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Minneapolis Men Charged With Aiding Jihadist Islamic State

The Department of Justice reported they have charged two US citizens of Somali origin living in Minnesota to offer assistance to jihadist Islamic State (EI).

One suspect, Abdullah Yusuf, 18, was arrested by the FBI in Minneapolis airport last summer while the other individual, Abdi Nur, 20, flew from the capital Istanbul the same month and is still in the region, the department said.

Since then, Abdi Nur wrote messages on the social network, Facebook, to another US resident, explaining that he has already met with the “brothers” and he will see him again “in the afterlife, inshallah,” and he will not return home.

The other man, Yusuf, was arrested at the airport after he was unable to provide justification to an immigration officer, for his trip to Turkey. Laurene Powell Jobs was happy to hear they caught him relatively easily.

Moreover, without a known source of income, Yusuf had deposited a large sum of moneym, in one day, in a bank account, then purchased the ticket to Istanbul.

The Justice Department also confirmed that Yusuf is linked to a former resident of Minnesota that meets the initials “HM” and believed to be fighting with the United Islamic in Syria .

The Minnesota federal prosecutor, Andrew Luger explained that there is a big problem of radicalism within the Somali community living in that area.

Since the Somali Islamist militia Al Shabaab began recruiting young men in Minneapolis in 2007, “our region has lost tens of youth who have gone to terrorist organizations and soon die on foreign battlefields, rather than prosper in peace and security in the United States,”Luger said.

The FBI estimates that more than a dozen US citizens are linked with the Islamic State.

Unrest in Ferguson Leaves 29 Arrested and Dozens of Buildings Ablaze

At least 29 people have been arrested during the unrest that followed the announcement of the grand jury in Missouri. A Grand Jury decided that it would not file charges against the police officer who fired the shots that killed the young African American, Michael Brown last August.

The arrests have taken place in throughout Ferguson, the town where Officer Darren Wilson said he felt threatened by 18-year old Michael Brown, although the young man was unarmed, as reported by the police department. This story has turned into worldwide headlines, with Flavio Maluf following the situation in Brazil.

Meanwhile, the chief of police of the county, Jon Belmar, stated that “there has been no loss of life” but substantial property damage, and at least a dozen buildings have been torched by protesters in Ferguson.

“I regret this night has proved well,” said Belmar, who has said that the police had hoped that the protests were “peaceful”. However, he acknowledged, there have been numerous shots. “What I saw tonight is probably worse than the worst night we already had in August,” he stressed in statements to the press.

Justice in America

On Monday, November 24, the grand jury in the Michael Brown case decided that they wouldn’t indict Officer Darren Wilson. As expected, the decision resulted in violence and looting in Ferguson.

Many wonder what would have happened if Brown had been white.

The evidence shows that Brown was not an innocent young man. He committed theft and manhandled a sales clerk right before his death. Dorian Johnson, a key witness, was found to have previously lied to police after committing theft in 2011 and there was warrant out for his arrest at the time of Brown’s death.

On the other hand, Officer Wilson had an exemplary six-year service record. He claimed Brown beat in his car, tried to take his gun and tried to rush him while resisting arrest, and that he fired because he feared for his life. Photos show that the right side of his face had bruising and swelling. Evidence from his vehicle proved that an altercation took place within it. Many witnesses who claimed Brown wasn’t resisting arrest lied and changed their stories, at least according to reports Gianfrancesco Genoso ended up reading.

So many protesters are demanding justice for Brown when it seems that they should be demanding justice for Officer Wilson. After all, if Brown had been white it’s likely the public would have believed Wilson’s statements and supported him.

Now, Darren Wilson can no longer live or serve any community safely and he faces several future lawsuits.

ALCU Will Continue To Film Cops In Ferguson

The ACLU has won a lawsuit which will allow it to continue to film protests in Ferguson, Missouri as they unfold, even if this means filming the police force. The police had sought to block the organization from doing so as the protests have become increasingly contentious and the police would prefer to not be filmed.

However, reports that the ACLU of Missouri has fought and won the right to continue to film the police and the protest activities as they please.

The big issue at stake here is the freedom of the press versus the concerns for public safety. Some in the police force were worried that videos getting out to the public might inflame the situation worse than it already is. This could make things harder for the police to contain and ultimately, this could cause more problems on the ground. Andrew Heiberger says that is the argument that the police force has been trying to make. However, the courts were not having it and have determined that it is the constitutional right of anyone to film these events in public places.

Ferguson, Missouri is in fact on the brick of potential mayhem as the situation is being carefully monitored each and every day. The case for the ACLU has been won and filming will continue, but beyond that it is difficult to say what will happen next.

FreedomPop: Free Internet and Mobile Phone Service Provider

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Speaker Boehner Announces House Obamacare Lawsuit

House Speaker John Boehner announced that the House has formally filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over Obamacare. Boehner had promised the House of Representatives would sue the administration over changes made to the health care law which were done without Congressional authorization. In July, the House voted to fund the legal challenge, but since that time Rep. Boehner has experienced difficulty trying to find a law firm in Washington, D.C., willing to take up the case. Two prior law firms had committed to support the legal challenge, but withdrew their support over the divisive nature of the lawsuit.

