Late Night Star Conan O’Brien Will Host 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Coco fans, rejoice! The late night TV sensation Conan O’Brien is going to host the 23rd Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway. O’Brien told reporters that his “good agent” deserves all the credit for helping him secure this prestigious gig.


O’Brien also bragged a bit to reporters, telling them that he will receive the Nobel Prize in Particle Physics at this event. Who knew Conan was so smart?


All joking aside, O’Brien said he was greatly honored to host this special event. Some former stars who hosted this event include Helen Mirren, Jay Leno, and Liam Neeson. To say the least, O’Brien has some big shoes to fill. But fans of O’Brien’s irreverent and Monty Pythonesque humor will probably be satisfied with his upcoming performance.


The musicians set to perform at this concert include the Norwegian indie pop band Highasakite, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and the American singer Halsey. This event will honor Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos, the sole recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize this year. President Santos is being honored for stopping Columbia’s civil war.


After graduating from Harvard University, O’Brien began his career in show business working as a writer for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. In 1993, O’Brien got his own TV show called Late Night With Conan O’Brien on NBC. This late night program lasted till 2009.


After a short and highly publicized year hosting The Tonight Show following Jay Leno’s disastrous move to primetime, O’Brien was forced to give up his slot to Leno again. O’Brien left NBC in 2010.


O’Brien immediately began hosting the popular late night show Conan on TBS after his departure from NBC. He is still hosting this show today.


This 23rd Annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert will air on December 11th around the world. This concert, which is being organized by the Nobel Peace Prize Research & Information and Warner Brothers, is going to be streamed live via YouTube.

Trevor Noah Not Happy About Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusations

The new host of The Daily Show is disgusted by Trump in general, and now he’s even more disgusted. The new disdain for Trump comes amid allegations of sexual assault. Trump has been accused by several women of groping and kissing without consent. The allegations go all the way back to the 80s.


Noah talked about Trump’s sexual assault allegations on the most recent edition of The Daily Show. He said that in this way, Trump is actually worse than Bill Cosby. Furthermore, Noah went on to say that he was even more upset about the deniers.


Many individuals close to and around Trump are denying that the assaults even took place. Of course, Trump denies the allegations himself and says that they are entirely fictional. One woman came forward, and she is now in her 70s. She said that she was a reporter on an airplane in first class in the 80s and that on the flight, she sat next to Trump. At first, they were having a nice chat over the inflight dinner, but after the dishes were cleared, she said that Trump reached over and groped her and tried to touch her chest and kiss her.


Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show, and he’s doing well in this role so far. Noah was born and grew up in South Africa, and he made his way to The Daily Show as a comedian and radio host. He has also acted in some films and TV shows.

College Basketball Betting: Increasing the Odds

When it comes to college basketball, many people enjoy the sport for more than the joy of competition. They love to watch so they can hedge their bets and hope to make it rich. As college basketball betting becomes more and more popular, people turn to all the help they can get to make their bets more reliable and to help them yield a larger return. For this reason, has grown in popularity among many eager betters. When betting on March Madness odds and placing bets any time of year, this is a website that can be used to assist in making more successful bets that lead to better profits.

It’s all about knowing the details of each team, individual players, and common moves winning coaches of successful teams use to help them beat out their opponents. Once a person who loves watching college ball knows the tricks to safer betting, they can increase their odds of winning and be able to step out of their comfort zone when making bets. This is something that teaches all betters, whether they are new to the field or have been putting their money on the sporting line for years. The website provides details of players, past winners, and other odd-increasing factoids to help betting individuals improve their game.

While it is always important for betters to use their funds wisely, there is always room to be daring with the odds as well. With growing success stories in betting news about people hitting it big with a single play, more people want to get their hands on the green and enjoy new riches and the pure thrill of the betting world. This can only be accomplished with a new knowledge of how to bet responsibly while being able to put oneself out there at the same time. In short, betting is all about placing common sense and a daring taste for adventure side by side for perfect plays.

As college ball is beginning yet a new and exciting season, people are looking for new ways to enjoy the sport that is both fun and rewarding. College basketball betting is where it’s at, and a pastime that will likely continue to grow in popularity for many years to come.

