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Top 3 Most Lethal Drugs In The U.S. Are Legal

As America debates legalizing marijuana and drug policy reforms, there’s still one key aspect regarding the war on drugs that continues to confuse the masses: the 3 most deadliest and dangerous drugs are legal in the U.S.

Hard to believe, isn’t it Lee G. Lovett? The most current data available according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that alcohol, tobacco, and prescription opioid-based painkillers were the underlying cause for more deaths than any other type of drug throughout 2011.

1. Alcohol

In 2011, alcohol-based health issues, including liver disease, resulted in over 26,000 deaths. But that number doesn’t include all the deaths caused by alcohol alone; consider all the other alcohol-related deaths like drunk driving or other alcohol-induce deaths, and that number quickly rises to approximately 88,000 a year. Key issues surrounding alcohol-related erratic behavior and aggression often lead to subsequent injuries, crime, and family adversities.

2. Prescription Painkillers

Whether deaths from prescription painkillers reach an ‘epidemic’ level, as some federal, state, and local authorities claim, it’s more a matter of a semantic type of debate concerning certain circles of drug policies. Regardless of the label, the main point is that today’s prescription painkillers are directly connected to literally tens of thousands of deaths every year.

3. Tobacco

Want to talk about deadly? Nothing comes close to deadly tobacco and how many people it’s affected over the years. In fact, fewer people die from drug overdoses, homicides, and traffic accidents combined than tobacco-related health issues like heart disease and lung cancer.

I Will Never Leave FreedomPop

Remember when I did that post on FreedomPop back in November? At the time I thought I was just flexing my writing muscle doing a little profile on an interesting company, but a few months later, I’m a FreedomPop loyalist. I even liked them on Facebook, which I pretty much never do.

I’ve been with several different phone companies over the years, and all of them provided internet to me as well. After seeing how much money I was paying for both phone and internet, I was sick and tired of the high cost. I could easily play over $100 a month, between my phone and the internet, and the price did vary on a monthly basis. I had an internet limit, and if I went over it, I would see my bill go up each month. I tried to get unlimited internet, but the price was so high, I just had to cut back my usage.I decided it was smarter to stay within the limits of my current internet plan, as opposed to going to the unlimited internet on the same company. After a while, my day job decided that I could do a lot of my work from home, so I needed more internet usage. I tried it out for the first month, but my bill came up to be so high, I left the company the very next month. The next company that I went to was no better, and I still kept seeing an extremely high internet bill, even though my phone bill stayed with the previous company. 

I really needed a change, so I searched around to see which company could help me save the most money. After searching for so long, I came across FreedomPop, and I’m so glad that I did. Not only have I been able to save money, I’m using the internet like never before, and I’m able to complete my work from home. Working from home meant more money for me, even though I work a 40 hour work week. I now can do half of my work at home, and the other half at the office, and make more money. They even have a plethora of Wifi hotspots in my area which I can find with the FreedomPop app, so I can work at Starbucks if home is too distracting.

The internet is very important to me, and I like the fact that FreedomPop allows me to have the internet for $5 a month, and I created my own secure network in my home. I actually got my internet for free, and because I increase the speeds, I only paid a few dollars extra per month. I’m amazed at the price the company charges, especially for the great services they have. I decided to switch my phone over to FreedomPop as well, and I saw even more savings. I want to thank FreedomPop for everything.

Keith Mann: Savvy Businessman And Caring Individual

Keith Mann is a talented individual with the unique ability to connect people with the right skill set to companies with a need for those skills. This has made him a rising star in human resources management and led the New York based recruiting firm he co-founded, Dynamic Search Partners, to achieve great success. But Keith Mann is more than just a great judge of talent and an excellent businessman, he is also a kind, caring. individual who for many years has been donating money to organizations aimed at giving people in need some help and the means to make their dreams a reality.

It was in 1995 that Mann began his career with Dynamic Associates as manager of their Alternative Investments division. He was a natural for the job and moved up the corporate ladder at lightning speed. Within 5 years of employing Mann, the company had become very successful and Mann was promoted to its senior vice president. Life was good and business was booming. But Keith Mann had bigger goals and dreams about what he should be able to do for himself and for others. He wanted to see as many people as possible make their dreams become reality.

To make his larger vision a reality, Mann co-founded Dynamics Search Partners that recruited staff for private equity firms and hedge funds. The company was called Dynamic Search Partners. Mann took a position as managing director and set about building the company’s roster of firms in need of talent and talented individuals to fill those roles. To this point Dynamic Search Partners has satisfied over 2,000 client mandates. The company has also expanded to control a huge database of investment executives. In fact it is considered to be one of the country’s largest.

But personal success has never been all Keith Mann wanted. He wants to help other people be successful as well. One way he does this is by organizing charity events to raise funds for a local organization called Hope and Heroes. In 2008 Dynamic Search Partners donated %8,000 to the organization. Dynamic Search Partners also works with a community organization called Uncommon Schools. Through this organization, Mann and his staff helps children to learn the skills they’ll need to succeed in college. Not only do Mann and the staff at Dynamic Search Partners give their time, in 2013 the press announced Mann and his firm’s  $10,000 donation to Uncommon Schools.

