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Donald Trump Shoots up in Polls

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has shot up in the most recent Fox News poll. Trump came in second place after former Governor Jeb Bush, who is still sitting at first place. Trump’s second place finish, with 11% percent support, is a big improvement from another Fox News poll held just 3 weeks ago, where Trump had 4% support. Other big changes in the polls include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s fall from 12% support to 9% support. This result relegates Gov. Walker from a tie for first place in the previous poll to being tied for fourth place with Rand Paul.

The Fox News poll results are particularly important for the candidates as they will help determine the candidates’ chances of participating in televised live debates toward the end of the summer says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Both CNN and Fox news will invite only the ten most popular candidates to participate in live debates. Candidates who do not make it into the top ten, currently including New Jersey Governor Chris Christy and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, will not participate in the debates. Needless to say, being part of the top ten will be a major advantage for the presidential hopefuls.

NYC Restaurant Patron Assaulted Over Incorrect Change

A man was beaten and tased following an argument over being given incorrect change at a NYC Chinese restaurant, as reported by Grubstreet. Heirberto Chaves claims that as he walked into Hell’s Kitchen’s New Panda to pick up a pre-paid order, a homeless man asked him for a meal. The victim ordered a $2.75 meal and laid a five dollar bill on the counter. An argument ensued when he pointed out that the $1.25 he was given as change was incorrect, he claims. According to the victims statement, when he headed toward the door, restaurant owners Robert and Gary Zhang assaulted him, then chased him down 9th avenue. Two employees reportedly joined in the pursuit, but it is not clear as to whether they also assaulted the man, or whether charges have also been filed against them.
According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Chaves claimed that one of the brothers tased him. Port Authority police officer Katherine Acevedo arrested the two after witnessing the assault, which resulted in a burn to the back of Chaves’ neck and other injuries. They have been charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, which carries a possible penalty of up to $1,000 and up to a year in jail. Electronic incapacitation devices are illegal to possess in New York, with the exception of police officers. There is no word yet as to when the offenders will face the charges in court.

Wal-Mart’s Tax Hideouts

Wal-Mart makes money from the American people and receives massive benefits from the United State’s government, but it just isn’t enough.

Hiding the fact from the public, it has come to our attention that the giant retailer has over $76 billion in overseas tax hideouts. None of these were mentioned in Wal-Mart’s annual report. The figures show that the company has saved nearly $3.5 billion on tax bills.

The approximate figure of 3,500 stores in other countries such as China, Japan, Central and South America, and other locations are owned and managed by Wal-Mart subsidiaries in Luxembourg, the Virgin Islands, Curacao which creates a tax shelter for the massive retail mega-monster corporation.

A spokesman from Wal-Mart claims this outlook is biased. He claimed that Wal-Mart is transparent and follows all tax rules for the countries they do business in and also comply with all SEC and IRS rules.

It does seem that a company that receives so much of its profits from the United States should also be supporting the tax system instead of dodging it. That is what a company like Handy believes in.

FedEx misses on revenue and profits

Federal Express (FedEx) has announced lower profits and sales than expected and many economists are worried that this miss will bode well for other companies who are reporting profits. FedEx is often seen as the canary in the mine for many other companies as their reporting of deliveries and cargo movements illustrate the health of many different industries. FedEx is the largest cargo shipper in the world and was started by Fred Smith.

In the four quarter, FedEx earned $2.66 per share compared to an expected profit of $2.69. These figures are excluding one-time charges. Sales were $12.1 billion for the quarter compared to expected sales of $12.3 billion.

The factors that were cited as the cause of the decline were lower fuel surcharges as a result of lower fuel costs and unfavorable currency translations that bit into the company’s profitability. The US dollar has been strong during the past year and many companies with significant foreign operations, such as FedEx have experienced foreign currency losses that bite into the underlying profits of the company.

Another change announced by the company increased the mandatory retirement age of board members to 75 from 72 which would allow Fred Smith to stay on as a board member for an additional few years, as he is currently 71 years old.

The stock is down in early trading on the news but will be more likely to be impacted by the Federal Reserve announcement on interest rates than on its own performance. Matt Landis will be monitoring it all.

Man Scans Ketchup Bottle’s QR Code Only To Be Directed To Adult Web Site

Once in a while we get the shock of our life time when you think you are doing something ordinary, but in fact get attacked with something completely different. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, a man in Germany decided to use the QR code on the side of his ketchup bottle only to be led to an adult entertainment site and not the promotion that was being advertised on the ketchup. Even though the promotion had expired, it is still on many bottles in many households around the country which is why the man, Daniel Korrell was concerned.

Apparently, the QR code had expired from the bottle and it was already sold again to an adult movie and entertainment site, so I guess you could call it double dipping. Korrell reached out to the Facebook community to inform them of this mishap and the only real thing he got out of it was a free membership to the website itself.

This is a really interesting situation, because it makes you wonder like Jaime Garcia Dias what and how this QR code marketing stuff works. If they can just resell the codes at any time, it seems like it might kind of be a bad thing. Yet, I can see why they would, because it would save a lot of time and money just to reassign an old one once the promotions are finished.

