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Purina: Best in Show

Purina Petcare, a division of Nestlé, was formed in 2001 when Nestlé acquired Ralston Purina for $10.3 billion. They sell an array of products, touching in the pet food, treats, and litter categories. They are currently one of the largest pet food companies in the world and the largest in the United States according to the Purina Newscenter.

Employing over 7,300 associates in the U.S., Purina can boast about its growth and improvement over the last 13 years. In 2010, the company won the Malcolm Bridge National Quality Award for its outstanding performance in the organizational and manufacturing categories. They have 20 factories in the U.S. and a team of more than 500 scientists and nutritionists helping to make sure that a majority of their pet food products are produced at home. Some achievements to be proud of include donating to over 940 animal welfare organizations last year and having their brand, Purina Pro Plan, be used to feed the last nine Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winners. Purina is also involved in sponsoring the Purina Pro Plan incredible Dog Challenge, which consists of “Olympic-style” events for the nation’s hopeful pups.

9-Square Ventures is a new business unit, formed within Purina, to help them accomplish their goals of helping pets grow and thrive. This venture is currently making investments in new and upcoming pet businesses to help take the Purina brand to an even higher level. They are actively looking at new pet food and snack brands, pet care businesses and food technology for any companies than can help enhance products and their benefits to their loyal customers.

To help bring together their employees with the underlying message that pets are the number one priority, Purina has initiated a pet-friendly office venture that allows employees to bring their pets to work. They have a website,, and have implemented a social media hashtag (#petsatwork) to help share photos, stories, and tips about bringing pets to work. Studies show that having pets at work can boost morale and work ethic because people will be happier in the workplace.

Brazil, the Land of Many Lawyers

Brazil is indeed a home to many lawyers, approximately 321,885 lawyers as of 2010 as well as several law schools that produce almost 197,664 law students. The Brazilian law students go through a rigorous law course to become full-pledged lawyers. The competition is quite high hence those who qualify to be lawyers in this country are very competent. The country attained its independence in the year 1822 from Portugal. The Brazilian Bar Association was founded in 1930; this body regulates and monitors the legal profession in Brazil. University law graduates who want to study law must register with the OAB in order to represent clients in the courtrooms. The OAB is fully independent of the government but has a few public powers including the disciplinary on its members. As of 2013 the OAB had 847,021 registered and active lawyers.

After five years in law school, the practicing law students take the Bar examination that occurs every March, August and December nationally. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil foresees this national examination. The examination is administered in two phases that is the multiple choice test and the written test. The Brazilian law majorly derives from the Portuguese, French, German and Italian customary law. Their constitution is unique in such a way that it organizes the country in the Federal States. Each State can adopt its own constitution and laws that comprise of 26 Federate States. The Brazilian law system is based on statutes where only the Supreme Court has the mandate to publish binding rules. For some decades, the law of Brazil has been that of its colonizer Portugal until the country’s independence when it later enforced its Federal Constitution in 12st October 1988. The Constitution dissects the country into the 26 federate states that are at liberty to adopt their Constitutions and laws. The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the country created by the indissoluble union of municipalities and the states as well as the Federal District.

To litigate the rights of citizens stipulated in the constitution, one needs an experienced lawyer who extensively understands the intricacies of the law and litigation process in Brazil. Such lawyers are apt at recognizing the constitutional parameters and guidelines. Among the lawyers who have attained acclaimed success in the civil and federal courts is the notable Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto is a one of the strategists and most powerful lawyers of all times in the Brazilian legal system. He is well-known as a guru in the adoption of numerous legal mechanisms that have been implemented in the Brazilian legal system. His performance as a corporate lawyer has been pleasing to an extent that public personalities, large corporations, and organizations hail his name for giving them outstanding results in their cases. Mr. Tosto’s clients know that he has comprehensive experience in the corporate legal field as well as in the courtroom. He knows the ropes and has been considered the corporate litigation gold standard across Brazil.

Mr. Tosto manages his law firm that is among the largest and experienced firms in Brazil.

FreedomPop Makes Big Inroads in the U.K.

A bold “freemium service” is coming to the United Kingdom. As Digital Trends reports, FreedomPop is bring the bold free talk, text, and data service to the United Kingdom. The U.K. is not the only region in which FreedomPop is expanding. The company hopes to establish itself in a number of different new territories. Surely, the offer of free mobile minutes and data is going to be extremely appealing to would-be customers. The costs associated with using a mobile phone can be a bit pricey. By accessing FreedomPop’s free service, cost really ceases to be much of a concern.

Right now, FreedomPop on itunes has started its long-awaited alpha test in the UK and is providing a great deal. Users are able to access 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of data just by purchasing the phone. A fee is charged upon going over the maximum limit of minutes provided. Simply logging online through the company’s website or calling up customer service should reveal all that is needed to know about how many minutes remain. As long as U.K. users stay on top of their minutes, then they should not have any trouble keeping their budget in check.

