HOPE: The Contribution of Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors to the Society

Corporate responsibility programs and philanthropic works are just an inactive or lesser priority job for the vast majority of the companies. While most companies just want to show that they are contributing to the communities, there are a few companies they get the fuel for their business from the active participation of philanthropic and community works in the society. USHEALTH Group is a perfect example of the companies that give top priority to charity and works that are aimed to improve the communities in the United States. All the initiatives are led and encouraged by the CEO of the insurance provider, Troy McQuagge.

The most prominent philanthropic initiative of the firm is none other than Helping Other People Everyday, which is called by its acronym HOPE. The initiative is the collaboration of the management and staff of USHEALTH Group along with its independently contracted advisors, generally known as USHEALTH Advisors. The advisors of the firm are called as USHA or Agents of USHEALTH Advisors. For the HOPE members, the mission is part of the daily life, and it is focused on bringing positive and influential changes in the lives people in the society.

Interestingly, HOPE was started in the year 2010 under the visionary leadership of Troy McQuagge. It has captured the attention of societies as well as people over the years with committed and efficient services across the United States. Since then, the firm has grown significantly, almost ten times, in the market under the leadership Troy McQuagge. The growth gave the opportunity for the company to make more active interventions in the society. While coming to the initial days of HOPE, it started its initial mission when it worked with Phoenix of New Orleans group in the rescue and rebuild mission of Hurricane Katrina-hit New Orleans.

The group worked in some the hardest hit areas of the city and helped to rebuild the homes and infrastructure in those localities. Apart from supplying funds, HOPE also produced a significant number of man-hours to in the restoration efforts for ensuring the safety of the New Orleans residents. It also supplied food, clothes, new shoes, and more to a children’s shelter in Phoenix area called The Crisis Nursery. The company also made a procedure that whenever it makes an important business meeting in a particular city, it would contribute to the societies of the city as well.

When the USHEALTH Advisors conducted Leaders Meeting in Phoenix in 2012, it presented over $25,000 to a group that is working to support children of cancer-prone families called HOPEKids Arizona. Next year, USHA contributed $45,000 more to the group since it opened another chapter in North Texas. Troy McQuagge US Health says that every business has a soul which is defined by its people and what the company represents. USHEALTH Groups represents serving people and help them to live a better life.



Hawkeye Returning for “Avengers 4”

The fourth Avengers film is currently being filmed, and Jeremy Renner has seemingly confirmed that he will return in it as Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye.

On his Instagram page, Renner posted a picture of his shadow, the silhouette of which clearly shows him wearing the superhero outfit. “Costume on point today … what do you think?” he asks.

The currently untitled fourth Avengers film will be out on May 3, 2019, and serve as a “part 2” of Avengers: Infinity War, which will be released on May 4 of next year. The two films will see the Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight the Mad Titan Thanos, a powerful alien who wishes to collect the six Infinity Gems and place them into his Infinity Gauntlet; doing so will give him virtually unlimited power, spelling doom for the universe.

Fans expect for Thanos and his servants, the Black Order, to kill at least one major character before the saga is complete. Many have focused on Hawkeye as a probable target: he lacks superpowers (save amazing archery skills) and does not have his own film series, nor has he been as prominent in the franchise as fellow Avenger Black Widow. This post, however, implies that he will at least live through Avengers: Infinity War.

Hawkeye was also notably absent from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, perhaps implying a mystery or twist for his role in that film.

Newcomers Among Top Trending Actors on Google

Google released its list of top trending actors, defined as those who had the biggest bump compared to last year. As such, it’s a lucky list for newcomers and breakout stars.

Amusingly, the #10 spot goes to Tommy Wiseau, creator of The Room. The making of this “So Bad, It’s Good” classic was portrayed in The Disaster Artist. Wiseau was portrayed by James Franco.

Spot #8 goes to Tom Holland, who got his big break in Captain America: Civil War as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Now he got his own movie with Spider-Man: Homecoming, a great addition to the webslinger’s filmography.

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown was #5. She plays Eleven, a psychic child raised in a government lab. Season 3 is not expected until 2019, but check her out in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise in It, was #6. He was really unknown before this film, and “It” certainly wasn’t an easy character to play, given the need to balance the silly and sinister.

