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Pictures With Names


I was playing with my Skout app when the news broke. There are new details being released as well as pictures of some of the people who were on board the AirAsia flight that crashed in the Java Sea. Family members are making sure their loved ones are known for who they were. Facebook posts about some of the people on board the flight give a background as to what they did for a living and other family members who are left behind.
The wife of the pilot has spoken out about how wonderful he was and how much he loved flying. There were people on the plane who took the flight because there was not enough room to fly with other family members on another plane. There were people on the plane who were going to get married and those who were expecting children. Some of the pictures have been posted online so that the rest of the world can see just who was on the flight. This is a way to keep the memories alive.

Dominick Cruz Injured

Dominick Cruz is angry at his recent ACL tear. The former UFC bantamweight champion swears that he will be back in 2015 and fans like Bernardo Chua are hoping this true. Dominick Cruz has been plagued by injuries for the last 3 years. It’s a sad thing as the former champ is in his prime. Dominick Cruz may be missing out on the best years of his career. He has not lost in 5 years, and he looked better than ever in his most recent fight.

Dominick Cruz is only 29 years old, but if he continues to get injured, his UFC life expectancy is sure to fade. Cruz’s injuries are so bad that he was stripped of his UFC bantamweight championship. Now, the current UFC bantamweight champion is T.J. Dillashaw. A title bout was set for Dominick Cruz and Dillashaw. With his most recent ACL tear, Cruz has lost his title shot.

Dominick Cruz is in a very vulnerable position. The once top fighter is once again on the sidelines. The UFC president has stated that Cruz should think about retirement. It would be a shame if a career such as Dominick Cruz’s were to end because of injuries. The fans of MMA need a healthy Dominick Cruz.

For more information on Dominick Cruz, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Trading Work For Sleep

As we become more and more involved in our careers, and tnhe neverneding desire to live like a Trump, it seems that we are giving up one important aspect of our lives, which can negatively affect our health. More and more people are decreasing the hours that they are sleeping and opting to work more and socialize online.

Lee G. Lovett’s busy schedule at work leaves little time for socialzing and as such, it seems we are content with sleeping less to work or socialize with friends online or in person. It is recommended that we get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleeo each night, but in a recent study, over an alarming 30% of American people, or about 40 million employees studied are getting 6 hours or less each night. Other offenders on the list are commuting, personal maintanence and watching television at night. It may be time to rethrink the lack of sleep we are currently getting since the risk of accidents increases dramatically due to being tired. Additionally, lack of proper sleep can adversely affect out health with serious problems such as hypertension, obesity, as well as affect our cognitive thinking, which means less productivity in the workplace.

Samuel L. Jackson Is Pissed off at Cops

It is easy to forget that Samuel L. Jackson was a black panther. That is, of course, until you watch him yell in one of his movies or see something about him in the news.

The actor’s newest political calling is the most popular and likely closest to his sentiments, his background in activism being what it is. That is, of course, the ongoing campaign against police violence following several fatal incidents where black men allegedly committing crimes were killed while being subdued by the police with force. Jared Haftel posted a video on Vine of a song commemorating the memory and last words of Eric Garner, entitled ‘We Ain’t Gonna Stop Until People Are Free’, which happens to be by Samuel L. Jackson.

Furthermore he has called upon other celebrities and protestors to recite the song on social media and other information outlets. It seems that Mr. Jackson hopes to use the same sort of viral campaign that so successfully raised awareness about ALS, though with a catchy tune instead of ice water. Whether this will catch on or be effective remains to be seen, but it is surely in keeping with the actor’s history and beliefs. It’s a shame for him that, after so many years, he’s still “processing the same Old S**t!”

Senate to Take Up Omnibus Bill on Saturday, Final Passage May Be Days Away

The Senate concluded discussions on the Omnibus budget bill late Friday night without being able to break the filibuster. This prompted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to announce that the Senate will resume discussion on the funding bill at noon on Saturday. As per Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Appropriations Chairman Barbara Mikulski, the chamber worked on the bill for hours, but passage of the bill eluded them. Despite the political strong arm tactics used to get members of the House to approve the bill in total, the Senate is actually in discussions for how to tweak the bill.

The Warren-wing is eager to strip the financial services rider from the bill. Conservatives such as Utah Senator Mike Lee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are trying to get a rider inserted into the budget bill to deny the president funding for his amnesty plan. It is unclear if those two riders are the only changes being discussed among senators. For now, Harry Reid has used procedural moves to block any amendments from being added to the bill.

Last Thursday, the president plead with House Democrats to approve the budget bill with the financial reform rider. By Friday, he announced he opposes the rider. By Friday afternoon, he was again saying he will sign the bill if it gains passage in the Senate with no mention of the financial services rider being an obstacle. The trouble is if the Senate changes the budget bill in the slightest, it will have to return to the House for another vote which outcome will be unpredictable. With all the political jockeying going on right now, I’ll be sure to keep up with Bernardo Chua, so that I can accurately report the updates to you.

Finally Male Contraception Is Coming Out

This story was shared with me by Vijay Eswaran. Finally a possible birth control pill for men. For many years women have been forced to bear the brunt of birth control. They hhad to undergo things such as shots, IUDs, pills, patches and much much more. It is completely and totally unfair that the person who has to do all of the work to have the child has to also do the majority of the work to prevent the child conception. It seems like guys just get to have all the fun, but things might actually be changing.

