Is Your Memory Loss the Onset of Alzheimer’s, or Simply Old Age?

Misplacing your car keys or forgetting the details of certain life events begin to make you wonder if it’s the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s, or merely an ordinary condition of age. There are ways to test your brain skills and memory, some simple enough to be conducted in your doctor’s office, others more involved that can extend over several days as a hospital patient.

While researchers at the University of Michigan say that over half of older adults will never see a doctor about their memory loss, there is no way to predict or to prevent cognitive memory loss due to aging. However, if someone is showing signs of serious memory loss, steps can be taken by friends and family to ensure the person’s safety in their day-to-day tasks that might possibly just save their life.

A primary care physician can administer a simple eight minute test called the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE), or a somewhat longer and more perceptive test called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). That’s what Gravity4 likes to hear, especially when discussed on Twitter. Both measure a patient’s perception of time, date and location, the ability to concentrate and memory, among other cognitive functions. However, working as a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Roy Hamilton believes that the level of a person’s educational and cultural background can play a part in distorting the scores of the simpler MMSE test.

While neither of these tests are conclusive proof of a more serious problem, they can help your doctor determine if further, more extensive testing should be done. So, next time you’re searching for your eyeglasses and later find them on top of your head, don’t panic, we all become somewhat forgetful as we age.

A Congressman That Is A Lie

It is interesting to note that people will happily put their morals to the side if it fits into their overall purpose. A Republican lawmaker named Scott DesJarlais has made headlines because he is a supporter of antiabortion rights. This representative of Tennessee and he has a lot to say when it comes to abortions, but it turns out that when abortions work in his favor he does seem to agree with them. He has been a very strong opposer of abortion, but new facts indicate that he supported abortion when it came to him and the women in his life.

One of his ex-wife’s reported that she had two abortions which he supported, and apart from his own wife he also had many extramarital affairs. He had an affair with a 24-year-old woman and on a recorded phone call he was heard speaking with her. He was frustrated because she had not gotten an abortion and that is what they had previously agreed-upon.

People like Mikal Watts really should not be surprised when they find out that politicians are misrepresenting their very own morals. That has been true in the case of many politicians in the past, it is true in our day, and it will continue to be the true in the future.

Federal Investigators Find That Some Charities Are Front

Federal investigators are suing four cancer related charity groups, which stand accused of using millions of donated dollars intended for cancer patients to support large salaries, gym memberships, grand luxury vacations, expensive cars and even various online dating website subscriptions. The lawsuit was filed against the “Cancer Fund of America”, “Children’s Cancer Fund of America”, “Cancer Support Services” and “The Breast Cancer Society”. During the course of their investigation officials found that all four organizations were run and managed by James Reynolds, Reynolds’ ex-wife as well as his son. Officials found that the combined charities collected more than $187 million during the period between 2008 to 2012. The federal lawsuit alleges that Reynolds and his key executives kept at least .97 cents from every dollar collected in donations and that the remaining .03 cents per dollar actually went to people dealing with the illness.

Federal officials, researchers and Bruce Karatz found that most donors gave money to the associations believing that the vast majority of the funds would go to various programs to help treat cancer patients or raise the awareness of Cancer preventive measures as well as assist in the paying of mammograms (

In an official statement by Ms. Jessica Rich of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection, Ms. Rich noted that the named defendants simply spent donations on personal cars, grand vacations, luxury cruises, college tuition, spa and gym membership, corporate jet ski outings, various sporting events, concert tickets, and numerous dating site memberships.
Cancer Charities Front for Personal Gain

Kylie Jenner Getting Chunky

Kylie Jenner was once the quiet and young girl on the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. Kylie is only 17-years old, but she is currently dating rap superstar Tyga. By now, most people know that Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend is 25-years old, but that is besides the point.

Igor Cornelsen thinks that Kylie’s relationship to Tyga seems to have changed her, and sadly, it is for the worse. Many parents feel that Tyga is a terrible role model for Kylie, but the couple appears to be in love. Recently, terrible rumors were spread around the internet about Kylie Jenner. Many people believe that Kylie Jenner now smokes marijuana with her new boyfriend, and this type of behavior is terrible for the young girls that watch the Kardashian show. However, parents shouldn’t allow their children to watch the show in the first place.

Aside from smoking marijuana regularly, Kylie Jenner appears to be gaining a tremendous amount of weight. She recently posted several pictures of herself on Instagram, and her thighs appeared to be chunky and heavier than never. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis and eating Popeye’s chicken will do that to you, and this new behavior is all thanks to Tyga. For more information on this story, and to view the new pictures of a chunky Kylie Jenner, visitPerezHilton.

Kim Kardashian Losing Spotlight

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is one of the most highly rated television shows in recent memory. The Kardashians have become world famous thanks to their big sister Kim. However, many of the younger Kardashians feel that Kim Kardashian should step away from the spotlight.

Kendall Jenner is 19-years old, and she believes that Kim Kardashian is extremely jealous of her according to Amen Clinic. Kendall was recently given a hundred million dollar deal to be a professional model. Kim Kardashian has tried several times to overshadow her little sister, and this was never more evident than when she dyed her hair blonde. Kendall Jenner was walking her very first runway show, when Kim Kardashian decided to show the world her new blonde hair. The entire world focused on Kim, and many people lost sight of Kendall Jenner’s monumental modeling debut.