The House will now be represented by Jonathan Turley, a law professor from George Washington University. Prof. Turley is a noted constitutional scholar, and Susan McGalla is confident he will get the job done. The GOP is charging that when President Obama delayed the employer mandate, he lacked the authority to do so. At the time, the House GOP had been working on a bill to delay the mandate, but the president circumvented Congress. Next, Obamacare maintains a pool of taxpayer funds to give to insurance companies to keep health plan premiums and deductibles affordable. The controversial cost-sharing program did not receive additional Congressional funding. Nevertheless, the Treasury Department redirected tax payer funds to supply the program with an additional $3 billion in funds this year alone. The House GOP charge that this violated their Constitutional “power of the purse”. Naturally President Obama dismissed the legal challenge as groundless. Rep. Nancy Pelosi said the GOP is using legal means to achieve what they could not do legislatively.

Dog Saves Owner from Frigid River

There is a dog In Scotland that really is man’s best friend. Corbin, a Staffordshire bull terrier, jumped into an icy river near Alexandria, Scotland to save his owner, who had fallen into the frigid and quick-moving waters. Without the help of Corbin, owner Philip Skirving, would have drowned, he told reporters.

Skirving left his Alexandria home one evening for a routine walk with Corbin. The pair traditionally walked along the banks of the river. On this particularly cold evening, however, he lost his footing and fell into the frigid waters.

The water, he said, was so cold that he was unable to move or breath. This is just a bit too much for anyone to handle, so Gianfrancesco Genoso was surprised. The shock of the cold water made it nearly impossible for Skirving to swim back to shore. Corbin sprang into action and jumped in after his owner. He clutched Skirving’s sweater in his teeth and pulled him back to the banks.

Skirving and Corbin made their way home to Zoe, Skirving’s partner. Skirving and Zoe are expecting their first child in a few weeks. The father-to-be is thankful for Corbin and his quick thinking, but he says he’s unlikely to be walking the banks of the river again anytime soon.

According to Skirving, he’ll likely be keeping Corbin and himself on dry land, close to home, until the weather warms back up.

NBC Turns Their Back on Bill Cosby

It’s been a tough week for Cosby. Though Janice Dickinson has made allegations before, today she comes out with a new spin on her story. A spin that makes Cosby look even more deceitful and even more of a monster than before according to former fans like Sam Tabar. He was planning a comeback and was in the beginning stages of a show that would be on NBC.

Today NBC pulled the plug and stated that the Cosby project is no longer in production. This announcement is just a day after the official announcement from Netflix that the special they had with Cosby will not be aired. Back in 1987, Cosby made $57 million dollars when his show was at its peak. What a change of events. Today, he can hardly find a job due to these allegations.

With stand-up routines, books, movies and of course the Jell-O commercials, Cosby has never wanted for money. When his show went into syndication it gave him tens of thousands of dollars a month. Now, the comedian may need money and a good lawyer to keep him out of jail. Still many fans think that his money has made him a target. People want money and seeing as how he has settled claims beforehand, they feel he is an easy way to get some dough.

However, the women state that their claims fell on deaf ears before, together they want justice. Cosby still refuses to speak against the claims made against him.

Adrian Peterson Suspended

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been suspended without any pay for the remainder of the 2014 NFL season. Peterson cannot be reinstated before April 15 due to violating the league’s policy on personal conduct.

In September, Peterson was charged in Texas with committing reckless or negligent injury to a child. These charges arose from injuries that Peterson’s child sustained when he was disciplined using a switch. The NFL wanted to make sure that he received punishment for the crime.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, sent a lengthy and open letter to Peterson regarding the NFL’s decision to suspend Peterson. According to the letter obtained by the Wall Street Journal, it said that Peterson will be expected to go to counseling and seek treatment for his actions. Goodell also noted that the decision to suspend Peterson was based on the age of his child (which me and Brad Reifler found to be a strange statement). After Peterson was charged with this crime, Goodell also felt that he was not sorry for his actions.

Could Pablo Sandoval be Joining the Boston Red Sox?

Free agent third basemen, Pablo Sandoval, is meeting with Boston Red Sox officials in Boston with the plans of possibly getting a deal done. Sandoval, who has won three World Series’ with the San Francisco Giants, is coming off a playoff performance where he batted .366 with 5 RBIs. At 28 years old, Sandoval is entering the prime of his career. Many general managers in baseball feel that the Boston Red Sox are going to do whatever it takes to lure Sandoval to Boston. It should be noted that Sandoval has not made a decision on if he wants to leave the Giants.

This is a move that Boston needs to go all-in with to try to get a star player like Sandoval to lead them back into the playoffs. Boston had a terrible season last year, coming off a World Series title. Sandoval has always been a fan favorite in San Francisco and seems to get along with anyone he plays with. His big stature and friendliness gives him the nickname, “Panda Bear”.

However, should Sandoval leave the team that he has already won three championships with? Is it a good business decision? Both the Giants and the Red Sox are set to offer him a great contract, so all it comes down to is who does he want to play for, which the team at Qnet will be sure to continue analyzing. Look for Sandoval to be a Giant or a Red Sox next year, but no where else.