Similar to Holland is Gal Gadot at #3. Last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was divisive, but her solo debut in Wonder Woman was far more popular with fans and critics.

#1 isn’t a newcomer, though: Meghan Markle got the top spot as she prepares for her role as a British princess. We’re not sure what movie that’s for.

Gwendoline Christie Drops in on the Late Show

Gwendolyn Christie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the first time on December 4. The British actress, best known for her role as Brienne of Tarth on HBO’s Game of Thrones, came on the late night show to discuss her role in the new film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. During the course of her conversation with the late night host, Christie revealed that her role as Captain Phasma was originally intended to be much smaller. However, J.J. Abrams enjoyed her character so much, he opted to expand the role. Christie discussed her appreciation for the character of Captain Phasma, stating that the character’s full body armor is a deliberate attempt to draw the audience’s focus away from her appearance and level of attractiveness. She acknowledged that her affinity for the role of Captain Phasma is largely based on the opportunity to hide her face and body inside concealing armor. Unlike Brienne in Game of Thrones, who is often mocked for her looks, Captain Phasma is completely hidden beneath her chromium-polished armor.

Christie declined to offer the audience any spoilers for The Last Jedi, but revealed that the mysterious Captain Phasma has a dark past. She also discussed her early life as a child growing up in the country and her preference for city life. Colbert asked Christie about her dramatic training in London, and she confessed that the stagework she undertook at Drama Centre London dampened her love of wearing designer clothes.

Harry Styles Unexpectedly Jumps in as Host for the Late Late Show

The Late Late Show’s audience and viewers were surprised on Tuesday night when Harry Styles, One Direction member turned solo artist, appeared onstage to give the show’s opening monologue. Styles received a thunderous round of applause and began his monologue by saying, “No your eyes do not deceive you…I am not James Corden.” Corden’s unexpected absence was due to his wife, Julia Carey, giving birth to the couple’s third child, a girl, just half an hour before the show’s start. The couple also has a three-year old daughter, Carey, and a six-year old son, Max. The new baby’s name has yet to be released. According to a tweet by Corden, the baby and mother are “doing great” and the family “can’t stop smiling.”

It was also revealed in Corden’s tweet that Harry Styles came to the rescue by stepping in to host with only a two and a half hour’s notice. Styles joked that he had stopped by the hospital before the show to see the newborn and that the baby “looks a lot like James, mainly because James looks like a giant baby.” He also assured the audience that his hosting was “a one time only thing, unless CBS likes what they see.” Styles, a friend of Corden, has appeared on The Late Late Show before as a guest and performed a weeklong musical residency in May that coincided with the release of his debut album.

Conan O’Brien to Promote Google Mobile Games

Conan O’Brien has had a lot of fun with the fact that he is not a very good video game player. Viewers have loved the frequent segments on his show that demonstrate how inept he is when it comes to playing video games. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that Google Play has entered into an agreement with Conan O’Brien and TBS to promote their games on Conan’s show during the next year. There will also be promotion that will be done on the Team Coco Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is likely that Conan and his writers will find a way to work Google’s mobile games into some of his bits. This will allow Conan to plug the games in a humorous manner so viewers do not feel like they are watching a commercial for Google Play.

The contract that Google Play has with TBS states that Conan is not allowed to promote other mobile gaming companies for the next year. However, the show can feature console games in various segments. Conan has a popular “clueless gamer” segment where he attempts to play different games. He usually does this with a guest. Therefore, the show already has an established history of mentioning video games on a regular basis. This means that Conan’s audience will not find it odd when Conan suddenly starts talking about Google Play frequently on his show. Conan has said that he wants to make more content that is specifically designed for mobile device users.

Alex from “Runaways” Discusses Romance Arc

Marvel’s Runaways was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who made The O.C. and Gossip Girl, so fans shouldn’t be surprised to find some romantic drama in the series, says Rhenzy Feliz, who plays main character Alex Wilder.

Specifically, he addressed the issue of romance between Alex and Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), and whether their feelings for each other are circumstantial or signs of a longstanding affection for each other.

He says that while they are certainly drawn together by the group’s unusual circumstances—each of the six teens having just discovered that their parents are supervillains trying to help demonic creatures destroy the world—he mostly believes that the pair were already sort of interested in each other, whether consciously or not.

