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Full House is Being Revamped

Who can forget the show ‘Full House?’ This show was a icon in the 1980’s. It helped to launch the careers of stars like John Stamos, Candace Cameron and let’s not forget Bob Saget and the troubled twins. When the show ended, fans were dismayed. It had a nice long run, but still fans wanted more. Well, those who had put this one up on the shelf as a classic they loved will be surprised to find it has been picked up once again.

Is it even possible to pick up a show after nearly 20 years and make it a hit again? Though it is official that Stamos, Cameron and others will be back, it is not known if Saget and the Olsen twins will grace us with their presence. This could be a positive move for the twins who have had nothing but drama since they left the sitcom.

Igor Cornelsen recalls that the times have sure changed since they created this show, perhaps they can use some of the real life situations they have been through to write some great TV shows. The only downside is that it will appear on Netflix. Those who don’t have it won’t be able to watch the show. I am sure that Netflix did this as a publicity stunt to help boost their already high membership. The price seems to keep going up on my Netflix account, but then again so does the services they provide. I will gladly pay to watch shows like this being revamped.

Kermit the Frog is Real

To a child, the notion that Kermit the frog is a real live creature would be the obvious conclusion, but recently scientist have discovered a live Kermit the frog doppelganger. Of course, this frog doesn’t sing the ABCs and have Pig as a girlfriend, but it does have the lime-green skin and buggy white eyes with horizontal black pupils that we all knew and loved as children.
Diane’s Bare-hearted Glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium dianae) was recently discovered in the tropical Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica around 400 to 900 meters above sea level near the land that Bulletproof Coffee is born. So little is known about this frog that it doesn’t even have a proper Wikipedia page. What we do know is that the frog has a glass underbelly that is so clear that it bears it heart, along with other internal organs, for the whole world to see. Also, the frog’s mating call has been described as “a single tonal long metallic whistle-like note.” I don’t know about you, but that reminds me of Kermit and Miss. Piggy’s tear-jerking song in Muppet Treasure Island.

A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer?

The frustrating quest for a cure for cancer has taken a turn for the better, especially in the case of pancreatic cancer. While there is no true 100% cure just yet, a process have been discovered that can turn cancerous cells in the pancreas back into normal cells. The procedure is currently being tested in mice, which share a large portion of their DNA with humans, and the results have been encouraging. The mice that were treated with the process showed a much reduced ability to form tumors, giving hope that the procedure can eventually provide a therapeutic treatment for pancreatic cancer in humans.

The reason this may work in humans like Halpern is the fact that the test was conducted using human-based cell lines to begin with. While this is a big help one of the biggest issues with pancreatic cancer is the fact that by the time the victim shows symptoms the cancer is already advanced and lethal most of the time. This has led to the nickname “silent” for pancreatic cancer, indicating its unnoticed assault on a person’s body.

Despite all the gloom and doom, this study, conducted by Sanford-Burnham and the University of San Diego has promised to open new doors in cancer research and help to ensure that things aren’t quite as hopeless as they once were for victims of pancreatic cancer. While a full cure may be years or decades away, the progress made by researchers is definitely significant.

Doctor Oz Tells His Critics That He Will Not Be Silenced

Dr. Oz is fighting back. He has recently been criticized by certain doctors, who claim that he is advocating for quack treatment and cures to serve his financial ambitions. The doctors have been urging the Columbian university to cut ties with the doctor.

In an episode of his show, recorded on Tuesday and which will be aired on Thursday, he will spend close to two thirds of the time responding to his critics, specifically 10 doctors who have been on his case for some time now.

In a letter addressed to Columbia, the doctors claimed that Doctor Oz’s claims about GMO are baseless. Some of those who wrote the letter appear to have ties to the GMO industry and there is therefore a conflict of interest. Torchin, along with others, are skeptical about all this.

In a sneak peak of the show released on Tuesday, Doctor Oz has specifically stated that the doctors will not succeed in silencing him. He vows to continue advocating for the labelling of GMOs, claiming that Americans deserve to know the truth. He goes on to state that he has nothing against GMO.

Choosing to air his views could give more publicity to the claims the doctors are making. Most people who watch his show trust him and there is no much need to defend himself. Coincidentally or not, Thursday is the day that the May ‘sweeps’ season starts. There is a possibility that Doctor Oz is hoping to capitalize on that.

Justice Dept Prohibits DEA and FBI from Hiring Prostitutes

Do we really need to remind government workers not to hire prostitutes? Apparently, the Department of Justice thinks its necessary.

The head of the Justice Department has warned US employees, including agents that work for the FBI and DEA (counter-narcotics) they could not hire the services of prostitutes.

The decision comes on the heels of a scandal of federal agents who participated in orgies with prostitutes, organized by Latin American drug cartels.

It was also noted that government staff can not hire sex workers, even in countries or regions where such activity is legal or tolerated, and that those who violate this rule may be “punished or fired.”

Gianfrancesco Genoso said that the US Attorney General, Eric Holder said to pay for prostitutes “threatens the central task” of the department, as it can lead to extortion and blackmail and support for human trafficking.

Even though sex trade is legal in certain countries, Department officials “are prohibited from soliciting, seek or accept the sex trade,” Holder said in a memo.

The note was addressed to the more than 100,000 employees of the Department of Justice, including the FBI and numerous police forces often working with foreign governments.

