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Adam Sender Puts On Private Art Shows

The several dozen art masterworks Adam Sender exhibits at his pop-up temporary private shows are only a smattering of his full collection, which is known as the Sender Collection. These days Mr. Sender’s interests are not only in hedge funds, which he is most lauded for the management of, but also in fine art, of which he is a passionate collector. He has an affinity for the young and vibrant newcomer artists, and has hired Diana Al-Hadid and Frank Benson to jointly curate for the Sender Collection. Diana selected multiple artists’ works, such as Rashid Johnson, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman.

Adam had mentioned to his wife that he felt disappointed that so many of the pieces in his collection were stored away and never seen by anyone. She suggested that he make it a point of showing a limited number of carefully selected works at private pop-up shows on their own property. He took his wife’s advice and set up such shows for their friends, family, associates, and neighbors. The first pop-up show was a remarkable success, and caused many to comment on Mr. Sender’s great ability to find artists with new works that delight and entertain every much as the great master artists of history. He has often been asked about his process and what talent he uses to spot the truly great artists of our day. If there is a secret, he is keeping it.

These are all top living artists of our day. With Diana’s and Frank’s assistance, he has built a grand collection of the best artwork of contemporary artists, in his private collection. His shows are temporary and held in one of his fine homes, and are thus termed, ‘pop-up shows.’ This is just one more way Adam Sender is changing the way private collections of art are viewed, showing one more aspect of his unique ability to innovate in every area he applies himself.

QNET Owners Talk About The Future of MLM

QNET markets a vast array of health and wellness products. Co-founders Malaysian-born businessman Vijay Eswaran and Filipino native Joseph Bismark incorporated QNET in 1998 as a component of their parent franchise QI Group. The pair launched QNET initially in Hong Kong and it grew into a massive global phenomenon. The company takes an aggressive direct selling approach to business. QNET sells fashion accessories, energy solutions, luxury goods, weight management products, home care supplies, nutritional supplements and more. They market all the products directly through their official website.

With a community of independent representatives promoting QNET products online for compensation, the brand has attracted global attention. They earn a commission for each sale or referral recorded using a dedicated TV (Tracking center) resource. The company’s key principal Vijay Eswaran educate communities about QNET products focusing on wellness and health benefits. He’s a high-profile entrepreneur and philanthropist with a detailed history helping young, hopeful professionals. GoldQuest was the company’s first incorporation. It specialized in creating numismatic coins. Later, QNET ventured into vacations and travel as a QVI Club partner in 2002. It sold branded holidays to vacationers wanting the best adventures.

Today, QNET operates in an international capacity serving divisions in the Philippines, Nepal, Turkey, Taiwan, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and more. QNET’s parent company QI Group bought QI Comm, a privately operating British-based telecommunications franchise in 2005. About a year later it added nutritional supplements, energy, luxury watches by Bernhard H. Mayer and others to its marketing portfolio. Following this shift and expansion, QNET ventured into the hotel business after buying the famous Koh Samui-based villa Prana-Resorts-and-Spa. It offered vegetarian holiday packages that promised that memorable escape in Thailand.

All of QNET products are ideally promoted as better health and organic lifestyle solutions. DTE (Down-To-Earth) is another company QI Group acquired in 2007 to support QNET effort. The Hawaii-based business is a health-food chain which supplied organic vegetarian products. By 2012, QI Group reported massive sale increases since they expanded the QNET side of things promoting quality health goods. The MLM (Multilevel marketing) initiative has helped QNET and other QI Group subsidiaries to generate millions in profit.

The company’s energy product the Amezcua BioDisc has been attracting a throng of fans too. It’s believed to maximize energy levels of the body in those who consume the water. QNET announced that they’ll migrate their manufacturing aspects of the business to India. With this initiative, it intends to reform a strategy to cut manufacturing investment. They shared news about launching a Russian base outfit too. With regular training and product knowledge updates, QNET IRs keep current with what’s happening in the market. As their network grow, so does their earnings presuming it meets all the quality standards.

New York Plans to Raise the Minimum Wage in Fast Food Businesses

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made plans to raise the minimum wage in fast- food eateries. The owners of the restaurants are not happy with the new plan. The owners like Susan McGalla say they are taking under consideration filing a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo’s Plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Their view on the matter is that it is highly not fair and potentially not legal to burden the fast food industry with an increase in labor costs. They argue it is unfair, because the money won’t go towards child care, landscaping, retail, and any other jobs that don’t typically make high wages.
The McDonalds franchises in New York and other New York businesses express that the Governor is targeting the fast food franchises, and not addressing the other minimum wage industries. This will only hurt the New York Workers that don’t work in fast- food along with harming the companies. While the minimum wage for New York fast food employees raises to $15 dollars an hour the other minimum wage jobs remain at $8.75 per hour. There is arguments on both sides of the case. Statements that the minimum wage raising will aid New York citizens financially, and also arguments from the other industries in which the minimum wage does not get raise that is highly unfair. Yet, as of yet nothing has officially been done about the case.