“Before everything happened I think they always sort of liked each other and I think Alex does go out of his way to try and make her feel comfortable again. He sees that she’s hurting and I think that he tries to mend that,” he explained.

“But at the same time I think that Nico starts to feel for Alex, too. You see how much she fights to get him back… I think that’s because she cares about him as well.”

Those familiar with the comics know that there are some twists involved with these characters, particularly regarding Alex’s feelings for Nico, so it will be interesting to see how those revelations play out in this adaptation.

Talk Show Jimmy Kimmel Brings Awareness to Healthcare Changes

Jimmy Kimmel has issued an appeal for his viewers to take an active approach to protecting health care access for all American people.

During a recent broadcast of his late night show, Jimmy held his son Billy who is 7 months old and had to undergo his second heart surgery as a result of being born with congenital heart disease. This prompted Kimmel to discuss CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program on his show. Kimmel shared that the program is in danger of being a thing of the past, since Congress didn’t secure program funding in October 2017. The Washington Post confirmed that CHIP offers affordable health care for 9 million kids across the United States.

Jimmy Kimmel also shared that up until this point, both Democrats and Republicans supported CHIP. The talk show host says that not the healthcare program has become a “bargaining chip” and isn’t a priority now that Congress is working out new plans for taxes. Unfortunately, this also means that both children and parents with diseases like diabetes or cancer and even heart problems will soon receive letters stating that their coverage will soon be cut off.

Kimmel went on to criticize representatives in Washington D.D. for not securing the proper funding for such an important health program, and prompted viewers of his show to raise their voices to inspire change. Kimmel says that prioritizing a tax cut to further convenience rich people above the well-being of children is “disgusting.”

Find out more about CHIP and Jimmy Kimmel’s stance on www.huffingtonpost.com.

Dwayne Johnson Surprised Everyone With Awesome News

Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock, happily announced that he and his wife are expecting a 2nd child. This news came just before Johnson and his wife went to see the premiere of his newest film, Jumani.

Dwayne Johnson also did the unexpectable and let everyone know it’s a girl. People were cheering, and Johnson and his wife were congratulated by everyone at the theatre. Dwayne Johnson stated that he is thrilled to be expecting a girl. Being he already has a daughter, he is so happy she will have a little sister. In fact, his daughter, Jasmine, was present at the premiere. She is almost two, and all she kept talking about was the new baby. Jasmine also made everyone giggle and cheer as she performed baby dance moves just before the premiere.

Lauren, Johnson’s wife, stated that she and Dwayne are still trying to figure out a proper name for the baby. She would like feedback from friends and even fans as to what name would be perfect for the child. Lauren desires a unique name, and Dwayne is for whatever Lauren wants.

Dwayne and Lauren wore the same color to the premiere. They wanted to support oneness, and the idea of family being uninformed and sticking together. Over the next few weeks, Lauren and Dwayne are expected to take family photos, and these photos are expected to go public.

The Game Awards Becoming Legitimate Fare

The numbers are in, and video games’ award ceremony is joining the heavy hitters in the other fields of entertainment. According to show creator Geoff Keighley, The Game Awards, which was streamed live on multiple platforms last week, pulled in more than 11 million viewers in 2017.

The Game Awards are just four years into their existence and are growing year after year. Last year, the stream was offered in China for the first time. This year, we saw a 200 percent increase in live streams. After a positive night, we could be in store for a larger increase in popularity in years to come. Video games are a massive part of today’s culture, and The Game Awards capture that.

Incidentally, there are more parts to The Game Awards than just awards. The show is also known for skits, trailers, news, speeches, unveilings, etc. Giving out awards is just a portion of the entire experience, one in which viewers watched for an average of 70 minutes this year, as opposed to just 20 minutes a year ago.

The biggest moments of 2017 saw The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild win Game of the Year for the Nintendo Switch. There was also an Industry Icon award handed out to Carol Shaw, creator of River Raid for the old Atari 2600.

Streams for the show were offered on Steam and Twitch, with both services having interactive giveaways during the ceremony to engage viewership. In coming years, the sky is the limit for The Game Awards.