NBC Turns Their Back on Bill Cosby

It’s been a tough week for Cosby. Though Janice Dickinson has made allegations before, today she comes out with a new spin on her story. A spin that makes Cosby look even more deceitful and even more of a monster than before according to former fans like Sam Tabar. He was planning a comeback and was in the beginning stages of a show that would be on NBC.

Today NBC pulled the plug and stated that the Cosby project is no longer in production. This announcement is just a day after the official announcement from Netflix that the special they had with Cosby will not be aired. Back in 1987, Cosby made $57 million dollars when his show was at its peak. What a change of events. Today, he can hardly find a job due to these allegations.

With stand-up routines, books, movies and of course the Jell-O commercials, Cosby has never wanted for money. When his show went into syndication it gave him tens of thousands of dollars a month. Now, the comedian may need money and a good lawyer to keep him out of jail. Still many fans think that his money has made him a target. People want money and seeing as how he has settled claims beforehand, they feel he is an easy way to get some dough.

However, the women state that their claims fell on deaf ears before, together they want justice. Cosby still refuses to speak against the claims made against him.

Adrian Peterson Suspended

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been suspended without any pay for the remainder of the 2014 NFL season. Peterson cannot be reinstated before April 15 due to violating the league’s policy on personal conduct.

In September, Peterson was charged in Texas with committing reckless or negligent injury to a child. These charges arose from injuries that Peterson’s child sustained when he was disciplined using a switch. The NFL wanted to make sure that he received punishment for the crime.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, sent a lengthy and open letter to Peterson regarding the NFL’s decision to suspend Peterson. According to the letter obtained by the Wall Street Journal, it said that Peterson will be expected to go to counseling and seek treatment for his actions. Goodell also noted that the decision to suspend Peterson was based on the age of his child (which me and Brad Reifler found to be a strange statement). After Peterson was charged with this crime, Goodell also felt that he was not sorry for his actions.

Could Pablo Sandoval be Joining the Boston Red Sox?

Free agent third basemen, Pablo Sandoval, is meeting with Boston Red Sox officials in Boston with the plans of possibly getting a deal done. Sandoval, who has won three World Series’ with the San Francisco Giants, is coming off a playoff performance where he batted .366 with 5 RBIs. At 28 years old, Sandoval is entering the prime of his career. Many general managers in baseball feel that the Boston Red Sox are going to do whatever it takes to lure Sandoval to Boston. It should be noted that Sandoval has not made a decision on if he wants to leave the Giants.

This is a move that Boston needs to go all-in with to try to get a star player like Sandoval to lead them back into the playoffs. Boston had a terrible season last year, coming off a World Series title. Sandoval has always been a fan favorite in San Francisco and seems to get along with anyone he plays with. His big stature and friendliness gives him the nickname, “Panda Bear”.

However, should Sandoval leave the team that he has already won three championships with? Is it a good business decision? Both the Giants and the Red Sox are set to offer him a great contract, so all it comes down to is who does he want to play for, which the team at Qnet will be sure to continue analyzing. Look for Sandoval to be a Giant or a Red Sox next year, but no where else.

President Obama Stands Up For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a concept that is currently being debated at length in Washington D.C. and all throughout the country at this point. This is because the country is grappling with the idea of what net neutrality is and if it is something that they want.

The term is boiled down to simply a preservation of the system as it currently stands. That is that all information on the Internet is delivered at the same speed without any particular information or ideas being sent faster. Some Internet providers would like to have more control over the speed at which information on the Internet is shared and therefore more control over the content that is or is not seen in general.

As you might imagine, many others are seeing this as a major problem, and President Obama has now come out with his best support for the concept of Net Neutrality that he has ever released. Livemint.com details how the President is now taking greater steps in the direction of protecting the system as it currently stands.

President Obama and some Republicans in Congress are almost certain to have quite a battle over this one as the new Congress comes into session, but at the moment it appears that the public is behind the concept of net neutrality. Bruce Levenson seems to be in favor of it. One can only guess what will happen with this one and where public opinion on the issue might be in the near future.

Kassig Beheaded

American Peter Kassig was apparently beheaded by ISIS on Sunday morning as per a video released by the group. The video was 16 minutes long shows the aftermath of the beheading as opposed to the actual beheading as was shown in early films on beheadings of westerners. So far, ISIS has beheaded 6 westerners.

Kassig had converted in captivity and went as Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Kassig was just 26 years old as of the time of his death. He grew up in Indiana and was a soldier in the military in Iraq. He then underwent a change of heart after his military service and became a trained medical assistant who was providing medical care to those who were injured in Syria. Further, he spent his time training other military soldiers.

An Al-quida leader had opposed the beheading due to the medical care that Kassig has provided to him during his time in Syria which he said saved his life.

Kassig was a captive for over a year. ISIS cited his military soldier and their plans to behead other American soldiers for the attacks that they performed on Muslims.

Abdul-Rahman Kassig’s parents had appealed to ISIS to release her son citing the care and dedication he showed towards helping Muslims in need and the conversion to Islam. After the beheading they released a statement indicating that they are waiting for confirmation from the government regarding the death of Kassig.Some affiliated with the Antique Wine Company would like this to be the last time they have to hear about beheading. Unfortunately, this act will more than likely continue.