Entrepreneur Success Due to Social Media Buzz

It wasn’t too long ago that the average entrepreneur had to go through regular channels for their invention. Of course, they had to drum up some interest in their ideas and find investors that were willing to place money in their business or invention. Next, they played the waiting game to determine if the invention was going to attract any new customers or interest. The waiting game might take months or even years. However, the Internet has made it possible for an entrepreneur with an invention to create immediate media buzz and attention for their product. Read More About The Power of Social Media Here.

Would you pay a buck a month to join a razor club? Well, one entrepreneur named Shaygan Kheradpir had a vision. There was a need for this service. The Dollar Shave Club created funny videos to showcase their idea. Their funny videos were shared by 2 million viewers online. Today, their company is worth more than 615 million dollars. Clearly, this showcases the power of social media and the Internet that plays a big part in marketing and sales for the entrepreneur today.

Ryan Diez’s pet washing invention is quickly going viral online. The name of the invention is the Woof Washer 360. The entrepreneur faced a long uphill struggle with his dog washing machine, but never gave up hope. Fortunately, Diez’s social media ties turned the tide in the right direction. Now, it looks like the surf is up for his new dog washing invention.

Hunting For an Apartment in New Jersey? Four Things You Should Think About Before Renting One

There are many apartments in New Jersey, and finding the right one for you and your loved ones can be overwhelming. Not only must you choose a suitable option from the seemingly endless options, but you’re also expected to sign a long-term agreement or lease that holds you to your decision for a year or more. To make the process easier, you ought to have an understanding of exactly what you’re looking for before start on the search. Below are four important factors to consider when looking for an apartment in New Jersey.


Location is one of the major considerations to make when looking for an apartment. You might want to consider the proximity of your apartment to specific areas of interest. For instance, you might want a place that is reasonably close to your office or business premises to save you time and money. If you take evening classes, you might want to rent apartments that are near your college, for security purposes.


Rent an apartment that you can afford. The top-brand showers and ceramic tile floor might seem amazing now, but this might not be the case when things go sour and you cannot raise the rent. Sit down and forecast – can you still afford to pay the rent six months down the line? If the rent is hiked, can you still afford to pay it? According to experts, you shouldn’t use less than 25-30% of your income on renting an apartment.

Apartment size

Next is to figure out the apartment size that would be most appropriate for you. Apartments in New Jersey vary in sizes from single-person apartments to multi-bedroom large apartments. If you’re single and does not intend to live with another person, a studio should be the best option to choose. The most common family apartments for large families are two and three bed roomed apartments.


Most New Jersey apartments provide more than just a place to live, but a place to have fun too. If you land on such an apartment, you don’t have to count the cost of getting your luxury elsewhere; your habitation and your fun are all under one roof. Because the amenities vary greatly, it is important to specify your amenities and distinguish your needs from wants. For instance, if you’re a pet lover and just wouldn’t do without one in the house, a pet-friendly apartment is the deal breaker.

If you’re looking for an apartment that is more than just a place to sleep, but a place you can unwind, relax and experience the best luxuries life can offer, The Aspire’s New Brunswick Luxury Apartments are the place to be.

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

I found a blog post on Please Don’t Ask Alice. It talked about the power behind spirituality and how one person can make a huge difference in the lives of others if they properly understand how to lift them up with a strong work ethic. One person who understands this so well is the very experienced Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a leading businessman working with the IQ Group and even co-founded the huge QNet business known for their direct selling systems and the products that they sell.

Joseph Bismark – His Work Ethic On Business

One of the main things he focuses on is the power behind team work. He knows that simply bringing people together and working with other people on a one on one basis can help form relationships and help people achieve their highest potential. Joseph has also become very focused on guiding people towards their biggest dream on achieving more what and more success in their specific crafts at work. Joseph finds joy on giving his employees the tiny encouraging push to go after their goals within the company.

How Did He Become So Spiritual?

What sets this guy apart from other businessmen and myself is his growth in the Philippines. He flew there at just nine years old, and he became a monk for about eight years until he decided to jump right in to the corporate world. He became this huge giant success almost right away. It became such a huge success for him being in the corporate world, and after awhile, he finally grew with time to work with some of the world’s most amazing companies. 

Joseph believes in the power of encouragement for all of his employees. This is why he has become a huge successful businessman. He enjoys trying to benefit his employees so that they grow and become even better at their work. Whether it’s one on one training, encouragement, or simply helping them daily work together, he knows how to bring people and the entire team together to achieve a better business. I take his words and knowledge of my business everyday.

Lack Of Skilled Workers Slows Housing Boom

The summer of 2015 should be a boom time for American homebuilders. Housing sales are on an upswing, the economy is improving and unemployment continues to dip. But according to the most recent government statistics, even though June is supposed to be the peak of the summer building season, housing starts dipped that month to a three-month low.

“The problem, says homebuilders, is that they are suffering from a lack of available trained workers and the problem is only getting worse. Many of the builders are having to turn away business or pay for expensive overtime work to keep projects on track” says Doe Deere in an interview.