Laid law and Company: A Leading Investment Banking and Brokerage Firm

Laidlaw and Company are a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm offering expert service, investment banking, and industry expertise. They’re primarily a healthcare-focused firm providing financial solutions through captive and independent sales offices. They provide services to domestic and international companies, institutions, and private clients with over 170 years of experience. Operating under FCA and FINRA, they have offices located in Europe and the US; allowing their professionals to strengthen relationships and help clients grow financially.

Laidlaw and Company are offering services in capital markets, institutional sales, alternative investments, and wealth management. The Laidlaw Capital Markets allow customers to grow capital through public markets. They extend services in IPOs, follow-on and secondary offerings, confidential market follow-ons, and registered directs and PIPEs. Their experts combine experience with clients preferences and intentions during investment sales for a tailored experience.

Laidlaw and Company also offer alternative investment opportunities through the sister company, Laidlaw Private Equity. They also develop a personalized approach to financial goals. Their professionals help clients through financial planning, investment management and risk, and estate planning. Laidlaw Asset Management has a goal to manage, grow, and preserve the wealth of their global clientele.

Laidlaw and Company offer only experienced professionals to assist their clients; starting with Matthew Eitner, Chief Executive Officer, and James P. Ahern, Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets.

Matthew Eitner is an experienced equities trader who has served as Managing Director of private investment firm Aegis Capital Corporation. He was also a Vice President at Casimir Capital, a boutique investment firm, and has experience working at International Strategy and Investment.

James P. Ahern previously served as Managing Director of Aegis Capital Corporation as well as Vice President at Casimir Capital. At Laidlaw and Company, he arranges finances for private and public companies.

How To Get Legal Help For Your Business

Are you in need of a competent lawyer for your business? Need a lawyer to advice or guide you on business or corporate dispute?

If you find yourself in a legal trouble in Brazil, a competent Brazilian lawyer can represent you and ensure that the situation is brought under control. A good lawyer will be able to resolve the matter effectively so you can move on with your business. Whatever issue you need an attorney for, it is important to make sure that you choose an experienced attorney that has great expertise in the area of law you need help with.

Don’t expect to find a good lawyer by simply searching in the phone book or reading an advertisement. These resources don’t have enough information to help a person make a valid judgment. Check out reliable resources like Lawyer directories that are available online and local bar association.

These are highly reliable resources that can provide you with background information and credentials of lawyers. The profiles usually provide you with information about the lawyer’s education, experience, and fees, and perhaps, the lawyer’s general philosophy of practicing law.

A competent lawyer in Brazil can help you navigate the complicated legal process and advise you about the best way to handle the case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly experienced Brazilian business lawyer and expert litigator. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients, and understand their problem. Mr Ricardo Tosto operates a highly renowned law office in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has personally worked with companies and individuals for over 22 years. Mr Ricardo Tosto advises and represents established companies, corporations, entrepreneurs and institutions with a vast range of business related services.

Ricardo Tosto is well recognized as an excellent litigation lawyers by the Brazilian legal community. His law firm is comprised of a team of highly knowledgeable and qualified legal professionals. He counsels his clients on business and corporate law, shareholders matters, formation of an entity, contract negotiation and enforcement, license agreement, breach of contract and other important legal issues.


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Differences between Margin and Stock-Based Loans; Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings has undoubtedly experienced growth in the number of clients interested in margins and stock-based loans. This may be due to the fact that, other loan lending institutions such as banks have increased their interests’ rates and also tightened the loan lending criteria such that a majority of clients do not measure up, hence making them seek alternative solutions.


According to an observation by Equity First Holdings , customers still find both margin and stock-based loans synonymous; since both forms use security as collateral. Here is a clear contrast featuring margin loans and stock-based loans:

Margin Loans

  • The client should be pre-qualified for the loan.
  • It may require money borrowed to be applied as specified.
  • Its interest rates are variable from time to time.
  • Its loan to value ratio is between ten and fifty percent.
  • In the case of a margin call, the lending firm reserves the right to liquidate the borrower’s collateral without warning.