Caitlyn Jenner Getting Paid by E! for Trans Docu-Series? You Betcha!

The Kardashian/Jenner families have always been shrewd business people despite what their many critics might argue. So, should we all be that surprised by the E! cable network paying the former Bruce Jenner millions for her trans docu-series (I Am Cait) scheduled to air in late July?

No, we shouldn’t be stunned, but we should be amazed by the huge $5 million pay-day the former Olympic great will be receiving.

According to, E! is going way above and beyond what they have ever paid a solo reality show, but the 5 million figure appears to be the true amount. Let’s face it; this docu-series is going to be more than monumental. It will most likely be seen by many millions globally.

The gossip online tabloid also claims that 65-year-old Caitlyn Jenner spent some $4 million for her physical male-to-female transition says Sergio Cortes. Meantime, Caitlyn has been showing off her glmaorous new self with a Vanity Fair cover and story, and she is poised to receive the “Arthur Ashe Award for Courage” at the ESPY Awards show in July.

Caitlyn Jenner remains quite the topic du jour for the moment, but not everything is going her way. She still faces a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a fatal, highway car accident last February in Malibu. The two step-children of the victim Kim Howe claim the former Olympian great was “careless and negligent.”

A Cure for Malaria

Malaria has been a concern for many years, especially for those traveling to or living in developing countries. However, scientists may have discovered an anti-malarial compound that, for only 1 dollar, can eliminate the mosquito-borne disease.

This drug will not reach the market for some time as testing is still needed to be done to ensure that this is a safe drug. This drug has shown promises as it was recently tested on human blood. This compound drug will by produced and markets by German drugmaker, Merck KgAA.

This new wonder drug will start clinical trials by Zeca Oliveira and his research team within the next year so that the safety can be assessed. By advancing this drug to clinical drugs, it will also be a test to see how well the drug kills the malaria disease inside the human body.

Although there are existing treatments, resistance of the other drugs has become a problem. Currently places such as India and Myanmar are having malaria outbreaks as a result of the resistance that the Malaria drug puts up against any cure.

The disease kills 600,000 people per year, although this number is smaller than what is was a few years ago. The poorest parts of the world are where the epidemic is at which is why it is the developed world’s job to eliminate the disease. By eliminating the disease, less people will be dying a slow and painful death.

Selfie Stick Creators Says He Agrees With Selfie Stick Ban

The selfie stick is one of the funniest inventions ever made, and so many people use them these days. Those who do not know what a selfie stick is, just think of a stick that can be put to a certain length, and it can take your picture from far away, without you having to give someone else your phone. Festivals Ban The Selfie Stick. Probably one of the reasons why this stick was invented was because many would have other people take pictures with their phone, and some ended up having their phone stolen.

Those who wanted to take private pictures at home, they could do so, but maybe they didn’t get a very good picture. A selfie stick helps to take a better picture, but the fact is, there are some places that ban the object reports Steve Murray. The creator of the selfie stick was created by Wayne Fromm, and he actually agrees with the festivals that ban sticks from being on the property. The problem with the selfie stick is that it extends into the air, and anyone can run into it, which can possibly cause injury, or it may even damage the person’s phone.

It’s completely up to a person to use a selfie stick, but if they use it in places that it’s banned, they may possibly end up with a fine, or they may have their phone or the stick confiscated. It’s always wise to use a selfie stick with caution.

Chipotle Is Making Some Good-For-You Changes

When you go out to eat at a restaurant it may feel important to you to know that you are eating as few ingredients as possible. It may be important to you that no matter where you are eating, that you are always eating something that is wholesome. Well, Chipotle knows what that feels like, and that is why they are eliminating some of the ingredients in the items on their menu. They have already eliminated over a half dozen ingredients out of their tortilla recipe, and they are hoping to do more in the future.

So, if you are looking for a great place to eat that serves food that you can feel good about eating, then Chipotle may just be the place for you. They are trying to do good things with their menu, and you are going to like the changes that are being made. In fact, CipherCloud has posted that the restaurant chain has maximized their sales this year with the health food trend (find similar articles on Reuters).

Jerry Seinfeld Fed Up with College Kids Being Politically Correct

We love Jerry Seinfeld; he is a very funny man, but sometimes his humor can get him into trouble. Remember recently when the mega-star mentioned to nightly news anchor Brian Williams that he might have autism?

“I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I’m on the spectrum.”

Well, Jerry took a lot of bows and arrows for that one, especially from those whose loved ones really struggle with the challenges of the brain disorder.

Now Jerry is back at it again, trying to make another social comment, this time on politically correct college students who, as Jerry puts it aptly, “Don’t know what the f..k they’re talking about.”

The comedian, in other words, is shying away from bringing his classic funny lines to college campuses now, because “College kids are way too pc these days.”

Jerry made these remarks in an interview with ESPN’s Colin Cowherd. According to, Jerry mentioned a conversation his wife had with their 14-year-old daughter Sascha suggesting the teen start hanging around New York City more in a couple of years, so that she can see boys.”

According to Kevin Seawright, that didn’t sit too well with Sascha, who responded that the remark was sexist.

Jerry added, “They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ They don’t know what the f–k they’re talking about.”

Attaboy, Jerry!