For those who do anticipate using more data and minutes, FreedomPop is offering another option. The Premium 1GB plan is £9/$13 and it greatly expands the amount of minutes and data available. Free voicemail is even included in the mix. And there is the best news for alpha testers: they can access this plan for free for the first month. Even a more expansive Premium 2GB option is available and this indicates the company is looking to capture the attention of as many potential customers as possible.

Anyone interested in signing up for the alpha test has to do little more than pay a £2/$3 fee to cover shipping costs. Users are going to end up saving a lot more than £2/$3 thanks to the generous minutes/data FreedomPop delivers.

An even greater expansion is planned for the U.K. FreedomPop is starting a partnership with the Three network for additional services. What these new services and features are going to entail will be revealed some time in the future. Currently, plans are being worked and ironed out.

Plans also include for massive expansions all over the globe. The United Kingdom is but one stop in the FreedomPop journey.

John Textor Creates a Mark in Digital Human Likeness Productions

John Textor is a California-based entrepreneur who has succeeded in the film industry and visual media. Textor is the executive chairman who has steered Pulse Evolution Corporation to prominence. He is regarded as an icon in the digital productions especially in movies such as Transformers, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End.

Textor obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics at Wesleyan University in 1987. In 1997, he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings and became the Managing Partner of the company. This is a private equity firm that is based in Florida and focuses mainly on entertainment, internet, and telecommunications.

John Textor, in 1999 took the role of director heading the Parent Company and BabyUniverse. This is an internet retailer that sells children’s products. In 2002, he was the chairperson of the retailer store before be attained the position of chief executive officer in 2005. He has held the executive positions in various companies.

Textor attained the role of Chairman as well as CEO of the company known as Sims Snowboards. At Michael Swerdlow Companies, he was the man behind the strategic planning and corporate finance. He was also the founding director of another company called Lydian Trust Company or Virtual

Textor has actively engaged in the developing entertainment properties within a broad range of technology platforms and venues. Textor headed Digital Domain from 2006 being the chairman and CEO. He also headed the parent company Digital Domain Media Group. Textor saw the companies go through acquisition and reconstruction. These two companies have taken part in doing visual effects for close to over 80 large-scale films.

Among these feature films, 25 of them were led by Textor. Among the films he produced are such as Real Steel, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. This computer graphics wizard led Digital Domain Media Group to win Academy Award for crafting and bringing the first ever-believable digital human actor. LinkedIn shows that this was in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a romantic fantasy drama that was directed by David Fincher.

The company received the Visual Effects award in 2009 as well as CLIO advertising awards. When Textor left Digital Domain Media Group, he headed to Pulse Evolution Corporation to become the executive chairman. This is a company specializing in the production of digital humans through the computer.

In a recent Billboard Music Awards event, Pulse Evolution presented a 1991 version of Michael Jackson. This got the attention of the crowd. The audience saw as thought in front there was a half-sized Jackson, but this was all an illusion created from the genius work of Textor and his company Pulse Evolution Corporation.

A Prepared Mind: Brian Mulligan and the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy

Brian Mulligan is one of the world’s leading physiotherapists. He is a lecturer, founder of the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association and the inventor of the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He has been married forty years and like many New Zealand natives, enjoys the outdoors, his children and grandchildren. Brain’s private practice began in 1956 and he has taught in ninety one cities in the US and twenty countries around the world. Under his belt he has tucked countless journal articles, several textbooks and many awards, most recently the International Service to the Profession Award given by the World Confederacy for Physical Therapy, held this year in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brian founded the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association in 1995 as a vehicle committed to validating his brainchild through real research. Today, there are thirty five accredited teachers and there have been at least that many randomized controlled trials that illustrate the positive outcome of his procedures. Most of his students learn from his original textbook Manual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMs, etc. He also wrote Self Treatment for Back, Neck and Limbs and The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy, the latter being the ‘go to’ book for physiotherapists interested in these common sense techniques.

Brian’s concepts seem complicated at first but with further reading are easily understood. His original hypothesis states that injuries to the joints of the body can and do result in a minor fault in the way that joint moves. These faults cause restrictions in movement, accompanied by pain, stiffness, and weakness. Normal joints allow free but controlled movement while working to soften the natural forces of compression put onto them by the body’s regular movements. Physiotherapists work to realign the damaged joint in the least invasive ways: small steps over time to return the bones, muscles, tendons and other bodily structures to their natural places. These small steps eventually realign the joint, thus reliving pain and any further damage.

