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Bruce Levenson Invests In Media And Press Sectors

Bruce Levenson is a personality that has made strides in the NBA sports team ownership and media operations. Having co-founded different media companies including UCG, Levenson has actively been involved in the ownership of NBA teams such as Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers. The Washington-born industrialist went to Washington College and later joined Law School at the American University for his professional studies.

A role he served when at the university might have attracted him to venturing in media sector. He was edit in charge of Washington Star when still in college. This may have given him exposure and experience in media sector that allowed him to develop a keen interest in the press.

After graduating from the University, he consulted with Ed Peskowitz where they agreed to set up a small company serving the media sector. This saw the birth of United Communication Group- UCG, a brand that has become a reliable source for news as well as data analysis for a broad spectrum of clients.

Levenson was among the co-founding individuals that formed the TechTarget company, which also operates in the media scene. TechTarget offers services in the areas of brand advertising and online content creation. Levenson was the serving Governor of a team he and his colleague Ed Peskowitz owned since 2004. This was the Atlanta Hawks team where Time’s Levenson served as the Governor representing the team in NBA Board of Governors.

United Communication Group- UCG came into operations in 1977 when Levenson met Ed Peskowitz and decided to have a startup in the media sector. They formed this company and started running it in a storeroom. It is a humble beginning that has seen the company became an acclaimed brand in the media world.

Levenson owned the storeroom where UCG first operated, and it was situated in Maryland’s Gaithersburg. In fact, the storeroom was in an apartment owned by Levenson. UCG started by producing a newsletter, which published stories covering the development being witnessed in the oil industry. This newsletter was called Oil Express, a name that matched with the industry it was covering.

UCG continued to grow and today, it has transformed into a major source of news information, and market data and analysis. The newsletter provides resourceful information to businesses across a wide range of sectors, for example, it feeds news and data to businesses within the technology sector.

It also covers the healthcare and energy. UCG has been providing news, analysis, and data resources to the telecommunications and banking sectors. Its operations have widened to cover the mobile world, and now it has come up with an app, which helps motorists to enjoy lower fuel prices.

GasBuddy is an app, which drivers can use when they are on the road to know the next pump station, which is offering the lowest price on its gas product. Recently, Levenson and the co-founding owners of Hawks basketball team sold out the controlling interest in the team to another group headed by Tony Ressler. The Atlanta Hawks was bought at $850 million by Ressler’s team.

Reasons To Sell Your Home With

It can be quite pricey to sell your home. Typically, realtors charge a commissioned fee of 6 percent. However, it is possible to pay less than that! The 990 Company charges a mere 990 dollars for many home sales! Additionally, this fee gets you the full services of a realtor.

The 990 Company offers a full range of services. A skilled real estate agent is actively trying to sell your home. Your house will be listed on The 990 Company’s website. This website receives a great deal of traffic, many of whom are serious buyers. Furthermore, the final sale price of the home is not lower than it is through other realtors. In fact, The 990 Company is known for being able to sell homes for high prices!

If you decide to do business with The 990 Company, you can rest assured that the business was started by a man with a great deal of real estate experience. Greg Hague first got his real estate license at 18. So, he is no stranger to selling homes. He also has a law degree and license to practice law, so he has a very high degree of knowledge of matters related to real estate law.

Greg Hague first used the business model that is used in his current company which has the 990 sells homes program during the 1980s. He founded WHYUSA, which charged a fixed fee of 990 dollars. This attracted a large number of clients, and he was able to make a large amount of sales. By doing this, he was really going against the grain of the real estate business. Due to his success using a different business plan, he got a lot of attention. As time went on, he began to capitalize on this attention. He ultimately created the large enterprise of The 990 Company. This company is known as very successful in selling homes at a low rate.

Choosing to do business with The 990 Company is a smart move. It is good for your wallet in the immediate term with it’s fee of only 990 dollars. In addition, it is likely to be good for the final sale price of your home. Your home also has an excellent chance of selling using this company.

Why Use White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is an online marketing company focusing on paid advertising services and other SEO programs to help you get your site reaching more viewers. Working with White Shark Media is great because of what they offer businesses and website owners. What makes them stand out is how they work with their clientele so well and deliver top notch results to clients looking to get more advertising. Clients, in turn, leave positive reviews. Achieving growth online is always easy when you have a company like this group of people helping out with the marketing.

Why Use White Shark Media?