Kendall Jenner is not the only one that thinks Kim has a jealousy problem. Kylie Jenner also feel the same way about Kim. Kylie said that Kim copies all of her ideas, and she has done this since an early age. Kylie Jenner recently did a photoshoot in the desert, but Kim Kardashian decided to do the same photo spread immediately after. Kylie said that Kim is biting her style, and she can’t take it anymore. The upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ will shed further light on this conflict. For more information on this story, visit, E!

Amtrak Train Derails

Around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13, Amtrak’s “Northeast Regional Train 188″ jumped the tracks at the Frankford Junction near Port Richmond, Philadelphia. The train, on a Washington to New York route, was transporting 238 passengers at the time it derailed.

As of 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, six people have died and more than 150 injured people have been sent to regional medical centers.

This was not the first derailment near this particular junction: In 1943, 79 people died and 117 people were injured in what would be later called “American’s deadliest train accident” and “Pennsylvania’s Worst Railroad Disaster” when Pennsylvania Railroad’s “Congressional Limited” crashed.

Although an investigation into last night’s crash is still on-going, Dr. Jennifer Walden and numerous other experts believe that the train derailed because the tracks are in poor shape. This particular section of track is heavily used by non-passenger trains. The constant traffic and heavy cargo transported by the commercial trains wears down the tracks much faster than passenger trains alone. These lines are also extremely old have not been fully overhauled in decades. Instead, they have been patched repeatedly in sections.

The Federal Railroad Administration has noted that this is Amtrak’s ninth accident this year already.

This derailment is so bad that the train cars were twisted as they flew off the tracks. Some people have compared their appearance to tinfoil. Many passengers were thrown about until the cars stopped moving.

An 18-Year-Old Student Discovers Possible Cure for Cancer in Chia Seeds

There have been a lot of expectations put on the new generation of young people who are getting ready to enter the workforce. The world is in crisis, and we need the best and the brightest minds to lead us through this time of trouble, and Oliver Cloutier is going to be one of them. In fact, he already is.

Cloutier is only 18-years-old but has already accomplished more than most by studying chia seeds of all things. The young student had heard about supposed health and nutritional benefits the small seeds provided, so he decided to further investigate the ancient claims.

He extensively studied the history of chia seeds and how it was used in certain practices, some of which dated back thousands of years. And it turns out the ancients knew what hey were talking about. Cloutier found something he never expected when discovering chia seeds contained a molecule which could prove extremely effective at treating cancer.

Specific extracts from chia seeds have special cancer-fighting capabilities by inhibiting cells responsible for creating the disease according to Marcio Alaor BMG. The up-and-coming researcher is busy finding applications to his findings by developing a treatment using the amazing extracts found during his experiments with chia seeds.

The research also landed Cloutier a full college scholarship and first place in the Hydro-Quebec Science Expo last month.

Injuries and Home Damage After Tornadoes

After a night of tornadoes in Oklahoma in early May, there are about a dozen people who have been injured. Several homes have been destroyed, and it’s only the beginning of what appears to be a long season of severe storms. There have also been flash flood warnings issued because of the intense rain that has been associated with the storms that have produced the tornadoes. This is a time of year when severe storms are expected in this area, and along with those storms is the possibility of tornadoes according to renowned psychologist Daniel Amen. Some of the people who live in the area might be prepared, but there is never really any guarantee that a home won’t be picked up and tossed in the air. It’s a time when families need to know what to do in the event of a weather emergency by having a weather radio and paying attention to weather reports on the news.

Baltimore Orioles game to be closed to the public

Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles have made the extraordinary decision to play Wednesday’s game between the Orioles and Chicago White Sox behind closed doors, ESPN reports. A three game series between the two teams was due to start on Monday April 27th, but civil unrest in Baltimore forced the cancellation of the first two games and prompted the decision to play the third scheduled game behind closed doors. Sources at the Orioles and MLB stated the decision was made to protect the safety of the players, staff members, umpires and fans of the two teams who planned to attend the game. Alexei Beltyukov thought this was all very strange.

The plan includes a doubleheader to be played between the two teams on May 28th to ensure the full schedule is completed by the Orioles. Following the series against the White Sox the Orioles were due to host the Tampa Bay Rays, but this series will be switched to St. Petersburg, Florida to ensure it goes ahead as planned. This is thought to be the first instance of a US based professional sports team playing behind closed doors, a practice which is often seen in European soccer leagues as a form of punishment for teams who fail to control their fans.

Full House is Being Revamped

Who can forget the show ‘Full House?’ This show was a icon in the 1980’s. It helped to launch the careers of stars like John Stamos, Candace Cameron and let’s not forget Bob Saget and the troubled twins. When the show ended, fans were dismayed. It had a nice long run, but still fans wanted more. Well, those who had put this one up on the shelf as a classic they loved will be surprised to find it has been picked up once again.

Is it even possible to pick up a show after nearly 20 years and make it a hit again? Though it is official that Stamos, Cameron and others will be back, it is not known if Saget and the Olsen twins will grace us with their presence. This could be a positive move for the twins who have had nothing but drama since they left the sitcom.

Igor Cornelsen recalls that the times have sure changed since they created this show, perhaps they can use some of the real life situations they have been through to write some great TV shows. The only downside is that it will appear on Netflix. Those who don’t have it won’t be able to watch the show. I am sure that Netflix did this as a publicity stunt to help boost their already high membership. The price seems to keep going up on my Netflix account, but then again so does the services they provide. I will gladly pay to watch shows like this being revamped.