Mr. Mulligan’s concepts have been called both enduring and practical. The philosophy surrounding his techniques is not stand alone, instead he encourages them to be integrated into already existing clinical practices. Brian’s favorite quote by the late Louis Pasteur surely encompasses the entirety of his concepts concerning manual therapy and the unique ability of the human body to heal with time: “In the field of discovery, chance only favors the prepared mind.”

Environmental Law

In recent times, more people across the world are realizing and appreciating the value of their natural environment. Matters to do with conservation and responsible use of the environment are being taken more seriously by people at the community level, by governments and by the international community as a whole. It has led to increased creation of public policies and laws geared towards safeguarding the world against environmental degradation. Environmental laws exist to regulate how we as human beings interact with the environment. Although it is often categorized as part of the ordinary local law, it also consists of statutes and treaties reached by the international community and ratified by governments across the world.

As a means to enforce environmental laws more effectively, many countries create Environmental Management Authorities to regulate and manage environmental policies. These bodies are at the forefront of creating environmental laws and advising governments on proper management of the environment. It is through these bodies that Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out and permits to conduct certain types of business issued. Examples of activities that require approval from Environment Management Agencies include Discharge of affluence, Waste disposal and transportation, transportation of controlled substances, construction, mining minerals, sand harvesting and many other activities.

In the private sector and business world, in general, there is an increased need for corporations to hire lawyers that have technical know-how in the field of environmental law. With governments adopting regulations on global warming, nearly all sectors of the economy are being affected. Corporations today require extensive advice on existing environmental laws and the implications of their businesses on the environment. Companies that are major industry players require lawyers that can lobby governments on their behalf to see fair laws passed by policy makers. These lawyers also educate staff on environmental laws and ensure that their client companies’ practices are in compliance with environmental laws. Also, there are also several private law firms that assist clients in ensuring their businesses comply with environmental law.

Frans Schoeman is an extraordinary example of a lawyer with outstanding skills, experience and expertise in the field of environmental law. Schoeman is the Managing Director and Director of Phatisma Diamond, one of the leading law firms in Bellville, South Africa. He is a senior specializing attorney with over 21 years experience in law. Schoeman is associated with several commercial clients and has a strong client base both nationally and internationally. He also performs legal work at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, a partnership between himself and Helene Joubert.

Increased practice of environmental law has led to its improved status from a niche into a prestigious academic field. It is especially so since Environmental Law as discipline cuts across numerous other academic fields. Several institutions of higher learning today offer specialized courses on environmental law. Many lawyers continue to register for learning programmes in environmental law to familiarize and equip themselves with knowledge concerning environmental law. Special events such as symposia and conferences are carried out in which many lawyers can engage in environmental law learning.

Brooknol Advisors CEO Brian Mulligan Is A Jack Of All Trades

Brian Mulligan is an entrepreneur and CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a sports and media entertainment advisory corporation. Mulligan has a 30-year career in which he has served as CEO or CFO of all of the companies he has worked. He is considered an expert in the field of music, film, entertainment and even sports. In the course of his lucrative career, he has headed FOX Sports, Universal Television, Universal Pictures and Boston Consulting. He also has extensive experience in private equity and worked at Money Center Bank.

Mulligan is a member of the Sports Institute, Digital Roundtable and is an industry sports entertainment speaker. He has won numerous awards for his excellence in media and entertainment. He was recently named “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” and “One of the Leading Investors in the Nation.” Mulligan has a weekly column for USA Today and is a contributor to Fields of Green, a magazine devoted to law, media, finance, technology and marketing.

In a recent article in Field of Green, Mulligan explained to readers that the best way to enter the sports industry is through volunteer work. He encourages students to apply for internships. He notes that anyone who thinks it can’t pay off should look at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who now makes $44 million yearly; he started off as former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozell’s driver. Not a bad place to start, considering the position he is in now.

Mulligan is involved in many charitable causes. He gives generously to the St. Jude, City Of Hope and other organizations. He has helped raise millions for many area schools. He also coaches in many youth football leagues. Mulligan received a bachelors degree from the University of Southern California and a graduate degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Lime Crime sets the bar high in cosmetic choices

It can be hard to find a line of makeup that will match your outgoing and creative personality however there is a line that most people do not even know about. Lime Crime is a makeup line that was launched out of Los Angeles. The line of makeup is cruelty free to animals while maintaining the ability to cover up an assortment of imperfections.

A teenager has a hard time with their skin and therefore is searching for a cosmetic line that will leave their skin feeling and looking flawless. The harsh chemicals that are normally found in other makeup lines is not found in Lime Crime.

Lime Crime offers makeup on pinterest for your eyes, mouth and all over your face area. There is an assortment of colors not only available in eye shadows and mascara but also in lipsticks and gloss. The velvetines lipstick choice is great for medium to darker skin complexes while the carousel gloss can be matched to a variety of skin tones.