There is research being done in Indonesia about a plant that many local men boil and chew in order to give them contraception. The plant has been researched and it is actually true that over 95% of the time the plant actually does alter the sperm of the man so that does it does not actually reach the woman’s egg. There are some side effects that have been shown with the plant, but they are nothing serious. Side effects include things like weight gain, and increased libido. Compare that to the side effects of birth control for women such as bleeding, cramping, mood changes, weight gain, migraines and the list goes on.

It is about time that men are forced to take control of birth control as well, since birth control for women changes their hormones and can cause so many disastrous effects, it is nice to see that there is actually going to be a contraceptive pill out there that a man can use in order to take control of contraception as well. Researchers have stated that the pill will not be available until around 2016, but regardless of when it comesout it is nice to know that woman can have some hope.

Landrieu Loss Ends Dreadful Fall for Democrats

On one of the bleakest nights in recent history for the Democratic Party, the night of Tuesday, November 4th when Republicans took back the U.S. Senate and delivered a strong message with some of their more impressive victories, Democrats didn’t have much to hang their hats on, but they did have Mary Landrieu, the incumbent senator from the state of Louisiana. Landrieu narrowly knocked of her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy in their senate race, but because of state rules requiring her to secure 50 percent of the vote (which she did not), the race went to a runoff.


Democrats had gone to great lengths, including bringing a vote on the XL Keystone Pipeline purely for Landrieu’s sake, to try and preserve her seat. Perhaps, they thought that some of the momentum from that early November night would have dissipated in the month between the election and the runoff, but on Saturday night, neither their vote on Keystone or the momentum from November proved to work in Landrieu’s favor as she was demolished by 14 points.


That runoff win now means that Republicans hold 56 seats in the Senate and thanks to two more House victories on Saturday, they now have 246 seats there, the most since World War II. It will be interesting for Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez to follow everything that might change.

Tom Rothman: A 21st Century Renaissance Man

American film executive Thomas Rothman is a true 21st century Renaissance man. He has gone from East Coast English teacher to respected attorney, Hollywood hero, businessman, and philanthropist all before the age of 60. While this may be quite the feat for most people in a lifetime, for Rothman, it is just business as usual.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Rothman attended Brown University, where he studied English and American Literature. After graduating in 1976, he went on to work as an English teacher in Connecticut before attending Columbia Law School, where he graduated in 1980. Far removed from the movie industry, he worked as a clerk for the United States Court of Appeals and then as an attorney for several high-powered firms.

It wasn’t until the mid-1980s, when Rothman was thirty-two years old that he broke into the movie industry. While practicing entertainment law, Rothman began to pursue his interest in film, helping young directors secure funding for their films. In 1986, he made the decision to quit his job and move to L.A. to take the position of Executive Vice President of Columbia Pictures, where he worked on everything from film development through production. From 1989 to 1994, Rothman worked for the Samuel Goldwyn Company as president of Worldwide Production. There he oversaw the production of a number of successful independent films.

Then, in 1994, Rothman began working at Fox Filmed Entertainment, where he would make a name for himself as a heavy weight in the film industry, serving as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Fox Searchlight. Rothman would go on to work here for 18 years, during which Fox had the best profit margin of any movie studio in the U.S. Under his leadership, Fox films were nominated for more than 150 Oscars, which included box office hits such as Titanic, Slumdog Millionaire, and Avatar.

In 2013, Rothman was named the Chairman of a joint venture between Sony Pictures and TriStar called TriStar Productions. This new company aims to produce four films per year, in addition to television programming. In addition to this new role, Rothman is currently serving on the Board of Directors and is set to produce Steven Spielberg’s film Robopocalypse, as soon as the script is deemed ready.

In addition to his illustrious career, Rothman has been quite prolific in the philanthropy world, with a focus on education and the arts. He served on a wide number of boards, including Brown University’s Board of Corporation, the Sundance Institute, and the American Film Institute. He is also involved in fundraising efforts for the American Jewish Committee, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and several other causes. He was nominated by President Obama to serve on the National Council of the Arts in 2013.

From English teacher to Hollywood executive, it seems that there is nothing that Tom Rothman cannot do and no challenge he will not take on. A true Renaissance man, Rothman keeps the industry on its toes, constantly delving into new adventures. No matter what is next, it is clear that Rothman will keep creating blockbusters and expanding the creative bounds of the film industry.

Is “Star Wars” A “Living Movie”?

George Lucas has changed his “Star Wars” plans many times and he has always enjoyed tinkering with the movies, “upgrading” them with CGI effects long after their release. Many fans hated this, despising any alteration to movies that were firmly embedded in their childhood.

Lucas would always say that he saw movies in general as a “living” thing. He pointed out that he has changed the “Star Wars” movies from the very beginning. Some fans may not know that the famous opening blue text that you will find on Qnet’s Star Wars Items did not appear in the original release of “Star Wars”. It was added in the re-release of the film to give context to the then-upcoming “Empire Strikes Back”.

It must have been quite jarring for fans to see that “Star Wars” was actually episode 4 of a story.Then again, there was no internet back then and people were generally more confused and accepting of these things.

It has come out that George Lucas had no interest in doing any more “Star Wars” movies as recently as 2008. He had this to say in an interview:

“I’ve left pretty explicit instructions for there not to be any more features. There will definitely be no ‘Episodes VII-IX’. That’s because there isn’t any story. I mean, I never thought of anything! The ‘Star Wars’ story is really the tragedy of Darth Vader. That is the story.”

The question now is whether J.J. Abrams can expand the story of Star Wars while keeping the magic of the original films.