Stock-Based Loans

  • Money borrowed can be applied wherever the client chooses; there are no restrictions.
  • Even when the stock value depreciates, the client holds the right to walk away at any given time.
  • Its fixed interest rate is between 3% and 4%.
  • Its loan to value ratio is between 50% and 75%


It has also noted that clients are hesitant when it comes to stock-based loans because, in the past, most lenders have failed to meet their expectations by dumping collateral into the open market and failing to honor stock pledges after maturity. The institution assures its clients that this is not the case anymore and encourages them to consider this type of loan.

About Equity First Holdings

It was founded by Al Christy Jr. in the year 2002. EFH is an alternative finance-lending firm that is reputable for offering clients low fixed interest rates for high loan to values and providing capital against a publicly traded stock. Currently, it prides itself in performing over 650 transactions worth more than $1.4 billion.


Its current locations include London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. To find about more about Equity First Holding, visit its website

Why The Midas Legacy’s Work Is Important

The Midas Legacy is a group of independent consultants who give people advice on how to make life changes. The group is headed up by Jim Samson, a source from the IBTimes who has built a resume from stock trading, real estate investments, and starting businesses. Also contributing to The Midas Legacy are Sean Bower, a journalist whose articles you may have noticed in Yahoo’s finance page, and Mark Edwards, a medical expert who gives clients advice on alternative medicines and healthy practices. The Midas Legacy gives subscribers access to the Midas Code, in which they give the secrets to success, but the key they emphasize is on the client taking action. The main financial area they focus on is retirement planning.

One way they advise to build a retirement fund is through their Wall Street Informer program. This is a guide for subscribers to get inside information on stock trading and big investments they don’t want to miss out on. According to The Midas Legacy’s code breaker course, subscribers to this information could actually win in the stock market in just one trade. Subscribers can find out how to make a profit when the financial market in general is in a downturn, and how they can get the best upcoming stocks.

Another program The Midas Legacy strongly advocates is real estate investments. The common myth that circulates about real estate is that only the wealthy can profit from it and the average person can’t afford it. But The Midas Legacy shows people how they can purchase property that will gain value over the course of time. Real estate riches can be found simply by understanding the basics and using principles of investing to ones advantage. If done properly, real estate investing can help bring retirement closer and paid in full.

One of the most neglected areas of life are personal health and wellness, and The Midas Legacy doesn’t want that to be so. With their natural cures program, you can find out about other medicines that you don’t see in your local pharmacies and use them for dealing with ailments. They also urge people exercise and lead disciplined lives to find fulfillment. The Midas Legacy also has a retirement calculator to help people find out what they need to do to get to retirement. The group also gives back to their local communities including to the Salvation Army, Wounded Warrior Project, and the ASPCA.

Indications of a Symbiotic Relationship between Technology and Fashion

Recently, Chris Burch reviewed how the fashion and technology industries are intertwined. By looking back at the evolution of personal music experience from a boom box to an iPod, Burch displays that technological growth is based on the popularity of what a person considers fashionable.

The modern age is experiencing a blend of fashion and technology since most fashion designers derive pleasure in designing what delivers. Since using technology helps to achieve this purpose, designers such as Anouk Wipprecht have come up with designs that marry fashion and technology. Wipprecht is recognized for her drink-making dress, avant-garde designs and self-painting dress.Some fashion trends have been triggered by the need to protect humans by using technology. Designers such as Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have come up with a fashionable wear to protect bike enthusiasts, which is known as Airbag for Cyclists. It is worn around the neck and pops out to protect the head from harm during accidental impact. Further, other designers are recycling various materials to create interesting designs. SegraSegra is recognized for creating t-shirts and jackets from a bicycle’s inner tubes.

These fashion trends characterized by technological influences give an indication to some form of symbiosis between the two fields or industries. The growth of this trend could lead into a future with a beautiful, creative as well as protected environment for human beings.

Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is popularly known as the CEO and founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Burch created this firm with an approach aimed at creating value. The firm boasts of an investment philosophy that exhibits Christopher’s entrepreneurial values as well as his vision for emerging market opportunities. For about forty years of his life, Burch has served as an active investor and entrepreneur across a broad range of industries. As so, he has contributed significantly to the growth and success of numerous luxury and technology brands including Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, Next Jump, Tory Burch, Powermat, Poppin and Jawbone.

Over the years, Burch has undertaken numerous business initiatives including the launching of C. Wonder, which is a home décor, apparel and accessories retailer. Later, Xcel Brands acquired the retailer. Other brands in Burch’s portfolio include Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu. Apart from being involved in the creation of many consumer and lifestyle brands, Burch is a board member of the Rotham Institute Orthopedic Foundation. In the past, he has taken part in philanthropic endeavors such as funding research at The Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, and The Henry Street Settlement.

Malini Saba: an Internationally Recognized Investor and a Powerful Philanthropist

Malini Saba is a self-established Asian investor and a charitable giver, who makes a tangible impact on the business and investment arena in the United States and abroad. Saba had a humble background, but that did not stop her from working her way to the top of the international business arena. Her journey to success motivates everyone, starting from accomplished investors to young aspiring entrepreneurs. When she started out, Saba was probably aware that the only way she could remain relevant in the corporate world was to invest into different territories across the globe.


Overcoming challenges


Saba’s rise to the top was full of vicissitudes, but she remained committed to the cause. Together with her associates, she had to put up a strong fight against corrupt persons who were doing their level best to push her out of business. Although she lost a significant amount of money, time, and eventually business, Saba was happy for emerging victorious. She moved swiftly to establish another enterprise, and this time, she was prepared to overcome any challenge that came her way.


 Malini Saba is currently enjoying the fruits of her hard work and perseverance. While Saba has accomplished a lot across the different sector, she believes the sky is the limit for her. Her companies are committed to making an impact through philanthropic support to charitable organizations in both local and global communities. She encourages and helps women to penetrate and establish empires in the male-dominated corporate sector.


Malini Saba: the entrepreneurial guru


Malini Saba is a talented entrepreneur, wise investor, and a committed philanthropist hailing from South Asia. She founded Saban, a firm that continues to invest on a global scale in various sectors including gas and oil in China, technology companies in the United States, and Real estate in both India and Australia. Being an active philanthropist committed to making a difference both domestically and internationally, in 2001, Malini launched “Stree: Global Investments in Women, an established charitable organizations that aims at redefining the roles of needy and at-risk women and kids in the society.


Officially instated by Clinton (former President of the U.S.) and Noor (the Queen of Jordan), “Stree” offers an avenue for women to get easy access to legal empowerment, healthcare, and education. It also provides a forum for prominent movements to address issues of public policy in Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Malini awarded the Mountain View, CA-based El Camino Hospital a record $1 million to establish a full-equipped Heart Research Center.



Co-working Spaces Encourage Creativity


The world has changed in many ways. Among the changes that this world has underwent is that it has become mobile. There are now mobile offices. Also, the workforce has also changed because of the economic downturn. There are now more shared office spaces. On top of that, more people are experiencing some of the advantages that come with co-working spaces. For one thing, people are more free to think what they want. People are not told what to think like they were in regular workplaces. Also, people are a lot less likely to be dragged into anything.


One of the features of co-working spaces, is they allow people to use their creativity. There are a lot of co-working spaces that allow people to use them for different reasons. While many of them are general, there are some that are made for specific businesses. One thing that they all have in common is that people are more creative in what they are doing. There are also a lot more people that are working passionately towards their goals. There is a collaborative atmosphere in each of these places. They are a lot different from the environment that is provided by workplaces.


There are many different shared office spaces in many different cities. One city that has a great co-working space is New York City with Workville. People in Workville work together to run successful businesses. There are a lot of needs that are provided by this co-working space. Each person gets his own desk to put his equipment on so that he could get to work when he sits down. There is also the Wi-Fi and conferencing spaces. The best feature is the laid back atmosphere. This is what gets people’s productivity going.


Workville is one of the mobile office spaces that offer people a chance to share their skills when it comes to business. With each person’s contribution, Workville becomes a collaborative culture of success.