– Top Notch SEO

When you take advantage of their SEO program, you will enjoy how powerful it is for getting massive traffic. You want to work with them mainly because of the fact that they provide top of the line marketing techniques at the best prices. Their SEO packages are some of the best in the business today, and you will enjoy their strong approach to handling the industry online. Whether you are having goals that involve reaching more people or you want first page rankings for difficult keywords, then this is the company to go for.

– Great Marketing Programs

They have some of the best experts in the industry to give you programs and systems in place to enable growth for your online business. When you are building a new business, you can attain more growth when you work with White Shark Media.

White Shark Media is the company who helped me gain so much growth over the past two years. They have been working for more than 4 years around the globe, and I just enjoy how they have taken the time to really help me grow. Their experts have become so amazing at handling jobs and different parts of the web, and the nice part is that they have taken the time to really communicate things with me to let me know of any things I needed to know about.

I think nobody can deliver top of the line marketing tricks the same way that White Shark Media media delivers. They also are very easy to work in terms of how they provide quality services. Giving them a call is easy, fast, and simple.

Handy: The Most Reliable Home Cleaning Company

Every day, many people go online searching for a reliable home cleaning service. If you are living a hectic lifestyle and are unable to maintain a clean home environment, you need to hire the services of professional home cleaning company. Home cleaning professionals are well trained to help people keep their home clean and looking great. These professionals are highly sought after these days, because many people are occupied with other things in their life and do not have the time to handle this task.

Before hiring a home cleaning service, it’s important to do your research and find a company that is well known for rendering satisfactory service. There are many companies offering residential cleaning services but you want to make sure you select a company that has a good track record. That’s where Handy comes in.

Handy is a reputable residential cleaning company that has been around for many years. This company provides services to homes around the country, and they have well trained workers. Handy works with customers to improve the cleanliness of their home and to help improve the attractiveness of their home.

Handy app from crunchbase cleaning service is amazing. Their cleaning professionals are always on time and come ready to work. Once they arrive, they immediately get to work, completing the task at hand and they provide excellent service. There isn’t anything they cannot do when it comes to keeping your house tidy and fresh. You can decide to have them come on a weekly basis. Or you can schedule a bi-weekly or monthly service – it’s up to you. They can even provide you with a one-time service for a special occasion.

Handy promises that their cleaners will provide outstanding service the first time. Imagine a home cleaning service that cleans your home just the way you want it. Handy believes that a clean, appealing home is great for your mind, body, and reaction to it. So, they have the best cleaners in their team, to clean your home as if they are cleaning their own.

Handy performs thorough background check on all of their workers and makes sure they go through their rigorous screening process, before they are allowed to enter a customers’ homes. Handy also makes sure that their workers are well equipped with top quality tools and supplies, and they use only safe cleaning products.

They take steps to ensure their customers are happy and completely satisfied. This company truly cares about their customers and builds a good relationship with their customers. If you want maintain a clean and fresh looking home, check out Handy home cleaning service.

When you contact Handy to set up a service request, they will ask about your cleaning requirements and if there are any special needs you want taken into consideration. They will also want to find out if you need a one-time service or a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly residential cleaning service. Visit Handy’s website to learn more and to schedule your home cleaning.

Review Of White Shark Media

I personally have worked with many SEO companies in the past before, and only a few have been able to help showcase serious results on the web for my business. Most of them helped me reach a few visitors and achieve minimal results, but nobody has ever helped me the same way that White Shark Media has been able to do. The best part is that they are a professional company who has helped numerous people in the past, so they clearly know a thing or two about this business.

Review Of White Shark Media

When I worked with them, I had explained to them that I wanted to be updated almost every few days or so about what is going to take place. I wanted to know what was going to happen with my site. They actually updated me constantly with deep reports about what was going on with my business. They showcased a wide range of things to help me see what they were doing. I also found that their team was very responsive and kind with how they handled all aspects of business.

They have more than 180+ amazing people who work on their marketing team. They all work together to give their 1,500+ clients every single day the marketing they need. There are a wide variety of things that are involved with SEO and Adwords, along with every other type of alarm eating strategy out there. White Shark Media has been nothing but professional with me, my team, and my sites.

I decided to give the company all my websites and give them all the positive reviews for ranking my sites. They eventually got me ranking on the first page of Google for some of the world’s toughest keywords in their niches. I found that the company is very responsive with how they work with clients, and they make sure to update their clients consistently.

My team enjoyed working with their team for a wide variety of reasons. The main reason being that they were a pleasure overall in terms of how they handled business. They had provided us with all the tools and tips we needed to continue seeing growth online. I didn’t have to work or do any of the marketing, so the best part was just seeing the marketing happen and see all the people visit my sites without having to do many of the work.

