and criminal justice so that she can be better equipped in the fight. She is also looking for people to help her in her quest to free other North Koreans from the oppression.

What You Should Learn From BMG For Business Management

Businesses are now able to easily manage their affairs using different technological features that have been made available. Unlike older days when the implementation of processes could take days or hours, it is now possible to achieve all these things within few clicks. This is part of the great innovations that have been made, thereby making business better across many levels. Managers are now able to access different information within few clicks, something that makes decision making and implementation easier. However, this has not been sufficient to allow for one to fully attain the required levels of stability. There is more that one should do to make a business visible and more reputable. BMG offers a great example of a business that has been able to tread across challenges without getting any weaker. In the Brazilian banking sector, BMG stands among the biggest and most reliable brands.

Hiring is one of the core aspects that allow a business to emerge successful. Many have not been able to appreciate this fact and this explains the reason many businesses have been offering poor quality products that cannot match market standards. BMG has taken hiring seriously and in this regard, they have always considered working with dedicated professionals, who are able to come up with unique transformative ideas. The company has also instilled a program that offers regular training to the workers to allow them to keep up with market standards and requirements.

Research is something that should never be overlooked if one wants to achieve success within any business. This is something MBG has invested in so as to get the right information in time. The banking sector, just like any other business, is current and changes happen each day. BMG has considered this fact and have been able to absorb some of the best professionals, who have been tasked with research and market analysis to offer information that is necessary for the attainment of success within the company.

According to their president Ricardo Guimarães, BMG has worked to ensure their services are brought nearer to the customers and that no person will need to walk long distances so as to access account information. They have opened more than 2500 outlets, with also over 40000 agents across the whole of Brazil. This is also among few companies that have offered sponsorship for young talents, especially athletics and football, which has seen many build success around their lives.

What Everyone Ought To Know About BMG

Working against competition is one of the most difficult attempts for most individuals. There are many ways one can market a business, which include online means. Social sites and personal websites have been instrumental in ensuring individuals easily market their products to their target customers. Each person wants to get their product sold fast, which translates to tough marketing strategies that have turned too complex for some businesses. If any simple flaw is detected in a product, social media can be used as a medium to bring a company down. These sound like difficult requirements but any serious investor will find ways to maneuver. BMG has proved among focused businesses that have offered solutions in the Brazilian banking sector. Their approaches have been proactive and unique to ensuring customers get more than just banking services.

BMG has been able to embrace market changes swiftly. The company has installed modern technology and has allowed for easy implementation of processes that are meant to make business better. They have designed their system to allow customers to easily access their accounts. The bank has maintained fair rates and their trading strategies have been approved. BMG also enjoys the benefits that come with allowing for the inclusion of professional analysis. They have always stayed ahead of happenings and most of their actions are inspired by the information that is gathered about the market.

Ricardo Guimarães is a reliable expert, who has worked as the president of BMG for some time. He is a respected business professional with great history and experience working as a president within BMG. It is through his support that the company has been able to install new systems that have made them better and different from competitors. Ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring the progress of the company have been his main duties within BMG. Ricardo Guimarães has also proved to offer direction on various issues that make it challenging for a business to stand out. His creativity and ability to offer insightful analysis of situations has born fruits for BMG.

To ensure the company fulfills its promise to the society, Ricardo Guimarães has ensured they use the welfare kitty fully to support sports and other environmental conservation projects. With this, BMG has sponsored many football clubs, something that has helped grow talent and offer an opportunity for young individuals to open up opportunities for the future and to make their lives better.

The Unmatched Contributions of Citadel’s CEO

With only a fax machine, a telephone and a PC, Ken Griffin began trading straight away from his dormitory room in Harvard. From such a humble and ambitious start, Griffin was able to impress Frank Meyer who was the pioneer of hedge fund and also a co-founder of Glenwood Partners that is based in Chicago. In 1990, Kenneth Griffin founded Citadel where he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. Citadel Group is a diverse financial firm that includes Citadel, an alternative asset manager that is leading in the industry; Citadel Securities, a leading provider of liquidity in the capital markets all over US; and Citadel Technology, provider of solution for the investment management technology. Currently, Citadel employs over 1,200 staffs. Griffin actively supports education programs that are aimed at improving the community. He is a board member of Chicago Public Education Fund. He also proudly supports his alma mater Harvard University. This is where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The benefactions of Griffin according to Forbes that are aimed at improving and enriching other people’s lives have surpassed $250 million in total through his own personal contributions and the Citadel Foundation. He has also contributed to the Lurie Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago, and Art Institute. Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard making it the largest financial gift the university has ever received. In order to recognize Griffin’s historic gift, the college officially changed the name of the Financial Aid Office in his honor. The financial aid was principally aimed at supporting financially needy students pursue their academics. The university’s leaders, alumni, students and friends gathered to thank him and make aware of the influence the gift is to have on the coming generations. The generous gift is expected to transform various lives of students at the Harvard College. It is going to underpin the long-standing pledge to making education at Harvard College affordable for students irrespective of their financial backgrounds. Griffin tells of how his experience in Harvard helped change his life. He hopes that his contribution will bring possibilities of the best and brightest in the country as well as the world and get to have a similar experience as him. To add on to the 200 Griffin scholars that are expected to benefit from his gift, the leadership challenge run by Griffin will contribute about 25% of cost of about 600 extra undergraduate scholarships. Leadership Challenge is aimed at encouraging other people to stabilize long-term fiscal needs and support financial aid of the leading financial aid program of Harvard. The excellence of Harvard is founded on attracting the finest and brightest students. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Griffin, the strength of the foundation has been enhanced and will continue being strong for years to come. Kenneth was praised for his inspiring leadership and for his aid in making Harvard education available to all young persons with talent. Griffin noted that his vision which he shares with the college’s administration is to ensure that Harvard continues to remain as the greatest meritocracy that is open and accessible every talented young person in the world.