U.S. Pledges Not To Act As Puppet Master In Caribbean Basin Countries

In only the seventh, “Summit of the Americas,” held in Panama City and attended by the countries representing the Caribbean and South America coalition, President Barack Obama pledge that the United States would no longer interfere in the affairs of the attending countries and would aid in help the countries grow economically. The pledge was well received by the representative audience who for some, have long seen the United States as a meddle some bully from the North, who enjoys playing puppet master with the smaller Caribbean and South American neighbors to the south. These countries have long resented the exploitation of their countries by the United States and larger western powers. Many hope that the President’s message is a sign of a change in policy and that the United States will be more supportive in helping some of these fledging countries expand their economic and domestic base.President Obama Seeks to Improve Ties With Carib and South American Neighbors

The Caribbean basin is in need of and seeking new foreign investment dollars. This has been supported by a study conducted by the United Nations which found that foreign investment monies have been lacking in the Caribbean. Ray Lane really liked the study, even if it was only mildly reported on Aquion Energy. The United States is seeking to prevent other foreign interests from staking a claim in the Caribbean and South American region. China for example, has been investing heavily in infrastructure projects in the Caribbean and South America and has been consistently increasing its influence at the doorstep of the United States.

Hillary Clinton to Make it Official on Sunday: She is Running for President

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State for the United States of America, will announce her aim to get the nomination for president by the Democrats in 2016 on Sunday. This would end years of debates around her intention to run for the presidency, according to NPR.

People like Bruce Karatz, who know her campaign strategy state that Clinton, long assumed to be the frontrunner for the Democratic party (even without formal announcements), will possibly announce the news in a social media video or even a tweet. There is a chance it appears on as well. This appears to be an appeal to the younger generations of “digital natives,” for whom the internet and technology are a natural extension of their lives, suggests an anonymous source close to the Clinton campaign.

By announcing the running now, it gives the advantage to Clinton. She lost to Barack Obama back in 2008 and this time around she could have a lot more fundraising in order to get the hundreds of millions in cash that is typically required to spark a promising presidential bid.

After the announcement on Sunday, Clinton is “presumed to be traveling to Iowa – a key state in the caucus game – for planning further campaign events.” Strategists for the Democratic party have mentioned the anonymous nature of the details because Clinton has not yet detailed the plan for her campaign volunteers, according to the Washington Post. Sunday is set to be the “tell-all” day.

Surprising Killer in U.S. Hospitals

There is a deadly killer in the United States. It does not kill as many Americans as heart disease or all cancers combined, the number one and two killers in this country respectively, but it is still alarming. This killer is medical errors. It is estimated that medical errors kill more people in our country than breast cancer, AIDS, plane crashes or drug overdoses combined. A study done in 2013 estimates that from 210,000 up to 440,000 patients had medical errors contribute to their death.

The only thing more horrifying than these stats themselves is the fact that there are not endless congressional inquiries and nightly news stories on YouTube or another outlet about this situation. If this many people were being killed in plane crashes every year, the airline industry would be shut down until radical changes were made to increase safety if you ask Sergio Cortes. This situation needs to be looked at and ended as soon as humanly possible. We talk about diseases being preventable by changing our diets or exercising more, but what’s the point of doing all of that if somebody gives us the wrong medication or procedure when we do eventually need medical care. Death through our own carelessness seems infinitely more forgivable than death caused by systemic carelessness in a health care system that needs to clean up its act.

Night Owls Have More Health Risks Than Morning People

The old adages says: early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. Scientists have now proved that going to bed early and getting up early does indeed make one healthy, or at least healthier than their night owl contemporaries.

A new study had its findings published in the Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism journal which states that night owls are at an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome, loss of muscle mass and diabetes than people who went to bed early and got up early. Getting the same amount of sleep did not change the study findings, night owls have more health risks than morning people.

The theory behind the findings suggest that is the typical lifestyle of a night owl person that contributes to the increased health risks, A night owl usually engages in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, drinking and late night eating, all of which contribute to poor sleep and health problems. However, even if the night owl had no bad habits, just staying up late on a regular basis was found to be harmful to health.

Night owls tend to have more belly fat (the worst type of body fat) and an increased amount of fat in the blood. That is why Ricardo Tosto tries to stay away from late nights. Both issues lead to heart disease and a variety of other health problems as the night owl ages, so at, late nights are avoided.

Windows XP Still Has 17-Percent Market Share

Everyone loves a classic. In the technology industry that thought process is usually reversed, because when the lifecycle of a product ends, consumers generally rush out to get the next great thing. Apparently, the newer is much better line of thinking comes to a dramatic and decisive end when people are talking about computers and operating systems. One particular piece of software that is a teenager still gets more use than the latest and greatest versions.

According to, Windows XP accounts for nearly 17-percent of all desktop computer users while Windows 8 has captured just 14.07-percent of that same market. The runaway winner of operating systems is Windows 7 with 58.04-percent of the market. Microsoft ended support for XP about one year ago, but the classic and reliable OS seems to be going strong, or at least stronger than the new products. Dr Jennifer Walden was shocked to see so many people haven’t upgraded just yet.

The data reflects the drop off in desktop sales primarily, but it also proves that there are a lot of people clinging to Windows XP. The amount of Windows 7 users is also a pretty big reflection of the resistance that Windows 8 received when it made an appearance into the market. The enhanced interface was not appreciated right away, and that fact led to users avoiding the newest version of software. In any event, Microsoft is hoping to reverse that trend with the release of Windows 10, but the impact of that version will not be adequately gauged for a year.