If you have a teenager or are shopping for yourself, the zodiac glitter is one option to make your eyes really stand out. The glitter options will match as an overlay to your eyeshadow or can be used solely on its own.

If you take pride in your makeup or tend to be someone who matches your makeup to your hair and nails, the variety of colors that are available for the eyes and lips is also available for the nails. The nail polish colors are just as bright and vibrant as the colors that will be applied to your eyes and mouth.

If you are someone who is into the grunge appearance or just want to expiriment with the grunge style, the grunge palette is one option for you to choose from when shopping for a new line of makeup choices.

Since the Lime Crime makeup company offers the ability to choose from makeup that is original in style and still maintains the versatility to use it everyday with out breaking your face out, there should be no reason to choose those other expensive brands that dry your face out and leave you with distaste because the colors aren’t quite what you were hoping for.

With holidays and birthdays and many other special occasions always around the corner, you might want to consider this as the unique gift that you are always looking for when shopping for that hard to buy for individual or individuals.

Brad Reifler Leads His Company To Prosperity

Known for offering unprecedented and exceptional investment products, Brad Reifler and
his team at Forefront Capital remain inspiring leaders in the
financial industry. Headquartered in New York City, this extremely
lucrative firm embodies excellence, discipline, and talent, in all of
their proprietary business practices. Led by serial entrepreneur, Brad
, this lucrative corporation is the forerunner in merging a
comprehensive investment banking platform with highly respected and
influential professional leaders. Most prominently, Reifler’s primary
goal is to train experienced and knowledgeable advisors to promote the
company’s global mission and philosophy.

Reifler strives to offer the consultants at Forefront Capital with a
rewarding and satisfying employment experience in order to encourage more leaders in
the competitive financial sector. With a wide array of sourced asset
management products, the advisors have many opportunities to
demonstrate their expertise regarding the potency of their investment
strategies. Therefore, throughout the intensive training process,
Reifler partners each new employee with a senior management executive
such as Chief Operating Officer, David Wasitowski or the President,
Christopher Engel in addition to other seasoned employees like the
Senior Managing Directors, Francis J. Argenziano and Alan Feldman,
Analyst, Orry Michael, and associates, Cole Reifler and Nicole Teow.
During the course of this essential partnership, novice consultants
will learn the integral steps to investing the proprietary capital of
their high profile clients.

Bloomberg told that Forefront Capital is known as the leading global financial service
firm which is directly fueled by Reifler’s exceptional management expertise. As
an entry-level advisor, inexperienced businessmen slowly gain skills
in investment banking, capital markets, and alternative investment
management. Although the positions require former knowledge in
corporate finance, the senior level staff will train most qualified
professionals who are sincerely interesting in learning about their
products as well as maintaining significant partnerships with the well
respected clients.

Women CEOs Like Susan McGalla Proves Women Can Do It

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman, leader and CEO that has accomplished a lot in her 41 years. She is the former CEO of American Outfitters and Wet Seal Inc. After working her way to the top, she wanted to put all of her energy into creating something of her own. So, in 2013, she started her own consulting company, P3 Executive Consulting. P3 helps clients in all areas including marketing, branding, talent and finance. McGalla has never been afraid of a challenge. When she started her career at American Outfitters in 1994, there were no women CEOs. That fact didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She made her mark and did it with brains and determination.

While growing up, McGalla received some of the best advice a woman could: work hard and always present good ideas. Susan McGalla on wikinvest took that advice everywhere she went. “I went into a job feeling that I was on par with any man. I never let the idea that I was a woman hold me back,” says McGalla. She excelled and never gave much thought to whether she was working with men or women. Her football coach father and two older brothers taught her all she needed to know about being tough. “I never carried a chip on my shoulder. I never needed to because I always had what it took to succeed,” says McGalla.

Today, many women are excelling in the boardroom. Some of the largest companies in the world are now headed by women including PepsiCo, Yahoo, Hewlitt Packard, Campbell Soup and Avon. These women are tough, determined and a force to be reckoned with. “You have to be tough and have a thick skin,” says Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlitt Packard. Although things have changed in the last 15 years for women in the boardroom, some people feel not nearly enough. Some companies still have the boys club mentality, which is set on locking women out at any cost.

Nirvanix CEO Debra Charapty says women can do some things to squash sexism. “I was almost always the only women in the boardroom,” says Charapty. She went on to say that if you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid. “Never be afraid to express your feelings, and always present your best work.” Charapty also says it’s a good idea for women to mentor other women. She says the more women who enter the boardroom, the better chance you have of sexism and misogyny becoming a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, women are still sexually harassed regardless of their position. Women CEOs advise women to nip it in the bud immediately. Never be afraid to ask for help. Some women CEOs decide to start up their own company. Creating a successful grass roots company is always the best sign that you have made it.