Jermaine in Portland


Jermaine O’Neal came into the National Basketball Association in a massive way, as he was the youngest player at the time to enter professional basketball in the United States. He played his first game just a month after his eighteenth birthday, and has played eighteen seasons in the league since then. He is currently a free agent and not playing in the league, although he is only thirty-six years old and looks to have some juice left in the tank. There was speculation last month that the Portland Trail Blazers were interested in acquiring Jermaine, but that has failed to happen. After the major injury that has happened to Portland’s star player LaMarcus Aldridge, it looks as if the Trail Blazers are going to dig deep and try to get O’Neal on the roster. Slow Ventures stated the injury that Aldridge suffered does not seem to be that big of a deal when you consider the fact that it is just his thumb, but he has torn a ligament that caused both Mike Miller and Shaq to have tremendous amounts of trouble after sustaining the same injury in their careers and coming back too soon. It is an injury that will typically keep you out for about two months, but both Shaq and Miller came back in six weeks, only to be tortured by the injury for the rest of the season. Jermaine looks to be the only person that might be able to save Portland this season.

Mark Ahn, PhD. Lays Out Top Leadership Strategies for 2015

Mark Ahn, PhD. and founding Principal of Pukana Partners has laid his top leadership strategies for 2015. As author of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and 20 year veteran of various leadership positions his advice on leadership is noteworthy not only in his own industry, but in others as well. With his experience in military, academia, and business Mark Ahn has the unique position of being able to identify effective leadership qualities and strategies in a variety of settings and situations. His newest report explains several importation concepts for being an effective leader in 2015.

One of the biggest values stressed in the report is learning from those who came before you. Mark explains that good leadership qualities and tactics are timeless and that learning from the past is a surefire way to build the future. He also talks about the importance of leading with integrity. According to Mark one who doesn’t’ lead with integrity compromises the effectiveness of the institution. This is closely related to another principal he goes over: leading by example. Taking a “do as I say, not as I do” is ineffective according to Mark and will undermine your employees performance.

Another big issue Mark talks about is remaining humble. He explains that many leaders often times ignore the wisdom of those whom they lead and in doing so undermine their own effectiveness. He states that this is particularly important during times of crisis. Additionally Mark Ahn says that good leaders aren’t born, they are made. This depends upon making good leadership a habit and working at it every day. A lifetime of good leadership isn’t easy he says, but it is worth it and the benefits of being a good leader can’t be overstated.

For more information on Mark Ahn and his report on leadership strategies in 2015 click here.

Brady is a Liar


When Tom Brady of the New England Patriots laughed upon hearing the news that his team was coming under fire under allegations that they purposely deflated footballs in the AFC championship to gain a competitive advantage over the Indianapolis Colts, he would be making a much stronger statement than he had intended. Brady responded to the news by laughing almost hysterically and stating that he had now heard everything before, but since then he has realized that this is a very serious situation. This, however, didn’t stop him from holding back laughter while possessing one of the smuggest and guiltiest grins in NFL history in his press conference to answer questions about the allegations on Thursday. It has become increasingly apparent that Brady absolutely had something to do with the allegations that are now being referred to as deflate gate. Some of the best quarterbacks of all time are weighing in on the situation and all of them have vast knowledge as to how quarterbacks in the NFL prepare for football games with the individual balls that they use. All of them have agreed that the head coach does not have anything to do with the PSI that the footballs are going to be used at and all of them have suggested or flat out stated that Tom Brady knew what was going on without a shadow of a doubt. I think Brady is going to have to come clean or  Roger Goodell needs to smash Tom Brady with a hefty punishment. Lee Slaughter even started a way to make sure Brady gets a fine see

Jonathon Veitch: More Than The Usual President of a College

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959, and he is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He is the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, succeeding the interim president Robert Skotheim on June 30, 2009. Also, he is the first one who is a native of Los Angeles to become the president of this college. His wife, Sarah, their three children, and he are currently living in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House, which is located at the Occidental campus.

Jonathan Veitch attended Loyola High School, which is in southern California. He then attended and graduated from Stanford University where he earned his bachelors of arts degree. He received his masters of arts degree at Harvard University, and he also received his doctoral degree later on at Harvard University. His doctoral degree is in the History of American Civilization.

His previous escalades before becoming president of Occidental College include the following: He was a professor for the University of Wisconsin at Madison for four years in the English department, and he then became an associate professor at the New School in New York City, in literature and history. Afterwards, he was nominated as the chair of humanities, he was the associate provost, and then he became the deacon of the liberal arts division of the Eugene Lang College for the undergrads.

As the president of Occidental College, he has improved the surrounding community, and the College relations. This is done by him limiting the campus expansion in the community upon him adhering to the neighborhood’s concerns. Additionally, he has worked to preserve the campus’ energy by unveiling a megawatt solar array in April of 2013.