The lack of available trained workers is the result of two factors, according to builders. The prolonged recession forced many trained construction workers to find a new line of work, and they are reluctant or unable to return to housing. The other issue is that an immigration crackdown has significantly reduced the number of Hispanic construction workers, which in recent years has helped filled the trained construction worker employee pool.

There doesn’t seem to be any quick fix for the problem. Some community colleges have begun training programs, but those workers won’t be available until 2016. And even those newly graduated workers won’t be nearly enough to fill the needs of the still booming housing market.


An alumni of James Watt Technical College, Brian Bonar, studied for a degree in Mechanical Engineering from 1963-1969. From the year 1973-1985, he studied and graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Before Mr. Bonar ventured into the world of finance, he worked as a procurement manager for IBM from April 1969-March 1985. Here, he had the responsibility of outsourcing motherboards for a variety of IBM PCs.
From April 1985, Bonar was the Executive Director of Engineering at an Alabama-based developer and manufacturer of high-performance printing solutions, QMS, Inc. Where he managed a team of about 100 hardware and software development engineers. From June 1989-August 1993, he worked at the Rastek Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he handled the worldwide sales of printing technology. In September 1993, Mr. Bonar joined Adaptec, a laser printer controller developer, where he established and maintained close relationships with major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers.
September 1994 marked Mr. Bonar’s first venture into entrepreneurship. He founded the Bezier Systems Inc. Where he launched the first SCSI-based printer. He became the CEO of the company and helped it become a renowned California-based manufacturer and marketer of the SCSI based laser printers. From October 1995-October 1999, Bonar joined ITEC Imaging Technologies where he was employed as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In this post, he was greatly responsible for the development and maintenance of relationships with all of Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers. Mr. Bonar was the president of Allegiant Professional Business Services from February 2008- December 2010 where his specifics were to be in charge of insurance product relationships and sales and marketing. In May 2006, Bonar became a founder and also one of the Managing Members of AMS Outsourcing until January 2013.
From August 1992-April 1994, Mr. Bonar (Yahoo Article) served as the Director of Technology Sales for the Dalrada Financial Corporation. From that point forward from April 1994 through September 1994, he became the company’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing. From September 1994-July 1997, Bonar served as the company’s Executive Vice President. He was appointed as t President and Chief Operating Officer in July of 1997 ad in the next year, April 1998, assumed the post of CEO. In this position, he helped guide the company’s sales and management strategy. From June 2011, Mr. Bonar has served as the Chairman and CEO of Trucept Inc. a company which offers temporary staffing, insurance products and services.

A Woman That Goes Above And Beyond

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a world renowned plastic surgeon and a true innovator in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden is native to Texas. She was born and raised in Austin and she later went on to Anderson high school and then to the University at Austin Texas. She ended up graduating from Austin Texas with a bachelor of arts in biology. She later went to the University of Texas medical branch and received her doctorate. While going to medical school she also did an internship at the plastic surgery Associates of Miami in order to gain knowledge about anatomy and facelift surgery.

Later Dr. Walden went on to complete her residency and decided to make the big move from Texas to New York. She was able to continue on with her specialty in anesthetic surgery and she received a fellowship at the Manhattan eyes, ears, and throat Hospital. While working at the hospital she was able to work with specialist in plastic surgery. The specialist were innovators when it came to things like plastic surgery and facelifts. Later Dr. Walden decided to relocate her family to Austin Texas. She was in New York for a total of eight years before she decided to return to Austin. During that eight years she quickly became known around the world as a leader when it came to cosmetic surgery and also in cosmetic surgery education.

Apart from being a world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Walden is a regular volunteer in the Austin Smiles Foundation. This is a foundation that helps those people that have cleft lips to be able to get a surgery to correct their pallet. Dr. Walden gives active support to the Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummy’s Program and also the Executive Leadership Team of the Go Red For Women’s Campaign.

Dr. Walden has been an innovator in the field of plastic surgery for many years. She has stayed true to her profession, and she has excelled in it. She is a perfect example of what a woman can achieve with determination and a drive for excellence.

Coroner: Late Singer B.B. King was not Poisoned

According to Las Vegas medical examiners, late singer B.B. King, a friend of businessman Kenneth Griffin, was not poisoned after all. In fact, the cause of death was attributed to Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder that is attributed to plaque buildup in the brain.

According to yahoo answers, Alzheimer’s disease disrupts the electrical signals between neurons that normally direct thoughts and memories in the brain As the condition worsens, the person becomes more forgetful and there is no known cure for this disease.

King, who died in May of this year, had other medical conditions as well. Some of them included:

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Coronary artery atherosclerosis
  • Cerebrovascular disease

These latest findings come after two of King’s daughters accused his business manager and personal assistant for poisoning their father to get him out of the picture. Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said he couldn’t find any evidence to confirm these false allegations. Both of King’s daughters attorneys could not be reached for comment.