How Innovative Is Darius Fisher?

Darius Fisher was named one of PR Week’s innovators for 2015, and he is truly an innovator in the industry. Darius runs Status Labs as if he were still an employee who must work 9-5 every day, and his approach to his own company is a new way of doing business in the 21st Century. This article briefly recaps how Darius runs his business as an innovator in public relations.

#1: The Status Labs Difference

Status Labs is quite different in the way that it approaches customer service. Customers could be served by Darius himself, and he works in tandem with his staff to provide the best customer service to each client. Clients who are in need of help with their online reputations come to Darius for help, and there are times when he handles accounts all on his own. It is rare to see the CEO of a company serving clients as if he/she still worked in the office at-large.

#2: Status Labs Provides Complete Customer Service

Status Labs offers complete customer service to each customer who walks through the door, and the company turns that customer service to people who have had poor experiences with Status Labs clients. Customer service will help change the opinions of people who were once very unhappy with a company, and customer service will prevent people from being put off by a client forever. Status Labs goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is happy with their experience.

#3: Darius Fisher Remains Open To New Ideas

Status Labs is open to offering customer service that is completely new to certain customers. Someone who comes to the Status Labs office with a PR problem will receive customer service for their own company and dissatisfied customers. A client who comes to the office in need of help with their personal image can reclaim their image with the help of the Status Labs staff. A company of this kind is not common in the business world. There may be a multi-million dollar outfit working with one member of the staff, and there may be a private citizen working with another member of the staff at the same time.

Status Labs is a progressive company that allows people to change their public images in a snap. Companies are given impeccable customer service, and private individuals are given a chance to protect their good names from scrutiny.


Magical realism is described as something so surreal that invades something so detailed and happening. In the world of Impersonators, Sergio Cortes is the very definition. In fact, it’s so hard to believe he isn’t the rebirth of the sleek. He has a striking resemblance to Michael. He looks like him, talks like him, dresses like him and talks like him. On stage, he dances like him. In fact, many people don’t know he exists because they think he is the real deal. Still confused? Google Sergio Cortes and you will be directed to his videos on YouTube. Except they look Michaels. In fact, he has clocked over 1 billion views on YouTube. This feat has been achieved only by Platinum certified artists.
Sergio is a Spanish-born MJ impersonator who lives in Brazil. He was born 44 years ago in Barcelona Spain. As a young boy, he loved Michael. He listened to a lot of Jackson 5 records courtesy of his brother. When he entered puberty, he grew out his hair and started dressing like Michael. He was discovered by a journalist who hired him to act as a double. He has since embraced this identity.
From the age of 16, He started training every day to be like Michael. He watched many Michaels Videos and dress code. He has been training for 4 hours a day for years. This intense workout has crafted a personality who won’t settle till he gets enough. His shows appeal to both young and old. He gives the older generation a chance to relieve the 80s and the younger generation to experience Michael. He says this is his way of respecting the late King. He is undoubtedly continuing his legacy.
Cortes has an entirely professional crew. This team includes backup singers, four dancers, choreographers and a thoroughly efficient lights and audio team. He also has marketing and promotional department that organizes his shows. He is incredibly popular in Brazil where he works. His has a big fan base in Latin America and around the world. He has 17,000 followers on Facebook.
He lives in seclusion in Brazil. He has a few Friends and is reportedly a Doll Collector. He is rumored to be gay and a Buddhist. He is a known Mama’s boy. He is also said to be very humble. Its qualities like this that has shaped him.

Dan Newlin Swings For The Fences With Personal Injury Lawsuits

Dan Newlin is an attorney that’s no afraid of innovative marketing. He knows the only way to attract new clients is to get the word out so they know about the service he offers. He’s in the business of fighting for his clients when no one else will. When something really bad happens and a person becomes a victim of negligence, lawyers like Dan are what’s needed most. If you’re ever injured and need his help, all you have to do is call #Dan to get through to him.

That’s right. Newlin has an agreement with major technology providers that allows anyone sending to the hashtag #Dan to get right through to him. Dan Newlin has won major personal injury lawsuits for clients, including a $100 million judgement. That case took place in Orange County Court in Florida and involved a 15-year-old teenager who was hit by a stray bullet. Juries can award damages based on numerous conditions that Newlin argues for in court. The cost of current and future medical expenses is one of the most severe. Dan Newlin tries to get the highest possible court award so that the victim can live in dignity while dealing with devastating physical problems.

If you ever need a personal injury lawyer, you have to consider their style. Dan Newlin swings for the fences when he asks for damages. He knows how much a life spent needing medical care can cost. Newlin recently won a $950,000 award from an insurance company for a man who was severely injured when the car he was travelling in was struck by a Ford F250 truck. The owner of that truck’s insurance company argued that the man did not deserve the compensation on the $1 million liability insurance because he was not injured severely enough. Newlin picked up for the man and fought hard to get an equitable judgment.

Mainstreet America Group never admitted fault in that case but ended up paying $950,000 to the man, who suffered severe injuries. Without an attorney like Dan Newlin on his side, it’s hard to imagine what would have happened to the man. Anyone who finds themselves in a similar position would be smart to contact #Dan and have him review the facts of the case. He may be able to do something similar like he did in that case. If you’re facing the prospect of dealing with bad injuries and you have no way of paying for the exorbitant medical expenses, you may as well try an alternative. You need someone who will fight for you. The other side is going to have their bases covered, you can rest assured of that. Dan Newlin may just be the solution you need.