He is also a great author. He is the author of “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s”. It was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1997. Jonathon Veitch’s fields of academic expertise include American film, and the 19th and 20th century American Literature.

The Stellar Career of New York Lawyer and Financial Advisor, Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a man with many passions. Aside from his intense love for hosting events and traveling, the New Yorker has had a longstanding affinity with the financial and legal sectors.

 Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford University in 2000, and in a precursor to joining the legal world, he pursued his higher education at Columbia Law School where he received his Masters Degree in law. Like most college graduates, Tabar was hoping to land a position with a top firm, but he never imagined he would be a part of one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. Tabar joined the team in 2001 as an Associate and quickly learned the ropes in the capital strategy and business development department.

 Excited about the abundance of opportunities available in the legal sector, and driven by the idea of advancing his newfound career, Tabar left Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP after three years with the firm. He promptly accepted the Director and Head of Capital Strategy position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Tabar was the head of the Asia-Pacific Region department and his fluency in Japanese facilitated his growth within the company.

 In 2012, Tabar departed from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and accepted the position of Director at Adanac LLC, BVI. While at Adanac, Tabar was aching to utilize his law degree again, and he prepared himself for a triumphant return to the legal field. In 2013, he received just the opportunity he was looking for.

 Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP, one of the top law firms in the financial services sector, brought Tabar on board as a Senior Associate. Tabar was one of approximately 100 attorneys to advise clients on hedge fund formation, investment management and investigative issues. Tabar parted ways with Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP in March of 2014.

 Tabar prides himself on his ability to identify safer product investments for his clients, which CNBC highlights in their recent article, Sam Tabar Reveals Investment Tips for the New Year. While actively monitoring and gauging the markets’ performances over a period of time, he is able to gain the insight that is needed to properly manage commodities and lessen the occurrence of losses.

Some Background on Christopher Cowdray

Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of The Dorchester Collection, a hotel operator based in London that currently has ten luxury hotels in Europe and the United States.

Cowdray was born in Zimbambwe and got a degree in hotel management from a local college. Later, he attended Columbia University in New York City and graduated from their Business School’s Executive Program.

Over the past 30 years Cowdray has managed hotels all over the world. He was the managing director of Claridge’s in London. In 2004, he became the general manager of The Dorchester Hotel in London. Three years later, he gained his current post as CEO of the Dorchester Collection. Cowdray is also a Master Innholder, a Fellow of the Hotel Catering Institute Management Association, an honorary Professor at Thames Valley University and a former Chairman of the British Hospitality Association.

In 2013, Christopher Cowdray was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards for his accomplishments with the Dorchester Collection. Sometime after that, he gave an interview to Leaders Online in which he talked about his philosophy regarding hotels. In it, he emphasized personalized service and localization.

Cowdray told Leaders Online, “It’s about the personalized service; it’s also about recognition – guests like to be recognized. They also like efficiency of service. It also comes down to the feel and touch of the environment; it’s the style or decor, so it’s how everything is brought together.

Service plays a high component in this, but it needs to be excellent service coupled with the right environment.”

Localization is also important. According to Cowdray, hotel restaurants work best when they appeal to the community. That likely means that they need to serve food the locals would like which increases the potential business the restaurant is likely to get. Serving local dishes also make sense from a tourism standpoint; people who travel to Milan probably want Milanese food.

Cowdray also noted that tourists now want choices in their products, which means they don’t want just the same few brands or products. Spas, for instance, may be offered under a brand name like Dior or under the hotel’s name. It depends on what the guests of a given hotel prefer.

The Dorchester Collection was established in 2006 and began with five hotels: The Dorchester Hotel in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Le Meurice in Paris, Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, and Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Since then, the Collection has acquired five more hotels with the most recent being Rome’s Hotel Eden, which was bought in 2013.

North American Spine Center Celebrates Six Years

Following up on my post from last week, the North American Spine Center has spent six years offering one of the most successful spine treatments to its patient. The treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to cure chronic back pain in their patients. For these last six years, the clinic has prided itself on making sure that all its clients are able to live pain-free lives after their surgeries.

The company itself has been providing a beautiful space for all its patients to visit, and the space is comfortable for all family members that want to come visit with their loved ones. This inclusive space allows patients and their friends or family to come to a place where they feel loved and welcomed. The family are treated like family, and the patients are on a first name basis with the staff.

The comfortable environment makes it much easier for people to recover from their surgeries and get into rehab. There is a beautiful rehab center that the patients are able to use to build up their strength. When people have been fully rehabilitated, they are able to come back for follow up appointments with the medical staff. These patients are welcome to come back any time they have issues with pain in their backs, and they can come back for consultations with their family friends if someone else is in pain.

The North American Spine Center has prided itself on offering the best customer service and environment to all its new and existing patients. They hope to celebrate many more years of great patient care, and they are working to make sure that their practice can expand to meet the needs of all the people that come through the door. As they continue this successful procedure, the Center knows that it can provide pain-free living to many.