How Qnet Became Successful By Keeping Employees Happy

Company is only as good as its employees and the people working for Qnet are very good indeed to have made the company reach such success. Successful companies are also made by leaders and in this area too, Qnet has excelled. The leaders of Qnet have always understood the vision of the company and instead of focussing on short term growth, these great leaders have made it a point to strive for something much bigger and better in the long term. These leaders too have given employees all their attention. As a result, Qnet has become the biggest name in the global industry.

Qnet Focusses on the Emotional Health of Employees – Qnet believes that when employees are emotionally down, their work and achievements suffer. In turn, this makes the company suffer. Thus, by spending some amount of time to ensure that the employees are emotionally healthy, Qnet has ensured all round success for itself. All the leaders take a personal interest in the life of employees and instead of formality, there is a familial feeling between managers and employees. Employees also appreciate this personal interest in their emotional well being and respect the company’s leaders all the more for that.

Qnet Wants Its Employees To Achieve Professional Success – As an employee learns new work and develops as a professional, they need qualifications to match with that growth. Personal growth is extremely important to people, no matter how satisfying their jobs may be. Other companies look at this kind of professional growth as a threat. Qnet, on the other hand, welcomes it because it wants the best for its employees. The company wants its employees to be the most successful in the field and aids them in getting higher education. The employees are also trained regularly so that they become better at their job.

Qnet Listens To Employees’ Opinions – There are many companies out there where the interaction between leaders and employees is more of a monologue than a conversation. The leaders ramble on about what they want from employees and what the company expects but do not listen to employees’ opinions. Qnet is strictly against this monologue culture and all the leaders of the company like to have a conversation with members. This ensures that everyone has a voice and those voices are heard. It also improves employee morale and retention rates.

Qnet has great employees and members who would stick with the company through the best and worst of times because they have been made to feel loved, appreciated and cared for. Qnet understands that the relationship between managers and employees is no different than any other informal relationship. Both the parties desire respect, admiration, love and concern. Qnet has been able to offer all this to its employees.

Dan Newlin’s Client Receives $950,000 For His Injuries

A Florida injury victim has received a $950,000 million settlement. The victim, despite his severe injuries, had to wait 15 months before the settlement could be reached. Dan Newlin and his firm had to put a legal fight on behalf of the victim to ensure that the insurance company involved does not run away from its responsibility.

Dan Newlin is an established personal injury attorney in Florida. He has been actively involved in representing injury victims who do not have financial capability to pay standard injury lawyers. He believes that the victims should use the little money they have to cater for their financial needs rather than using it on attorneys. Using this philosophy, Dan Newlin only charges his clients a small fee that is only paid if he wins a case for an injury victim. His law firm is called The Law Offices of Dan Newlin.

Newlin’s client, Edward Krutsinger, was injured on Interstate 4 when the car he was driving was rammed by pick-up whose driver had disobeyed a red stop light. At the time of the accident, Krutsinger’s wife, Tisha, was also in the car. According to the police report, the pick-up driver was at fault because he disobeyed traffic rules. Apart from running the red stop light, he was also driving without a seat belt.

The settlement Newlin has helped the victim to receive will cater for his medical bills and pain. The victim is still receiving medical care. Krutsinger received brain injury, several fractures, and facial scaring from the accident. The doctors attending to him believe he will be able to walk again but only with a walking cane.

Newlin filed the lawsuit on March 2014. However, Mainstreet American Group, the company that insured the pick-up, contested liability. It also strongly questioned the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. This led to a 15 month court battle. The policy coverage on the pick-up was $1 million.

Newlin says that the insurance company never admitted fault. The company also never made attempt to pay Krutsinger for his injuries and pain. Newlin, however, did not relent. He continued to pursue the case till a negotiated settlement of $950,000 was reached.

Newlin says that the common practice by insurance companies to run away from their responsibility should stop. He adds that injury victims go through lots of pain, wage loss, and enormous medical bills. The monetary benefits victims receive are meant to lighten these burdens. He also points out that the long time it takes to reach settlements, 15 months in this particular case, also worsen victims’ sufferings.

Achievements Made at Computer Sciences Corporation Under Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation is a world leading company that provides services in information technology. It mainly deals in system integration. The corporation also provides professional services dealing with diverse issues of computer technology. The company was established in 1959. The technology company has its headquarters located in Falls Church, Virginia for its worldwide operations. Since 2009, Computer Sciences Corporation remains as the biggest player in the provision of information technology services within the United States.