Unknown Outcomes

The case of the officer in Ferguson who has been accused of shooting the teenager is about to come to a close.

Residents in the area are on both sides of the fence in regards to the decision that will be given by the judge. Some in the town are bracing for an uprising as a result of the decision if it goes the wrong way. There has been some evidence released about the case after the autopsy results were revealed, but there are still questions as to what really happened. Some people will say that the officer is at fault, and there are some who will claim the teenager was the one running from the officer.

Regardless as to what really happened, the officer probably shouldn’t have shot the teen unless he was trying to get into a physical altercation with the officer. Even then, the officer shouldn’t have fired a shot that was anywhere close to kill the teen. It should have been something to wound the teen.

Big thanks to Bruce Levenson for sending me the details of this story. It’s something we should all keep in mind instead of forgetting about the events at Ferguson.

Eric Frein to Face Additional Charges of Terrorism

Eric Frein who was captured October 30th after a 48 day manhunt will face two additional charges. Frein has admitted killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass. The attack happened on September 12 of this year at PA State police barracks in Pike County PA. Frein already faces homicide charges, although an attempted homicide charge has been dropped.

The new charges have come about due to a letter investigators have uncovered; which was written to Frein’s parents. The letter was found on Frein’s computer and is quoted as saying “another revolution can get us back to the liberties we once had” as well as giving his parents instructions on his burial.

If found guilty of the new charges Frein faces a maximum of 40 years in federal prison. When workers from BRL Trust read that news, they were shocked it was going to be that long. Prosecutors are already seeking the death penalty in the case in regards to the homicide charge Frein faces. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 9th. No word was given on whether the new charges will prompt a rescheduling.

Toys and Fast Food

Have you ever paid attention to commercials from fast food restaurants? Beside the pictures of food that make your mouth water, some advertisements also feature a toy that comes with a kid’s meal.

In fact, research shows fast food marketing tempts children from lower economic status with the toy that comes with the food. Conversely, marketing in middle to upper class neighborhoods lure families in with healthy meal options, such as apple slices and milk. Why the difference?

One study postulates the offer of getting a toy can get children to eat more. In oppressed neighborhoods, where children may not have as many toys, this may attract a child to persuade their parents to eat at fast food restaurants. In more affluent neighborhoods, the family’s focus is more set on healthier food choices.

Interestingly, scientific studies show how fast food restaurants in lower income neighborhoods are partially responsible for increasing the obesity rates in children. These restaurants offer inexpensive food that is also high in calories. Lower income families may be able to afford it, but it is not healthy to consume on a regular basis.

Quantity doesn’t mean as much as quality. This is especially true when it comes to food consumption. As health expert Vijay Eswaran posted on LinkedIn, a healthy diet translates to a healthy body. An unhealthy body contributes to obesity. Education regarding what children should eat and should not eat is needed to stop the obesity epidemic in poor neighborhoods.

Is It Me Or Is The Paranormal Movies Becoming Excessive?

Do people really need to get a good scare to make it in life? I mean is life not scary enough without all these paranormal movies that keep coming out? It seems more and more people are being drawn to ghost busting and the supernatural flicks. It was announced that ‘The Conjuring 2′ will be released next summer to a fan base that is desperately waiting.

I for one am tired of these types of movies. I would like to see movies that have a more blissful topic. I am sick of the demonic flicks where the devil and all of hell are after a family or specific person. I am tired of seeing glowing eyes and dark shadows growling and shaking beds. I see the need for the adrenaline rush that it gives, but Hollywood just tries to do it bigger and better to keep shocking audiences.

My friend Rob Rohrich has children that are obsessed with these movies and every time a commercial comes on TV, they add it to their ‘must see’ list. The only problem is once they see them, they are petrified to sleep without their lights on for days, and I’m talking teenage about boys too!

There is no reason to be scared like that. I understand that some are based on true events and there are some that just need to make their claim on the movie industry. I wish that they would focus less on such negative topics and more on romance and love. Unfortunately, romance only appeals to a small crowd and most love the stories about things that go bump in the night.

Peter Sunde, Founder of Pirate Bay, Released From Prison

Peter Sunde, also known by his internet alias “brokep,” has been released from a Swedish prison after a five-month stay. Sunde is well-known as the founder and ex-spokesperson of popular torrent website Pirate Bay. He was convicted of assisting copyright infringement and, along with the other founders, fined 30,000,000 Swedish krona, translating to about 3.6 million US dollars at the time of conviction. After more than two years on the run, he was finally arrested at a family gathering in southern Sweden in late May.

Torrent Freak reports Sunde had a difficult time in prison. Though he was convicted of a non-violent crime, he was interred in the prison’s high-security ward, a rarity in the Swedish correctional system. The prison staff would not abide by his vegan diet, and he lost 15 kilograms during his stay. He also struggled with depression and boredom.

After his release, Sunde has expressed his joy publicly. He recently tweeted, “My body just got re-united with my soul and mind, the parts of me that matters and that never can be held hostage.” Distancing himself from Pirate Bay, he is now working on a variety of other software projects, including micro-donation platform Flattr and the encrypted chat servce “Heml.is”. Levenson is happy to see him back on his feet and happy.