In its early years, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)used to provide Programming tools to other companies. These tools consisted of assembling software and Compiler. It also provided software writing services to companies that manufactured computers like IBM and Honeywell. By 1963, it had become the biggest software company in the United States having secured contracts with NASA. It is imperative to note that the technology firm was the first software entity to be listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Presently, the company has ventured into other sectors with the view to expanding and diversifying their products and service portfolios. Besides information technology, the corporation provides other services like business solutions in different areas of operations. These solutions are extended to the sectors of communications, media, and health sector. Computer Sciences Corporation also provides services in the chemical industry, transportation, insurance and banking. The company provides these services while still maintaining its foothold in application development, information technology systems management, and networking development.
As of 2015, Computer Sciences Corporation had over 90,000 employees in the 70 countries that it has its branches. It also boasts a client base of more than 2,500 consumers. Most of its revenues are derived from its operations in the North American Public Sector where it provides information technology services to the US Federal government.
The company has made great strides in offering its cloud services. This success can be attributed to Eric Pulier, who has been the company’s Vice President and General Manager in charge of Cloud functions. The service enables companies in dissemination of information and managing their finance. Eric Pulier played a key role in development of the Cloud service for the company. He is renowned in the field of technology for delivering tailor made products for each client according to Computer Sciences Corporation’s objectives.

Eric Pulier is a respected technology entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is a New Jersey’s native but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Pulier is credited for starting over fifteen companies and helping several others through raising millions of money. These companies include Desk tone and Rich Media Presentation. He is a member the Clinton Global Initiative and serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Pulier supports a number of charities. Eric Pulier was recognized by VAR Business as one of 30 e-visionaries.

James Dondero Deserves The Respect He’s Gained

Jim Dondero has done a lot of great things in his career, and many people have come to respect him for the work that he’s done. There are many people that want to be like him because of how he seems to know how to handle himself in the business world. He is the co-founder and president of a company that has done many great things, and he has done much great work for it. Not too many other people could have done the good work that James Dondero has accomplished in his career, and he is a man who proves that working hard is a good thing to do. It is his ambition that makes him so special.
When someone puts their all into the work that they are doing and is determined to keep going until they are at a good place they will be sure to do better than those who slack off when working. James Dondero put his all into his work, and he has achieved many great rewards because of it. He’s a man who has accomplished big things because that is what he was determined to do. James Dondero fouder of Highland cares about what he is doing and who has always done his best to give his work his all. He wanted his career to be something good, and because of the work that he has done he has made the success that he longed for a reality. He’s been able to have the career of his dreams, and he has inspired many others to go after their dream careers, as well, when they take a look at all that he has done.
James Dondero loves every bit of the work that he has done. He has felt passionately about it for a long time, and he’s a man who has inspired others through that. He’s a man who cares greatly about all that he has done in his life, and he’s a man who has been able to accomplish a lot because of how much he cares. The company that he helped to start up would not be nearly as great as it is without him putting his all toward it, and it has him to thank for that. People have been looking up to him for a long time because of how hard working he is, and he deserves every bit of respect that he has gained.

Dan Newlin, the Powerhouse Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a prominent personal injury attorney dedicating his time and resources to fighting for accident and injury victims. Dan ensures his victims recover everything they are entitled to for their injuries. Dan has been working for decades with his experienced team of trial attorneys defending and protecting the rights of their clients and their families. Dan Newlin’s law office has recovered over $150 million on the behalf of its victims.
Dan has established a reputation of not having any fear of going to court and fighting to get everything they deserve for their injuries. He considers it an honor for injury victims to contact him. Dan is ever ready to listen to the concerns of his clients about the losses and damages they have suffered due to an accident.

Dan’s career in justice started in the Indiana Fire Department Police Department almost two decades ago when he was 20. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office offered him a position where he served for ten years and got to the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working for the police department, Dan worked several police details including auto theft details, narcotics enforcement, and also served as a Detective in Fugitive Division where he arrested hundreds of dangerous fugitives. During his days as a detective, Dan was awarded many awards for going above and beyond the call of duty. The United States Marshalls Office recognized Dan Newlin for his outstanding service to the force.
The Florida State College of Law accepted Dan Newlin to join the institution in 1997. HE graduated in 2000 and is now licensed to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois where he has offices that provide excellent and outstanding legal services.

Dan Newlin and his team of lawyers are focused on auto accidents, construction accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, all injury cases, truck accidents, medical negligence, wrongful death, and in recent years his firm is now representing people that have been wrongfully charged with criminal offenses.

Dan Newlin assures all his clients on the provision of experienced first class legal representation and his firm’s commitment to excellence.